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Going to the zoo is something which we love to do. Jess has been to the zoo previously at Chester, and also visited Yorkshire Wildlife Park. We keep taking her back due to the fact that she loves the animals and she is now telling us what the animals are which she can see.

We decided to take her grandparent’s and her Great Nan as a proper family day out because it is only around an hour and a bit from their house. This is when we found out that Nanny had never visited a Zoo previously.  It was a shame the day was not bright and sunny instead it was very dull and cold nothing a jacket could not help with though.

We arrived at the zoo about an hour after Twycross opened which meant that is was not too busy. This did mean that some of the animals were just waking up and as a result of Twycross having a lot of primates, they were finding their place in the territories. It was amazing to actually because it is very rare you actually get to hear this because the zoo’s usually got so busy and do not have as many primates as Twycross.

Twycross has one of the best and I think largest ape and primate collections in the UK, and you can tell. It really is incredible with apes of all types including gorilla, chimpanzee, and gibbons. These are animals which I love to watch because we can see how similar to the apes we actually are. However, as a result of Twycross having so many primates, this means they do not have as many of the other animals which you may expect to see at the zoo.

Giraffes are one of the animals which I love being able to watch and I think this has actually rubbed off on Jess because we spent a while in the Giraffe house. Twycross only has males however, they have so many different types and who knows in the future they may get some females and we might hear the pitter patter of baby Giraffes. I hope so because they are so cute and it would make me want to visit again in the future.

The Elephants when we visited were undergoing crate training due to staff telling us that they are actually going to be moving. I think they said they were going to Blackpool Zoo as a result of them not having enough space for them to have a male which means that they can not breed their elephants. I do hope that they manage to get some more because it would be a shame for them to loose them. For sure I know going to see the elephants is one of the highlights of a trip to the zoo.

There is a nice mix of outdoor and indoor enclosures so you can observe the animals in whichever part of the enclosure they choose to be in. This does mean that if you go to the zoo in the winter or when the weather is not great you are still going to be able to see the animals which are always a bonus.

For lunch instead of eating at one of the outlets which there are several of around the zoo. We took our own lunch one of the reasons was to save a little money as for us all I think the tickets did come to very close to £100. There are nearly as many benches and areas which you could have you picnic in there is a number of areas which have a roof on should the weather not be amazing when you visit Twycross,

The penguins do actually walk a little bit because they get fed in the other part of their area which means that they are used to having to walk. When we were there were people who had paid to actually be able to feed the penguins. I think feeding an animal at a zoo is something which I would love to do one year.  I think that being able to get so close to the animals is amazing they were only at an arms distance. Jess loves penguins this could be due to the fact that when Joe was in the Falkland’s we told her that Daddy was with the penguins.

Twycross do not have many of the big cats which for me is a little bit annoying due to the fact that I really do like being able to see them when I do visit a zoo. Maybe because they for sure are one of the first animals you think of when you think about the zoo it is the lions and tigers. Twycross did actually have two cats who took my interest the first was actually the leopards who I think are very cute I think it is because they look so playful. When we visited they were actually pacing up and down near the glass. I am unsure if it was due to the fact that it could have been close to feeding time.

Before you actually get through the zoo gates there is a soft play area and a cafe. You do have to pay extra for the soft play and this is something which we decided against doing because we had already paid for the zoo.  However, there is a snow leopard around which is amazing because you can spend a lot of time watching them as these are an animal which is rare.  When we were there it was jumping from the rocks and trying to hunt a bird down as prey.  This is something which I spent a long time watching this was very interesting and fascinating. 

Twycross also has a huge park which is somewhere which Jess played in for a long time. Anyone who knows Jess will know that she loves to be in the outdoors so this was perfect for her.  She spent most of her time once we had seen all of the animals.  Jess loved it that much that I do not think she made it out of the car park before falling asleep because she had walked around all day which is a fair distance for small legs.

Overall Twycross is amazing if you love animals like we do as a family. I am unsure if we would revisit this because of the fact that it is purely primates and we do like other animals when we are at the zoo. Twycross is a fair distance from our house and Chester is closer and that is where my heart is at. If we are in the area or want another day with the grandparents we may actually revisit Twycross. I would recommend this if you are in the area and you are wanting to visit a zoo.


Have you visited Twycross Zoo? If so what were your thoughts?


Charlotte xx



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