Favourite Small Business Feb 2021

Shopping small business is something which I try and do when I can. Well when I need something. Of course, this doesn’t mean that I do not sometimes go on Amazon and purchase things. After all we can not all be perfect. When it comes to most occasions whether that be someone’s birthday, mother’s day or valentine’s Day I will try to use at least one small business. Today I am going to be sharing some of the small business which I have been loving recently. I have tried to make them ones which sell different things too.

Rainbows and Sprinkles

Getting into my fitness and working out is something which I have really done recently. I would say since about September last year. I had a lot of gym leggings as I have been active for a while but now I am training 5 times a week it meant I needed some more gym leggings. These leggings are the best ones I have had in a long time. Not only are they pretty patterns. They stay up so there is no pulling them up mid workout which can be very annoying. They are between £25-32. This is cheaper than some other brands however, the quality is not cheap. I now have quite a collection of them because they are so good. Sadly one of my favourite pairs I am going to have to sell due to been to big now.  For sure you need to size down if you are going to use them for exercise. Which is a huge confidence boost for me. I can purchase the size I would have nearly got before I had Jess I have not been that small in so long.



I know this is a company who sell a lot of independent designers which it comes to cards. I can usually find a better card for someone on Thortful. The selection is huge for all occasions you can get funny ones, rude ones and also cute cards. Of course, this does depend on who you are sending the card to and the occasion to what you may want. I have sent these to a number of our family. I actually prefer these to the ones which are now available on Moonpig and Funny Pigeon. Sadly you can not add photos to many of them. Maybe this is something which they will add in the future. For sure, I will be using Thortful after the pandemic is over as well.

Tag, Togs and Slings

This is a company who we first heard about when we went to the to the baby and toddler show last year. Since then we have had a number of amazing rompers from them. They last so long because their sizing is so generous Troy is still fitting into one of his 3-6 months rompers from there. They are cut for cloth nappies which is a huge bonus for us as someone who use cloth. The fabrics are usually very unisex as well which is a huge bonus. This is a company which we are going to end up using a lot in the future.


This is a company which I have used a couple of times for gifts in the last year. They do some amazing photo frames which you can have personalised however, you want. This a shabby chic design I wanted one to match one which Joe has but the company no longer make them. Great quality which is something which you want if you are going to give this as a gift. These can be purchased in landscape or portrait depending on what way your picture is. They arrive really quickly as well if like me sometimes you leave gifts to the last minute. For sure, this is a company which I will be using again in the future.

Mrs Pott’s Place

This is a small business which I used over the Christmas period. I bought a number of gifts from them after Donna shared them on her stories. This is a small pottery shop which has adapted as a result of COVID and the restrictions. You purchase the kit online so we choose to do mugs. You get your child’s finger prints on the mug and then send them back so they can fire them. She then turns the finger prints into bee’s, ladybirds or monsters. We choose monster’s because after all the kids are my little monsters. These went down really well at Christmas, but they would be great for Mother’s Day. Even for a grandma who may not be able to see her grandchildren at the moment.


For sure I will be sharing some more of my favourite small buisness soon? What small buisness’s do you use and love?


Charlotte xxx

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