Enough is Enough

Hey Guys

While at home recently I realised how big my make up ,nail and other beauty collection. I thought about the amount of products that I have been lucky to receive to review or them which I have received at events or even bought myself which I have never tried out.

Been a student I don’t have a huge amount of money spare so I have decided until Easter or the day that I leave uni for it I can not purchase any beauty items unless I have nothing that I can use instead of the product which has run out.  When I go home for Easter I plan on bringing more of my stash so I can use even more products up.

This means that I will not be doing beauty hauls on my blog however you are going to see items which are in my stash which you may have in yours. Last night I took part in the #bbloggers chat on twitter and realised how many other people are doing this so lets motivate each other into using products up.

Let me know if you are using items up from your stash or shopping normally.

Charlotte x

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