Fathers’ Day What We Do

Hi Guys
As you might know Fathers’ Day is fast approach in the UK it is on Sunday 15th June. This year I have decided that I would share with you guys what we usually do to mark the occasion. 
Seen as my Dad has me and my younger brother it has become a bit of a tradition that we just some put some money together and get him a present which we think he would like.In previous years this has been simple things such as some socks or a shirt which we think he would like and obviously a card each sometimes we go out for a meal before or after the event. 
This year we have spoken about it and plan to purchase a ticket for an event my Dad would like to attend and a meal before the event which is just going to be me and him. I have been looking at cards online because I don’t now like purchasing cards from a card shop I looked at moonpig and also funky pigeon but couldn’t find any which I liked so this is when I found domandgeri.com. 
Domandgeri.com is where I am going to be purchasing my card from because as you can see they have a huge range of personalised cards which you can be personalise for this occasion.The cards which they have are  beautiful compared to the ones that I have seen else were and they are the same prices to the other ones which you see online. 
You can also purchase the personalised banners which I am considering doing as a surprises because of the fact that I really want to show him how much he means to me and I have found this out since I moved uni because of the fact that he is just not there all of the time like he used to be 
What are you getting your Dad this year?
Charlotte x
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