Empties July To September 2020

Today I am going to be sharing with you the products which I have been using this summer.  These are the ones which I have managed to finish. I am trying to get my collection down so I have not been purchasing a lot of items. Plus only replacing what I need to. I know my collection is way to big at the moment. This means that I am not getting to love everything  I want to show some products the love and get them out before it grows too much. After all we know we are going to get more for Christmas. Am I allowed to say that in September.

The first item I used up was this Wilko Gentle Nail Polish Remover. This is one which I picked up at the end of last year. I use so much nail polish remover because I am doing my nails so much. I liked this remover it always seemed to be able to get my polish off. It was about £1 I would purchase this again if I was in Wilko and needed a nail polish remover. Instead I picked one up from Home Bargains this time because I was in there.

I used up a base and top coat it is the Sally Hansen Double Duty.  I have been using this a base coat. Sometimes my nails still do get stained still when I use some polishes.  I think it is because you are supposed to use two coats but I use one coat. I would not repurchase this because at the moment I have a few more base coats. Plus the brush does not actually reach anywhere near the bottom of the bottle which is annoying. You feel like you are been cheated out of some of the product. You almost have to tilt it to get it out.

I managed to use up a mini nail polish which was in my project polish. It was the Ciate in Pepperminty. This is almost like a tiffany blue shade. I am sad to have completely used it up I would not repurchase it because I am sure I have a shade like it in my collection. Once I have used up more of my collection I may think about repurchasing but not really until then.

The first shower gel which we managed to use up was a Lush Comforter 500g.  It was one of my favourite scents  but it has been discontinued. Which is why I have not used it till now. I still have another bottle of this size. 100% would I repurchase this if Lush bring this product back but sadly I do not think they will now. This shower gel I seem to love a lot more than I love snow fairy. There is something so comforting about the smell of blackcurrant I may have to buy the body spray of this if Lush are still selling it when I have an opening for a new body spray.

Another shower gel which we have managed to use up is Lush Calacas. This is again one of my favourite scents from Lush. Sadly this is not a regular product you can just go and pick up in store. It used to be part of the Lush kitchen. It smells so much like the sour gummy worms for sure this is something which love. I am gutted that Lush now no longer sell this because it is one which which I would repurchase despite there crazy pricing. If they do bring this back in some way I might purchase it but until then I will be using up some other shower gels we have.

We also finished up an old Body Shop shower gel in Cocoa Butter. This was not a scent which I really loved. It was a nice shower gel which left you feeling clean. However, due to me not been sold on the scent this is not one which I would repurchase in the future. Of course, it is nice to have tried it and get another shower gel gone and out of my collection.

This time we have also managed to use up another Body Shop Shower Gel this time in Coconut. We thought we would use this while there was still a little bit of summer left. I am really glad we did this because it is a scent from the body shop which I had forgotten I loved as much as I do. I think this is going to be a scent which I repurchase in the future should the body shop keep doing it.

The final shower gel which we have used up is Lush Lord Of Misrule. I think this is one of my favourite shower gels which Lush make. This is a Halloween scent so should be in the shops now. I have not looked to see if it this year because I still have some more left from previously buying it that is how much I love this scent. It is actually black pepper and patchouli oil. For sure this is something which I will repurchase in the future if this is still something that they make next year when I am back to purchasing shower gel.

I have used up a Skins Shangri La Moisturiser from Lush up too. This is something which I purchased when I had really dry skin. This is something which I no longer have so this was way to thick for me now . I had to use it as my night moisturiser. I would not repurchase as at the moment I do not need something which as much hydration however, this may change over the winter months. Plus this now is £38 and it is a little bit more than I want to pay. I am currently testing some a bit cheaper.

Another skincare product which I have use up is the Lacura Hot Cloth Cleanser. I think this was the original one which is a dupe for the Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser. This is something which I have been using for 4 months now I think. I only use it on an evening have noticed that it does a great job at removing anything which is on my face. It is hydrating too,  My skin always felt cleaner when I had used this. This is about the £5 mark from Aldi it maybe a little cheaper. For sure I would repurchase this as and when they have some in stock . currently I have the Vitamin C version. For sure I would recommend picking this up it has become a staple in my skincare routine.

I use a different cleanser in the morning and I used it up. This is the Simple Purifying Cleansing Lotion. This a really simple cleanser if you will pardon the pun but it is one which I actually enjoy. I feel like it leaves my skin clean after use and it does not irritate it at all which is a huge bonus. I have actually already repurchased this cleanser I think it was under the £2 in Home Bargains.

For a facewash I have been using the Bulldog Original Face Wash. This is one which I like I think it is not too tightening which can happen with some of the face washes which I have used in the past. There is not overall a scent to this one either which means that skin does not get as irritated. This is one up one which we have repurchased. I am sure that this is something which we will end up repurchasing in the future. The best time to purchase this is when there is some money off as this facewash can be around the £5 mark .

I have also used up a Garnier Micellar Water this was a huge 700ml bottle. This is something which I use morning and night it helps clean my skin. I have found it to be great after been to the gym. I love seeing all of the rubbish which has been pulled out of my skin. This is my second huge bottle of this which I have gone through. I have repurchased this already because I love it so much. It is a great make up remover if you cleanse after as just this alone isn’t enough if wearing makeup..

I have finally used DermaV10 Coconut Body Butter. This is one which I have had open for a while now because it is so thick I almost do not want to use it. It can take a while for it to soak into the skin which can be annoying if you want to get dressed pretty soon after applying it. Usually this is something I need because one of the kids needs me. This is not something I would rush out and purchase because I have a ton of body butter which I need to use up before I purchase anymore.

For something different I have also finished up a perfume. I have so many on the go and just end up using what I feel. The one which I have used up is the Lady Gaga Fame. This is one which is floral and sweet but not sickly as this is one which I could tolerate. I think I started using this really at the end of last year I have not been wearing it every day though. This is one which I really do like to be honest sadly I can not repurchase as it is discontinued and really expensive should I purchase it via eBay.

What products have you used up in the last 3 months?

Charlotte xxx

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