Dreaming of A Life After COVID

It has nearly been a year since all of our lives changes. Monday 23rd March 2020 was the date the UK officially went into the first lockdown. Since then there have been restrictions on our lives. These of course, have been tightened the eased a few times. Currently we find ourselves in lockdown 3.0. Recently, I have been dreaming about a life after COVID. I know this is something which will happen we are just unsure at the moment when this time is going to be.

Troy has spent nearly all of his life under restrictions. There are some family members who are yet to met him as a result and he is 13 months old now. I am dreaming of the day that he will be able to meet some of the family.. There are people who he has met but they have seen him once sadly. Some of them are not on social media and not going to believe how much he has grown and changed. For Troy is going to be strange seeing his grandparents in the flesh instead of on facetime. He has picked my phone up before and pretended that they are in my phone because he is so used to that been the way to speak to them now.

Being able to go on family days out is something which I can not wait for either. Being able to introduce Troy to the sea side and the sand is going to be fun. Been able to go grab an ice cream and have fish and chips after a walk at the coast. It does not have to be a boiling hot day it just needs to be a dry day. We will make memories which we will treasure for a lifetime. If COVID has taught us anything it is to appreciate the small things in life.

Another place we would like to go to is Chester Zoo. We have been promising Jess since I was pregnant that we would go back to see the animals. This is something which we has remembered I am sure it is somewhere which we will visit when it is safe. Depending on the time of the year it is when we are allowed to do things like this it may be  next year.

Seeing the animal the animals I something which I think Troy would like to do. We have a lot of books and animal toys so he knows what animals are just he hasn’t been able to go and see them yet. Jess is also lives animals and it has been a while since we have been to a zoo or something like that. She recently has done a whole topic on penguins at schools I think she would like to see them again.
A relaxing weekend away would not go amiss either. This is something which has become a tradition the weekend before Christmas we will go to a log cabin with a hot tub. Of course, this is not something we could do last year as we were not allowed to travel. We have booked one for December this year. Fingers crossed we will be able to go. There is nothing better than reading with the log fire roaring away. Then going in the hot tub and relaxing forgetting about all of lives stresses. Even if we are planning on taking the kids this year.
I think these are the main things which we want to do when covid is actually over. I promise that that day is getting nearer who would have thought it would have been nearly a year of restrictions when this started.
What do you want to do when covid is over?
Charlotte xxx
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