Empties January to March 2021

Today I am going to be sharing with you the empties which we have been using up in the last 3 months. I did do them last year but I missed the final quarter one life just got crazy. Anyway on to the products which we have used in the last 3 months. This doesn’t include things such as soap,toothpaste and deodorant as this is something which we just buy the cheapest or what is available at the time.

The first item we have used is Lush Snow Fairy Shower Gel. This was a 500g bottle which we had in our collection for the longest time. We decided to get it used up get it gone. We love snow fairy however we usually use it in the summer when it’s not available. It is such a classic scent it is a proper candy floss one it can be a bit sweet for me. We do have a some of this still left in another bottle so we will be using this up before we purchase anymore next Christmas.
Another shower gel which we have used up is the Boots Zingy Lemon Shower Gel. This is one which I purchased in order to be able to get free postage. This is one of their basic shower gels. I needed something which was going to wake me up in the morning as this is something which I have been struggling with recently. This was an OK shower gel it kept my body clean. I would pick this up if I needed a cheap shower gel for sure it did the job. However, the scent just did not last sadly this is something which I have been spoilt with by using other brands.
We managed to use up a Soap and Glory shower gel which we have had a long time. This is the Foam Call shower gel.  This is one which I got for Christmas a few years ago and decided that we would use it up now. It is a basic shower gel. I think this is because there is no overpowering scents in this. This is one which I would use and not be able to smell one after I had washed it off. This is one which is quite moistuersing though which was good when I was using it on cooler days. Since using this shower gel I have found that this is one which has been discontinued by soap and glory so I will not be able to purchase this again. That is without spending three times the price it was original on amazon.
Another shower gel which we have been able to use up is the Lush Dirty Springwash. This is one which I have had in my collection for a long time now. I must admit this is not one of my favourite shower gels which Lush do at all. I think this could be as a result of it smelling like mouthwash to me. This is one which we have used and for sure will not be repurchasing. I am unsure if Lush still do this shower gel at all. It is one which I would recommend to people who do want to smell like mouth wash.
The final shower gel which we have used up is this one. Which is the Boots Zingy Raspberry and Pomegranate Shower Gel. This is one which we purchased because we needed to get the basket up in Boots for free delivery. This is a shower gel which I really did enjoy if I am honest. It is one which was really highly scented and for sure is something which I would recommend. I think we are going to purchase some more of this shower gel when we run low on shower gels. For sure this is not going to be for a while. This shower gel is under £1 as well so you can not complain at all.
I have also used a toner up from Aldi it was the healthy glow rose toner. I think this another Pixi dupe toner. This one I must admit I didn’t love this as much as the healthy glow orange one. Maybe this is because the rose is meant to be more calming and my skin isn’t this kind. For sure I will be picking up more of the toner when Aldi has them again. They are only £3.99 and they last for a while.
Another product that I used up is the Aldi Lacura Hot Cloth Cleanser. This is is a product which I have used up in the past as well. It is a dupe of the hot cloth cleanser from Liz Earle. I find this to be a good cleanser it leaves my skin feeling clean and also it keeps it moistured. This is for sure something which I will purchase. I think I already have another one of them in the backup.  For sure I will be repurchasing this when it comes back into stores whenever that may be. As you can see I loved it that much I cut the tube to make sure that I got all of it. Currently, I am going to use some other cleansers I have before I reach for the other tub of this.

I have used another Soap & Glory Face Soap & Clarity Vitamin C Facial Wash. This is something which I have used in the past. I managed to get another one of the face washes for Christmas as part of their gift set now this is something which I was glad about. This facewash is something which does help to wake my up in a morning I actually use it in the shower.  I think I just wish the beads would dissolve a little bit more. This did last a fair while since we did have both me and Joe using it as well. For sure this one which I may repurchase in the future when I next need to make a boots order.

I have finished a scrub this is something we do not have a lot of in our collection. The one we used was the we live like this exfoliating scrub in vanilla grapefruit. This is a scrub which I did actually like. I got it in a subscription box it was scrubby despite been in oil. However, I do prefer some of the solid scrubs from lush which are also plastic free. So better for the environment. They are the same kind of price around £7.50 so I think I will opt for a lush one instead. However, it was nice to try this one and I know currently they are stocked on ASOS if you are looking to try them.

The first nail polish which I have finished this year was a mini from Essie. It was Avenue Maintain this is one that was in my project polish. I had rolled it over from 2020. This is a beautiful blue shade which I really did enjoy having in my collection. Sadly I am gutted this shade has come to an end because I did love it. I am sure I have more nail polish in similar colour so I will not be repurchasing this yet.

The next item I have used up is the Charles Worthington Healthy Balance Dry Shampoo This is something which I have had for a long while now. Dry shampoo is not something which I go through a ton of I think I should use this a lot more than I do. This is one which I do think was a really good dry shampoo I found like it helped my hair feel a little bit cleaner. However, I would not repurchase this sadly because it is very expensive compared to batiste which is the one which I have purchased instead. This is a pound more than the batiste this is £5.99 and it is half of the size of it. Maybe if it is on offer this is something which I would repurchase.

Another product which we have used up is the Garnier Ultimate Blends in Coconut and Macadamia 3 in 1 Hair Mask.  This is what I use instead of conditioner this is because I only use it once a week on average. For sure this is a product would I would recommend and repurchase. This ends up leaving my hair really soft which is a huge bonus for me sometimes I can suffer with dry hair. I have noticed the ends which is where I use this seem to be a lot more tamed. This is one which I think is the best scent wise which is always something which you want. If you have not tried this I would recommend getting it when it is on offer somewhere. Currently it is 2 for £8 in Boots when it is usually £6.99.

This is a body wash which the kids have managed to use up. This is the Oilatum Daily Head to Toe Wash. The kids currently share so this is perfect for both of them. Usually, we do use Child’s Farm however, I found this one in the cupboard to use up. This does not have any scent at all which I am unsure if I like. There is also no colour which is not something which overall bothered me at all. This again is about the same price as Child’s Farm which I can easy pick up in the supermarket however, I have to order this one on Boots. I may purchase this in the future if this is something which is on offer. It did not offended us and this is something which the kids did not mind using at all.

I found these nail polish remover pads when I was tidying up. These are the Elegant Touch Nail Polish Remover Pads. These would be great if we could travel and I may need to take some nail polish off and reapply it while away. I found that they did a really good job at removing my nail polish. However, I think I am going to stick to using cotton wool and nail varnish remover. This is cheaper than using these pads. Say that should I ever need something which I can travel with I would pick these up again in the future.

What products have you managed to use up recently?

Charlotte xx



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