Empties April to June 2020

Today I am back with another empties to show you all of the products which I have used in the last 3 months. Of course, there may be more empties this time around as we have been in lockdown. Which means I have had to use some of my stash of products instead of trying to replace them.

The first item which I used up was the Garnier Micellar Water this is the first stage of my skincare. I use this to remove makeup when I am wearing it and also as a first cleanse. This is a product which I have used for a long time now and still love. I did end up having to purchase another bottle from Amazon as this is one of the places I found it cheapest.

The next item was also a skincare item it was a Bulldog Original Face Wash. I seem to have a preference for this face wash for some reason. I use it in the shower and I do feel like this one is doing something compared to others. We are going to use some of the other face washes which we have in our collection before thinking about repurchasing this one.


Between Joe and I we used up another face wash which we received at Christmas. This is the Superdry Men’s Face Wash in the bright scent. Sadly this is not a product which we would purchase again. For us it felt like it was not doing anything at all. Essentially it did feel like we was just applying water. It was nice to try this and try some of the superdry beauty range.


We have used a couple of the Nivea Men Sensitive Face Wash. This is one which we have picked up in Home Bargains because it is so much cheaper. This smells like a nice man actually and does not leave your face feeling tight or dry. I think this in Home Bargains is around £1.30 which is a fraction of the price of a bulldog one. For sure I will be repurchase this. Both Joe and I use this face wash which is why we use so much. We actually have a couple of bulldog products to use before we can go ahead and repurchase this one. But for sure this is something which we will be getting again.

Another skincare product which I have used up is the NIP and FAB Glycolic Fix Daily Pads. These are something which I used in the morning and I think they did a pretty good job as a second cleanse. I would not repurchase these again though due to the fact that I am trying to be more sustainable and these are not. Essentially these are cotton wool pads soaked.

We have also managed to use a another face scrub. It is the Bulldog Face Scrub this is something which we really do actually enjoy. Both Joe and I do use this which could be one of the reasons why we seem to go through them so fast. I think this does actually remove a lot of the dead skin off your face which is something which you want. For sure this is a product which we will be repurchasing in the future. However, we have another face scrub to use up first.

While on the topic of skincare I managed to use a toner as well. I used the Simple Kind to Skin Soothing Facial Toner. This is something which I have had for a while however, never reached for instead I would go for other toners since we are in lockdown I decided to use it. To be honest I actually like this toner and would repurchase it again. It is cheap and really seems to do the job and causes no problems to me I have one more toner to use up before I repurchase. I reckon I will repurchase this one from simple though.

I have also finished the toner which I use during the day. This is the Lacura dupe of the pixi glow tonic. It is the Lacura healthy glow exfoliating toner. This is one which I picked up from Aldi when they had it on a special buy I know they have just had some more in. I have actually repurchased this one I think it worked so well and it did not leave my skin feeling tight. This is £4 rather than £18 like the pixi. I would recommend trying it if you do actually like the Pixi one you might like it and save some money.

The final skincare product which I have used up is the Admiral Skincare Antioxidant Moisture Balm. I have been using this as my day moisturiser despite it actually been made for men. I found it a light enough cream to be able to do this way. The scent of this was actually nice and it did dry really quickly which is a bonus. The only reason I would not repurchase this is because the pump always seemed to get clogged as you can see. It meant you had to unscrew it put some on the back of your hand and then apply. This is a bit of a hassle when I have other moisturiser which work as well and are easier. For this reason I will not repurchase.

This is another product which I got for Christmas and it is the Boots Live + BE body scrub. This is actually a nice body scrub for the price I think when I looked it was actually under £3. It was not the most scrubby body scrub which I have used however, I do like something which is super scrubby. The scent was nice actually and it is something which seemed to last a while on the skin. There is a chance I may repurchase this again in the future when we have no more body scrubs in our collection.

We also used another body scrub up this month and that’s Lush Rub Rub Rub. This is something which I have had in my collection for a while. I prefer some of the other scrubs from Lush this one is more oily to me than scrubby. This is something which Joe agrees with me on. For this reason we would not actually repurchase this scrub we have some others to use up as well.

