Decorating The Nursery

Today I am going to be sharing with you how we decorated the nursery. It was actually Joe’s gaming room before we had to transform it into a nursery for the new arrival. There have been some major changes in the room I think the only thing which has stayed the same is actually the flooring.

The walls used to be a light blue colour anyway however, we had this room as one of the next on the to decorate list. We have a few rooms we want to put our own stamp on after living here for a year. As you can tell from the pictures the room is a grey colour now. We actually painted it ourselves using the Valspar- Made in the shade paint. I am so happy how this has come out. We have not found out the gender of the baby this is going to be a surprise for us. This is one of the reasons the room is going to be a neutral room and also I don’t agree with gender stereotypes.

When the baby does move into their own room which I am thinking is going to be about 6 months. They have this cot, unfortunately, I can not remember the brand as it was something the grandparents purchased for Jess. This is one which does turn into a toddler bed as well when we are at that stage. We have been lucky that this is in good condition and we can use it again. Due to the fact that the cot is white, we decided that we were going to make all the other furniture in the room which we needed white as well. This would then make it match and give it the polished look.

We have opted for a chair in the room as well. This will give us somewhere to sit if the baby is unsettled in the night. Or when they need a night feed instead of been stood up all of the time. Instead of purchasing a feeding chair which could become very pricey. We have opted for a tub chair and to be honest this may work better for us. We are actually going to be bottle feeding again. When we were looking for something which meets all of our needs we came to this tub chair from Wayfair. It was actually on offer for around the £65 mark and I am sure we can repurpose it once it is no longer needed in the nursery. We have gone for the Ivory in order to match the furniture in this room.

Another thing which we knew we wanted was a small almost bedside table. This would give us somewhere to put the empty bottles when we are doing night feeds. Also it would give us somewhere to put the groegg because the plug for this room is behind the chair. We had been looking around for a while when I found one of Facebook by a company who do shabby chic furniture. We have purchased from them previously and shockingly this only cost us £20. I am so happy with this piece.


For a chest of drawers instead of getting one with a changing table which we knew we may not use. We opted for an IKEA MALM 4 drawer set. This is something which will allow the new arrival to use them throughout childhood. This is something which I was keen on being able to do. 4 drawers should be more than enough. I think this is the maximum I had when we had Jess. At £60 I thought that it was a bargain which can be used for a long time. We have some other IKEA drawers in the house and have never had any problems with them. In my head, I have it worked out what is going to go in each as well.


Of course, they are going to need a wardrobe as well for hanging clothes. Again we choose one which was going to last us a long period of time. I thought that it was easier and cheaper to by an actual wardrobe than a baby one or toddler. After looking around for one which was white and in our price range. We actually found it in The Range it cost us around £120. It is the Valencia wardrobe however, I am unsure how long this is going to be in stock for as it is warning limited. I like that it also has a couple of drawers underneath which will allow us to store things like spare bedding. Or clothes which are in the next size up.

Currently, the Moses basket is in here, of course, this is going to move into our room. However, for the moment we are just storing it in here, I am writing this before the new arrival comes. It actually is a clair de lune stand. Then we purchased a Moses basket from Asda in their baby sale for £15.  I would have loved a co-sleeper but our bed is too high even on their maximum setting. Plus a Moses basket is a fraction of the price and this is something which we did take into consideration as they only use them for around 6 months.

Reading is something which is important for us as family. Jess and I are keen readers however, there is not going to be a lot of space for a bookcase in this nursery. So after looking on Pinterest to think of a solution in order to allow us to have books in the nursery. We have chosen to purchase the IKEA picture ledge. We have three of them in order to make sure that it covers some glue marks from the lady that used to live her she had a mirror glued to the wall. This has only cost us £15 and it is going to be something which we are going to be able to use for a long time. I want them to be a bookworm as well.

I am thinking about purchasing some prints for above the cot. I am sure that I will spend hours searching on Etsy for the right prints. This is something which I love doing as you will see when I get around to doing an office tour. We will end up having another trip to IKEA I am sure in order to pick up some of the photo frames. They are something which I love and away I want the nursery to feel a little bit personalised. If you have any companies you recommend getting prints off let me know I am always all ears.

We purchased this small grey rug which was £10 from IKEA. The reason we purchased was that the laminate floor can get very cold. This is going to be a great place to stand when we need to get the baby out of the cot. Our feet will not get that cold when it is the winter. The only thing I think we need is a way to make sure the rug does not slip which it currently keeps doing.

The curtains we decided to replace as well we found these gorgeous blackout ones from Dunelm. These are the tiny but mighty collection. We thought that grey would go amazing in the nursery. Of course, we wanted blackout so it is dark enough for nap times. For sure I think I might purchase more curtains from there when we do the stairs and landing next year. These curtains are going to be amazing and will grow with Player 4 we may change them when this is no longer a nursery.

How did you decorate your nursery?

Charlotte xxx




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