Dear Jess- On Your First Day Of School

Today is a really big day for you Jess. Today is the first day at school for you this is something which you have been excited about for a while. You just missed out going with your friends from last year and had to stay at nursery for another year. For sure your going to be one of the eldest since you turn 5 tomorrow. I think your this means that your more than ready. Nobody believes us that starting school I think they all think your going into year 1. For sure your height doesn’t help.

Fingers crossed you have an amazing time at school. Your lucky to be going with two other boys that you know from nursery. I am sure you will not have a problem making friends. It’s only two years ago since you started your new nursery when we moved house. So I have no worries that your not going to make friends. Your one of the people that everyone wants to be friends with. You have been like that since you started nursery.

This is something which you have needed for a while. I don’t think it helps that you have been home for 6 months because of the virus. You did get some work sent home but you did it so easy. It’s going to be strange not having you home all the time I have almost got used to you been home with Mummy and Troy.

I know your looking forward to school. You keep asking if it’s time to go to school. You know you start just before you birthday. I think you need the challenge because according to nursery you had been doing some reception work before you had left. Fingers crossed you find the work a bit of a challenge. It might stop your getting bored. I am hoping school starts to burn your energy because you hate going to sleep at the movement. I am hoping you enjoy it though.

We haven’t tried your full uniform I don’t think I’m ready for it until the day you go. You just going to look so grown up not that you don’t already.  I can’t believe the time has come when your ready to start for school. I swear it seems about two minute since you was actually starting your first nursery in York and you tuned 1. It’s like we have blinked and now it is time for you to start your school education.

Fingers crossed your going to have an amazing school experience. I am looking forward to coming on this this journey with you. I am sure you are going to make us proud. You will never forget starting school when you had to keep your distance from everyone in the middle of a global pandemic.

Good luck and go smash it

Love you so much

Mummy xx

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