The final body scrub which we have finished up was a small one from Flutter. This was part of a gift set which I got for Christmas. It was more of a body wash than a scrub. There seemed nothing really scrubby about this. It was nice to try it but it is not one which I would purchase even if I saw it in a gift set. It is nice to have been able to try it and now move it out of my collection though.


The first shower gel which we used up was Bubbly from Lush. I picked this up from Lush a couple of years ago as part of their Christmas collection. This is one of my favourite scents from them it is so fresh and fruity. I had a 500g bottle and it was not till right near the end of this I got bored of the scent. I would purchase this again possibly if they released it again. Sadly I don’t think this was part of last Christmas’s collection but I would recommend this.

I finished another Lush shower gel out of our collection and this time it is Prince Charming. This used to be part of their Valentine’s Day collection I am unsure if it still is. I rarely actually go to Lush anymore I still have that much to use up. This was a 250g bottle and to me Prince Charming is what Snow Fairy should smell like it is Marshmellow. I actually looked forward to going in the shower knowing that I was going to be able to use this shower gel. I may repurchase if this comes out again but Lush prices now do put me off as they have gone expensive.


We also used up another shower gel in these three months. It is the I love coconut and cream shower creme. I know this is the old packaging so I m unsure how long I have had this no doubt way too long. We found that it really lathered up well in the shower however, the scent did not really seem to stay once you had got out of the shower. I would repurchase it again or different scents I know you can get them on Fragrance Direct. It is a nice shower gel which leaves you clean and is not going to break the bank I think this bottle is about £4. Much cheaper than a Lush once.

We used another shower gel we seem to have got through a fair bit of that this time. It is the Superdry Sport Recharge the women’s version. Again this was a Christmas present I am trying to use some of them up so we don’t just end up with too many because it will be Christmas before you know it again. This is an ok body wash it is nothing to write home about I am not in a desperate need to repurchase it. I think it is the best of the Superdry range which we have tried so far I may be tempted to buy a gift set of this for a present if I see it. It would be a good one to have in your gym bag.

The final shower gel which we have managed to use up is a Body Shop Passion Fruit one. I think this is an old scent which they no longer do anymore. This is a shame because for sure it is a shower gel which we would repurchase this is such a nice fruity shower gel. For sure it is one which really is nice in the summer months. To be honest I was a little bit sad when I realised that this one had completely ran out. If you do ever see some in an outlet shop I would recommend picking it up. For sure I will keep my eyes pealed in case I do see it again in the future because I would pick it up.

There has also been a nail polish which has been used up this was the Maybelline Colour Show Polish in Cool Blue. This was part of my project polish. I love this shade it is a great cool blue colour and so easy to wear they no longer sell this shade so I couldn’t repurchase even if I wanted to. Though I can imagine if I look through my collection I will have a shade very similar.

I finished another mini nail polish which was part of my project pan. It is the Essie Fullsteam Ahead. It is such a beautiful wearable lilac colour which is great for the spring summer. Sadly I do not think that Essie now make this shade however, I am sure I do have some more similar shades within my collection. I think I have managed to use this up in about 5 months from been brand new.

I have finished up a Garnier Ultimate Blends Moisturing Hiar Food in Aloe Vera and Coconut. This is the only one from the whole line which I like the scent of. I actually use this once a week instead of conditioner and I actually think this is a great product. At the moment the bottom of my hair is so dry because it is well overdue a cut but obviously the hair dresser have been closed. I think I might be able to make an appointment late August./ Mid September when the rush has died down. I have already repurchased this because it does put a bit of moisturiser back into my hair. It is a product which I have been enjoying anyway. It is worth trying to find it when it is on offer for about £4 like it regularly is.

Finally I finished a dry shampoo, it is not something which I use a lot I prefer to wash my hair. The dry shampoo I used up was the Herbal Essences Uplifting Volume Dry Shampoo.  This is  a dry shampoo which I picked up because I forgot mine when we went to Landal Sandybrook. I don’t think you can purchase this dry shampoo anymore. It is a ok dry shampoo it does the job that you want it. I think I would pick up something else I am not loyal when it comes to dry shampoos.

Obviously we have used some deodorant, toothpaste and hand wash up in these few months as well. I haven’t includes them because there boring products.  Plus the handwash has now been discontinued so even if you fancied the sound of it you couldn’t get your hands on it pardon the pun.

What products have you used up in the last three months?


Charlotte xxx



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