Dear Dada- I Don’t Know About You I’m Feeling 22

Anyone week without you has past woo this means we are another week closer to been able to see each other. Not much has happened this weeks but I am sure as soon as I start writing this loads will have come back to me.
This week has seen me pass 3 exams woo only my manual and exam to pass and I will be a qualified sports massage therapist. Meaning I can go massage at the big sporting events hopefully get to go to the marathon next year and earn some money.  I wish it was as smooth sailing but my client ended up in hospital so I had to massage someone who I had never met before who was high up in uni l.
Jess has been a superstar this week we haven’t had that many tantrums. We just get Dada a hell of a lot like Friday she wouldn’t believe me you as not hiding in bed when we got to your mums. I think she was dreaming about you as well as she kept crying in her dreams so I might have let her come into our bed. I didn’t like how huge that double bed feels without you  I soon regretted it when she was kicking me all night. Damm that girl can fidgit.
As if you wasn’t amazing enough buying me an brand new camera for my birthday. Which I told myself I couldn’t use till it was my birthday. For anyone who knows cameras he got me the Cannon G7X Mark II which is like gold dust. After a cheeky hint in last weeks post I didn’t get one birthday card nope I got two. Yes I did think you would forget loved the ps bit in Jess’s. As if that wasn’t enough the ballon you see in the picture he also bought me god knows how I’m going to get that back home.
Saturday Jess was convinced still you was in the house we might have had to hunt the whole house to try and find you. All I say is your bloody good at this hide and seek game. While I write this post I’m on the train to Newcastle well you have been gone a while now I need some eye candy it’s my birthday after all.  I shouldn’t have bothered the team didn’t bother to turn up but at least it was a fun day with some amazing cake. For someone who doesn’t like cake it was amazing.
Your little princess is off to the zoo near Lincoln today which we found at Easter. Don’t worry Nan is going so there will not be a murder sounds like it is going to be an amazing family day and some nice memories may be made. I am sure Jess will love it because we know how much she loves Chester.  Oh talking of our Nan I think she actually loves me I got a granddaughter card see the love is mutual she has adopted me.
I am unsure what we are going to end up doing tomorrow/ today as you read this. I must be crazy I am getting the train at like 9am on a Sunday.  Hopefully we will end up doing something because I have to keep busy now otherwise I might start to miss you.
Jess is only going to nursery 4 days this weeks we have now made Friday a mummy and Jess day. This week she managed a 3 hour morning nap I think this girl is starting to love her sleep again. Taking of that next Saturday sees her go away for a week with your Mum and Dad one whole week away for memories to be made. Saying that they could come later to pick her up they plan on arriving at 9am on a Saturday. Do they not know I like to be lazy one day a week. Gosh it’s going to be strange without either of you. Might have to keep even busier to not miss you both I think they are going to Chapel at least they are going somewhere new.
Hope your cold has started to go away. We both miss you so much looking forward to seeing you online soon.

Love from Jess and Charlotte xxxxxx

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