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Since I have been spending a lot of time on my laptop when I was completing my university degree I realised how much stuff I have on it. This is not helping the speed of my laptop at all if anything it is actually making it run a lot slower than it needs to be.  It was actually weighing me down when thinking about it was not my laptop my phone is another space which could be running a lot faster if I did not have so much stuff which I really did not need on it.

This made me want to do something about it because I am always complaining how slow both devices are actually running.  I decided that I was going to declutter my digital space. Getting rid of thing which I do not need in order to make sure that both devices are running as fast as they actually can.

Delete unwanted apps

I barely have any space on my phone it is always warning/moaning to me about the lack of space.There is a lot of pictures which are of Jess in her couple of years which she has been on the planet stored on my phone .  I found that there were apps on my phone which I had downloaded when I had a lot of spare time and needed games which were going to help me kill time. 3 apps I found which all which had space on my phone for no reason I managed to delete.

This is something  which I am going to do regularly to make sure that I am actually using all of the apps which I have on my phone because they are weighing me down if I am not using them.  There are a couple that I could actually get rid of if I was been a little bit more ruthless however, I have told myself if I do not use them soon then they will actually be gone.

Delete Downloads

The number of times you open an email which comes with an attachment and then this ends up been downloaded. For me, there is a lot of documents which I get sent this way.  When I did this I got rid of at least 500 documents this includes some of the powerpoints which I needed for uni.  I could not believe how much this had actually speeded up my laptop for sure I did not know how rubbish was clogging it up. For sure this is going to be something which I am going to have to this regularly to make sure that it is not going to run as slowly as it has been in the past.  I have also deleted documents which I no longer need any longer and those which I have been keeping just in case.

Use folders

I also made sure that the documents are in the correct folders so that I do not just have random documents all over my laptop. This means that should I need to visit the document I can find it very easy and I know what it is rather than having to search the whole of my laptop which is always something I want to avoid. It has also helped me notice that I had documents which were way to old which I deleted.

Unsubscribing from emails

If you are anything like me you will get hundreds of emails a day which is very annoying because I do not need a fraction of them. I think there is only a couple of them which I actually use. One thing which does annoy Joe is the fact that I have over 13,000 emails. I know that I do not actually need all of them I know I am going to be able to delete so many of them.

With the GDPR I know I am going to be able to get rid of so many of these emails because I am going to unsubscribe. I have managed to delete 1,000 emails however, I got bored of doing this but I am going to be trying to make sure that I delete the majority of the emails which I get over the course of the day in order to make sure that they do not stack up again. I know that currently, they are actually like way out of control.

Delete Bookmarks

Bookmarks are the things which we all use in order to make sure that we do not lose the page. However, if you are anything like me you end up not actually having deleted them. I think I still had bookmarks for pages which I thought would be useful for an assignment which I completed a whole year ago. I for sure don’t need the bookmark and the page was not something I think I needed. If I want to revisit the pages I know I can always find them again by just doing a simple Google search.

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by all of the things on your laptop/ phone?


Charlotte x





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