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Before I went on my spending ban I decided that I was going to order some Essie nail polishes as they are one of my favourite brands and I found them for £2.99 each which meant that I saved £5 per nail polish so below are the polishes which I got my hands on.

The one on the far left is Sweet Talker this colour is just the perfect baby blue one which you will be able to do loads of nail art with and also can use so much during the spring and summer months as it will look amazing with a tan. I think that I will get a lot of wear out of this colour so look out for it on my blog. This colour is still available on direct cosmetics as this post is written.

The one next to this is Virgin Orchid this colour is baby pink which has a golden shimmer running through it this will be perfect for this time of year as I always think that they look amazing with a tan. You could always create your own french manicure look with this colour this is another colour I think that I am going to get so much wear out off.Look out for this colour in future on my blog This colour is still available on direct cosmetics as this post is written

Next to this is Imported Bubbly this is a pearly white this is going to be perfect for when I create french manicures this is not a colour I have in my collection this will look perfect with a tan if I keep seeing the sun in the UK this colour could be used a lot for nail art as well so look out for this on my blog as I start again doing nail art. This colour is also still available as I write this post on direct cosmetics.

The red one is Head Mistress this is one of the most perfect blood red colours I have ever owned I picked this beauty up because I don’t own a nice red colour all of the ones I own I am not a massive fan of and I needed one because I want to include red on a nail art idea I have had with my stamper set. I think I will get more use out of this colour in the autumn winter time but while it was so cheap I picked it up now. This colour is not available any longer on direct cosmetics.

The dark colour in the middle is Skirting The Issue this is a red wine colour which I am going to get loads of use out of in the autumn winter time this is a colour like nothing that I own which is one of the reasons that I purchased this you might see me using this before the autumn time depending but it is highly unlikely that I will use it during the summer. This colour also is not available any longer on direct cosmetics

The colour next to this is Capri this is one of the most amazing coral / orange colours I have seen at the moment and this is also another colour which I don’t have in my collection this is going to look so amazing with a tan and also with nail art which is why I purchased this colour. This colour is still actually available as this post goes up on direct cosmetics.

The colour one from the end is Neo Whimsical which I can only describe as a dusky pink this colour will just again look so amazing with a tan in the summer months which is why I purchased this also I think that it will look amazing with stripes of darker/brighter polishes over it so expect to see this on my nails in the next few months.This colour is actually still available from direct cosmetics as this post goes up.

Finally the last one is Flawless this colour is a rose pink that I think I have fallen in love with I can’t wait to wear when I have a good tan or even now the reason behind this is because it looks so beautiful this will look good as nail art and also as a basic polish. This colour is still available soon direct cosmetics so while it is I think you should all get your hands on it.

If you would like to see swatches of these colours just ask me below in the comments also what is your favourite colour  of the ones I have purchased?

Charlotte x

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