Dear Troy On Your First Birthday

Dear Troy

Today you turn one and for sure it is not a year we are ever going to forget. So much has changed in the short 12 months since you came into the world. Nobody could have predicted what would have happened to think when you were born Covid wasn’t known about. A few weeks later there was a new deadly virus in China. Little did we know when you were less than 3 Months old life as we knew it would change for months. Still, it is not back to normal and we do not know when it will be. For sure there are going to be a lot of stories to tell you about your first year when you are a bit older.

We managed one playgroup session before lockdown where you made a little friend. Sadly we have not been able to return yet maybe next year we will be able to. So that you can spend more time with other people your age rather than just your big sister. This is one of the things which I would love to happen maybe we will meet some more mum friends. I don’t have many locally as we did not live here when Jess was born.

Even though through the majority of your life you have not been able to leave the house. There have not been many trips to see our family which is very rare. Usually, this is something which we do a lot more. You have got used to having to see everyone through Facetime. I am unsure how you are going to feel when we can see people in person again. Been able to have a hug off someone who you do not live with is going to be a strange one for you I know. During Facetime you are always trying to interact with the baby you can see on the screen not realising it’s you. Plus you love being able to trying to bite my phone. Even though you have not been able to see everyone a lot this year we know they love you so much.

You have developed so much you are always crawling around the house now. You have started pulling yourself up and now can stand so I am sure it is not going to be long before you are walking. I am not sure that I am ready for you to be able to do that just yet. Please stay small Troy is makes Mummy happy. You often now say Mama and Dada when you want either of us. I am sure you are going to add more words soon because for sure your sister never stops talking. For sure are going to end up picking words up off her for sure.

You are such a Mummy’s boy and have been for most of your life. You love nothing more than a cuddle with me which is a bonus. Since your sister is a huge Daddy’s girl. You still have some of your naps on me well if I let you. I think you love that because you always look amazed when you wake and you’re not in your bed. Talking of sleep you have started sleeping through the night which is something I am thankful for.  Even if occasionally you do end up waking me up for food during the night. Of course, I can forgive you for this because you’re a growing boy.

I can not believe how many differences there are between you and your sister. However, I do have to remember that you are too completely different people who just happen to have the same parents. One thing which you do share if your love of food. I am unsure if we are yet to find anything which either of you do not like. This for sure is not something which I can complain about.

Recently you have just celebrated your first Christmas. For sure you was spoilt by everyone you managed to get a lot of toot toot which is something which you are enjoying playing with a lot. You love been able to push things along the floor and chase after them. Since you always want to be on the move now long gone are the days you would be happy bouncing away in your Jumperoo. Or even before that just happy watching the world in your bouncer chair.


Nobody knows what is going to happen in the next year of your life. However, what we do know is you are going to have some special times and we are going to create some amazing memories. That son I promise you now matter what.

Here is to another amazing year with my little man.


I love you Troy


Mummy xxxx

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