FaceB4 Daily Cleansing Foam & After Cleansing Serum Review


Hey Guys

Today I am going to share with you my views on the Faceb4 daily cleansing foam and also their after cleansing serum. I was sent this product just after I had finished uni at a time when my skin was dreadful due to the stress and also rubbish I had been eating as I didn’t have time for proper meals.

This is a two step system you wet your face with water then apply the antibacterial wash leave this on for a minute and then rise off followed by adding the serum which you just leave and get on with  the rest of your day. This is done twice a day and for me this meant in the morning time and then again just before I was ready to go to bed.

The cleansing foam wash is a pump which has two bottles inside one which is a cleanser and the other bottle is a toner one thing which I don’t like about this it that it makes the packaging so bulky which would not be ideal if travelling and this is something I do a fair bit between home and uni. I  did like the foam which came out as a result of pumping the product down it was so lightweight which meant that it didn’t feel like it was clogging up my skin. I am a lazy girl sometimes and would try and use this to take my make up off which it didn’t do so I would recommend making sure that you have removed all your make up first to make sure you see the best results possible.

The after cleansing serum is supposed to help prevent blemishes and who knows if something ever really does that but hey it is always good to believe some of it right. The serum is very hydrating which is always a good thing when the sun is out because you lose so much moisture from the suns rays. If truth be known I don’t know how much better this serum is than other moisturisers which I have used which have had a lower price tag than this for example the simple one and also the derma v10 one both ones which I really enjoy using.

Overall I loved the products even  though they broke me out me out at the start which is perfectly normal when you change your skin care it is a sign of the new products working, Once I got over this stage which lasted on me a week maybe a week and a half I had some kind of reaction I think to thyse products because my skin started breaking out more and more. I stopped using them too see if it was this and it did stop but I am unsure if it is the products or something else such as stress and sun. I think I will put them up to the test for sure if/when I repurchase when back at uni and I am stressed with assignments and all that good stuff..

You can purchase the cleanser here for £14.95 and the serum here for £14.95 also.

Have you tried these products or any others similar that you think I should try let me know

Charlotte x

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