Easter Bow Haul

Bows are something which I adore for Jess now her hair has got longer because it helps to get the hair out of her face and since she had her first haircut a couple of weeks ago she loves to put the bows in her hair. With Easter coming up I knew that I would have to be able to get some bows for this period because I can not resist.

I was browsing Facebook and I found an amazing local company who are called Beau Beau. This is where I managed to get these amazing bows from but due to the fact that Jess ended up getting the chicken pox she has not actually used these yet but I am sure she can get some use out of them throughout the year.

The first couple I got were these beautiful Chicken bows which are handmade and you can tell that they are however, the quality of these product bows are amazing, I chose these colours because I feel like I will be able to match a lot of the outfits that Jess wears, They have some amazing crocodile clips on which mean that they do not fall off that easy which means that Jess is not going to lose them.  These are the smallest one the brand do however,  I think that they are around 3inches which means that they do not look too big on her head.

Glitter is something which attracts Jess so when I saw this lovely Yellow which seems to be one of her favourite colours at the moment well maybe because this is one of the only colours she can say at the moment, This is going to go with some of the summer dresses which she has because it has a mixture of coloured glitter which means it is going to match I think this bow was around the £2 mark as well which is a bargain for bows as they can be so expensive when they are homemade to such a high standard,.

The final bow which we have is this super cute rabbit ears glitter bow. I love rabbits they are a such a cute animal which always make me think of the easter period. With the colour of Jess’s hair I am sure that this is going to look super cute.  This again is one which we use when it is not the easter period and we can always save to use next year because I am sure that they are going to last for a long time. This again was around the £2 mark and the company do post which means you do not have to be local in order to have the amazing bows.

Beau- Beau can be found here beaubeaubows

Which is one is your favourite?

Charlotte x

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