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You may remember just before Christmas which seems like a long time ago now. We went on holiday to a log cabin in Derbyshire I will be reviewing this at some point don’t worry. We ended up having a day between checking out of the cabin and some other plans. So we found ourselves looking for things to do in the area. Between our cabin and where we was heading and then we came across White Post Farm. This is somewhere which Joe has visited as a child a number of years ago.

I think it cost us around the £30 mark for all which I thought was a little pricey for a farm. I seem to remember that this is more expensive than Cannon Hall Farm. Due to us visiting very close to Christmas they had themed the farm for the occasion. The painted hay bales were one of my favourites. You could also visit the big man himself for a small fee I seem to remember. However, Jess was going to see him in a few days so we opted out of this.

I could not believe how spread out the animals are this is something to keep in mind. If you have little legs with you it can take a while to walk around all of the outdoor animals. I know this is something which took us a while with Jess. This could also be to do with the fact that she is a huge animal fan. She did get scared at a few points because the goats kept following us thinking that we had some food.. You can purchase some animal food from the shop at the entrance I think it was 50p or £1. However, this is something that this time we opted out of doing. There is a wide array of animals on the trail including chickens, goats, pigs, deer, wallabies, cows, llamas, donkeys, and ponies.

The outdoor animals are on a trail and we went in December.  Of course, this is a period when it was wet. This did mean that it was pretty muddy we had Jess in her waterproof bottoms. If when you are planning a visit it has been pretty wet I would recommend taking wellies for your child at least. If you still have to take a pram you will still be able to go around the outdoor area. It is very pram friendly and we saw at least a couple of families doing this.

If you manage to go when the weather is not great there is also the silver barn. This is home to a wide selection of animals and looked like it had just been revamped. From memory this has some reindeers, donkeys, goats, rabbits, guinea pigs, chickens I think they may have been some spiders. You could get very close to the animals again of course you can feed them. You could even handle to the spiders and the snakes.  This is something which we all chicken out on doing. But the option is there as long as there is a member of staff on hand.

There is also a large reptile room which you can purchase some of the animals from. I could not believe how expensive some of them are. There was animals such as snakes, spiders, fish, frogs and all other kinds of reptiles. I did find it amazing that White Post Farm do have little steps which allows smaller children to see because otherwise we end up having to lift Jess. She can be heavy at periods so this is something I try and avoid doing. I thought this section looked a little bit dated and to be honest reminded me of a local park at home. This is an area which Jess was not too interested in once she has found all of the animals. This is something which older children may enjoy.

Because we went when we did it did mean that we had to explore more of the indoor areas as well which there are two play areas.  I seem to believe that there is actually three however, one was closed due to it been Christmas and them having the grotto.

There was a small soft play area next to this which is somewhere which Jess visited for a period of time. For me I thought this looked very dated and not somewhere that did not think had the greatest selection. Jess did manage to play in the soft play but this is more due to the fact this is something which she enjoys doing anyway.  It did say that it was suitable up to the ages of 8 but I am sure that some of them would not be. I know that Jess thought that some of it was a bit small. I know she is on the bigger side of 3 because she is so tall.

There is some outdoor areas but of course, we went in December. It looked like there was a large climbing frame which if the weather has been nicer we would have allowed Jess to play on. There is also sand pits but because it had been raining these are no good to be played in either. If we visited another time of the year for sure I know Jess would have been all over them. We did however, play crazy golf even thought parts of the course were water logged. That was part of the fun. We only played in order to spend some more time at White Post Farm as we felt like we had not got our money’s worth. This may just be us because we have been to similar places which have been a fraction of the price but White Post Farm seemed expensive.

There is another indoor area towards the bottom of the farm. This is home to ride on tractors, skuttle bugs, big sand pit with toys, slides, funnels, etc., and it’s all covered. Even though it is covered it can be be very cold in this area. Jess was a little bit too small for the ride on tractors and is too big for skuttle bugs. It was cold when we was in there which means that the time she may have spent in their was actually cut short. She was too busy complaining about how cold she was.

We did take our own picnic because we had just checked out of our cabin. If it had been the summer there was plenty of benches around outside to eat. Instead we had to go to the covered picnic area next to the reptile house. This again was not the warmest place and it was dirty when we ate there. It did look like it needed a bit of love because it did look a bit aged. There is also a couple places which you can purchase a range of hot and cold food from. I think there was only one open when we visited however, it did look very busy. We did also have our own food so this does mean I can not comment on the food element of White Post Farm.

Overall Thoughts

I do not think that I would actually go back to White Post Farm despite it been not that fair from my In Laws. I think it was pretty expensive for the quality of the farm. It looked very run down compared to what I thought it would for £30. We did not managed to spend all day there I think we spent around 4/5 hours which less time than we usually would at a farm. I feel like they needed a little bit more to do some of the play areas where only good for the child in the family.Some of them looked very old and dirty I did not want her to play in them for too long. I am glad we visited though.


Have you ever visited White Post Farm? If so what did you think?


Charlotte xxx

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