Empties January to March 2020

Today I am going to be started a new series. However, this is only going to be one which I update quarterly. This is going to showcase all of the products that I have managed to use up in the 3 months since the last one. I don’t go through enough empties to do this every single month. Currently I am  trying to have less products in my possession this year. I want to be a little bit more minimal because I know my collection is way to large. Anyway on to the products which I have used up.
First we have a boring but an essential product it’s the Milton antibacterial hand sanitiser.. I would not repurchase as it smelt heavily of alcohol and I prefer some of the more nice scents. We have so many hand sanitiser in this house including one in the changing bag and nappy caddy. This was before covid hit and we started using it a lot more than we normally do.
I have also managed to use up the Lush Ocean Salt Body Scrub. This is a product which I have adored for years it really does manage to get rid of all of the dead skin. I use this about once a week when I have a good shower. I might repurchase this however, with the rising prices of lush I am on the hunt for a cheaper but effective body scrub. Currently I do have a couple to use up from my collection before I repurchase any.
The first shower gel of the year we used up was 29 High Street from Lush. This is that old is is actually from the days when they still did the Lush kitchen. It was an ok shower gel it is supposed to smell like a Lush store. I am unsure if it did that however, it did clean very well like all of the Lush shower gels. This is not one which we will be repurchasing because you can no longer it.
We managed to use up another shower which was the Carex moisture plus.  This is the shower gel which I had packed in my hospital bag. The only reason we purchased it was because it was unscented and this is recommended after a c-section. We managed to finish it up I would only purchase it again in the future if for some reason I needed an unscented shower gel. I do prefer scented versions instead.
I have managed to finish a Tesco nail polish remover. Brand loyalty it not something which I do when it comes to nail polish, I change my nail polish when it is chipped usually. Of course, I am using more nail polish since I am doing Project Polish this year.  I may pick this up again if I need nail polish remover and I am in Tesco.
I have managed to finish a daily face wash. It is the tea tree daily face wash. This is one which I picked up a while back in home bargains and I wanted to use it up. I am unsure how effective this is because I use it every morning in the shower. It does leave my face feeling really clean though. In the future I might repurchase this however I have a number of face washes which I want to finish first. I think this is about £1.
I managed to complete a shampoo and conditioner at the same time. This never actually happens. I finished the Charles Worthington Salon at Home healthy balance shampoo and conditioner. I liked these they seemed to leave my hair clean and soft. However, I wouldn’t repurchased these because there is silicone in them. I prefer solid shampoo bars. As I only wash my hair ones a week I can get away with using a mask in lieu of a conditioner.
I have managed to finish a moisteriser it was the Superdrug Vitamin E Day Cream. This is one which I have had for a while so it really needed to be used up. This does have an SPF15 and its not too heavy for my skin during the day which is great in the summer. At the moment I need a little bit of a thicker moisturiser this is could be as a result of been post partum or it could be the weather.
I finally managed to use up the Fruits body butter in passion fruit and melon.  This one which I have had for a while now. It’s a very thick body butter from Wilkos which I received as a gift.  The downside to this is it’s so thick you have to wait a long time for it to soak in. Do for that reason plus I have a ton of body lotion to use I don’t think I would repurchase this.

I have managed to finish a couple of nail polishes which I am sure you are aware of if you follow my project polish. The first one which I used up was a mini purple nail inc polish. Sadly I do not know the name of the shade it had actually disappeared. So this does men that I would not have been able to repurchase had I wanted to.

The other nail polish which I finished was an Essie mini red shade. This was jump in my jumpsuit which was part of the Christmas collection I think in 2014. I am not sure if you can get this shade anymore anyway. I wouldn’t repurchase this because I have a ton of red shades. Also I have a ton of nail polish which I want to get used up.

There is another nail polish which I have managed to finish. This was the Maybelline Colour Show in Urban Turquoise. This is one which I have included in my project polish it has been brightening my mood which is always a bonus. I love the formulae so when I completed a lot of my polish I may purchase some more from this range. I do not think they actually do this shade anymore. There is no doubt a shade like this in my collection anyway.

We have managed to finish a hand gel which we had in our nappy caddy. It is one which we have had for a long time and is from Primark it is a Summer Blossom scent. I would not purchase this again because we do not live pretty close to Primark now. Instead I would just pick one up from Home Bargains as and when we need some more hand sanatiser. Currently I know I will not be able to get hold of any because of the shortage.

A facemask is something which I rarely manage to get around to doing often. However, during this lockdown I have managed to get through one face mask. It was a Superdrug one which was strawberries and cream exfoliating face mask. I do not know how long I have this mask it was nice but I would not repurchase as I have a ton of facemasks to get through at the moment.

I have also finished another daily face wash. This time it was the Clean and Clear Daily Exfoliating Daily Face Wash. This is one I bought last year. I think it lasted about a month to 6 weeks. Sadly this is not a product which I loved I didn’t find it scrubby enough for me. I asked Joe to try it as well he also commented about the lack of scrub. For this reason I will not be repurchasing this scrub. I am glad to get this out of our collection of products though.

Another product which we have finished up is a essential. It’s the Lacura for Men Vivid Body Spray. This is one we picked up in Aldi when doing a shop. I thought it was going to be a dupe for a lynx spray. It does smell the same however I do not think it is any where near as good as lynx one. This was about 50p but not one which we would repurchase in the future.


The next product which I managed to finish was the Lacura daily exfoliating cleansing pads. These are from Aldi and are a dupe of the nip and fab ones. These are only £2.50 when Aldi have them as part of there special buys. I didn’t not think they made a whole lot of difference to my skin. Seen as they are pads which have to be thrown away after one use I would not repurchase them I would rather use a cleanser and reusable cotton wool pads.
What have you managed to use up recently?
Charlotte xxx
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