Dupe #2

Hi Guys

I am back with another dupe this time is it a shower gel which is aimed at men but I really do like the smell of this.

This shower gel is a dupe for Lynx Africa but this one is miles cheaper because of the fact that the Lynx last time I saw it was around £2 mark and this one when I purchased it was only £1.50 and this is a miles bigger bottle which means that you get more of the product which means more value for money which is something that we all want you don’t use a lot more of the product like you do with other dupes and this smells the same or very  similar

The bottle is harder to store due to the fact that the bottle is so large some people may struggle to get this on there bath or in the shower. These are the only point that is the difference this doesn’t seem to foam up as well either but this is something which I think you come to expect when you are only using a cheap product so this has not bothered me.

Unfortunate for you guys I can’t find this product on avon’s site so I am unsure if they are still stocking this but when or if I do find this I will update this post so that you guys can get your hands on it.

What is your favourite shower gel dupe?

Charlotte x 
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