Dear Dada- Going Upstairs

Dear Dada
This week a huge changed happened your tiny baby who once was no bigger than your forearm moved upstairs at nursery. Mummy keeps telling me that it does not seem like it was two minutes ago when you first dropped me off for my settling in sessions when I would cry and do not want to leave the chair in the corner of the room. Now it is time for me to go upstairs and play with the big boys and girls I can’t wait to show you my new rooms we have 3 upstairs it means that I can paint, colour and play in the sand more. You know that they are some of my favourite things to do. The first time you come you’re going to have to get mummy to show you have to go to pick me up because otherwise, I may stay there forever. 
I am sad to have left the lovely ladies downstairs however, a couple of them come upstairs with me a few days when it is busy and I have moved with some of my friends downstairs because ewe all have birthdays which are close together which is great. I have even met up with some old friends who used to be downstairs a while ago. I am doing well adapting to life upstairs which I know is a great relief for Mummy because you know she is always worrying about me so hopefully this is one less thing for her to actually worry about. 
I have enjoyed been upstairs for the two days which I have been at nursery this week because been there means that I can play with the water, play kitchen and even play catch inside with some of my new and some of my old friends. I can’t wait for you to see my new room I hope you like it as much as me but I am sorry you can’t stay all day unlike me.

The reason behind why I have only to nursery a couple of days this week is because of the fact that grandma and grandad have left the house for the weekend for a family trip to Devon. Which means that the responsibility to keep everyone alive falls to Mummy god help me and Uncle Daniel lets hope that she doesn’t kill us while they are gone. Saying that on Saturday yesterday as you read this the other Grandparents are picking me up. They have a week of work which means they want me to go down and have some fun times with them. This will mean that mummy has a lot of time on her own maybe she will actually chill out a little bit and then have a little bit of time to herself we can only hope because we both know how much she needs that.

I miss you so much Daddy only about a month now I can see you again.

Love you so much

Jess xxx

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