Falling into Blogger Sterotypes

Hey Guys

I have noticed that since I have been off uni for summer and spending more time on my blog that I have fallen into more of the blogging stereotypes which you may think is normal but I am sure my normal friends think I am very strange.  So here is some of the things which I have found myself doing.

My hands are always covered in make up from swatching and it  doesn’t mean I have had a trip to boots or superdrug I could have been sat in my room testing make up that I have not used in the longest time.

I am planning to invest in a fancy camera just for taking product photos and maybe doing Youtube videos but as a student I find myself with very little money for an expensive camera for my hobby I have been told that eating is more important it is debatable.

I always have notes in my phone or on word on my laptop of huge lists of products I would love to purchase and still have not got round to. I know sometimes it does same me money because a product becomes discontinued or I forget about it and never purchase them.

I always seem to know about new product relesases so it annoys me when adverts say new and I know they have been out for at least 2 months does anyone else get like this or when your friends rave about a product and your like that is so old now. I am sure some of my friends still are unaware of the Naked Basics 2.

Every time I get a follower I get a happy dance inside because this means someone is enjoying reading what I post which is a shock to me because I didn’t think anyone would be interested in what I had to say when I started this blog. I am still like this a year and a bit later.

I have so many friends through blogging who I have never met but because of  the fact that I talk them to them so much I class them as my friends and you can always ask them things which your normal friends would look at you strange like asking them if their figures or down. 

You realise that on your memory card there is a lot of pictures of products which you are going blog about when normal people look at your camera they must think that you are so strange because you have all these pictures of things including empty packaging. 

These are just some of the things I have found myself doing what do you find yourself doing?

Charlotte x
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5 thoughts on “Falling into Blogger Sterotypes

  1. Your photos on your phone made me giggle… my phone is full of beads! There is an occasional human being, but they are heavily outnumbered by lumps of glass and silver…

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