Four Tips To Waste Less In Daily Life

Waste is something we all contribute to, and it’s not surprising that our carbon footprints are likely to be more substantial than we think. When you consider all the things you buy and bring into your home and use outside of it, how do you do your best to waste less? Here are four tips to waste less in daily life.

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Use Reusable Bottles/Cups

Reusable containers are good because they’re usually made out of materials that are durable and that you’ll be able to use again and again. So when it comes to reusable containers for drinks, then it’s worth getting something like Hippo Bottles and thermal cups for any cold and hot drinks. This can be particularly useful for when you’re doing a commute to work and need some form of beverage available to keep you hydrated and filled up. There are so many bottles that are produced and used to sell, with most being made out of plastic. A lot of effort, however, has gone towards making these bottles out of recycled materials, but it’s essential that we’re trying to limit just how much plastic we use in our day to day lives. Plastic is certainly the biggest culprit towards waste as it takes so long to degrade.


Buy Second-Hand

Buying second-hand is important because there’s likely to be a lot out there that can be reused and loved by another person. For the most part, a lot of the stuff you’ll find in charity shops and pre-loved is going to be in good condition. And so it’s worth trying to opt for more second-hand items in all aspects of your purchasing where possible. It should only really be a last resort that you buy something brand new. If you couldn’t find anything suitable that was already available. You’re also able to make a saving on what you spend too!


Avoid Single-Use Food & Drink Containers

Any single-use food and drinks containers should be avoided. This plastic that can’t be recycled or anything that cannot be reused for something else. It’s just guaranteed waste, and that is going to have a direct impact on the environment. It’s worth opting for something that’s fully recyclable one way or the other to be helpful.


Be Active In Recycling

Recycling is necessary and very important to help materials continue being reused over and over again. There is something delightful in seeing packaging being created from the most unique materials that have been recycled. Try to be more strict with what you recycle and what can be recycled. There are still materials and packaging you can’t, but this may change over time. So it’s always good to keep an eye on any changes to the disposing of certain items. Try to keep you and the household actively recycling. This will certainly help the amount that gets reused and minimizes what gets chucked into wastelands.


With these tips, you’re going to help save a lot of waste that impacts the environment.

How do you try and reduce your waste?

Charlotte xx

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