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A few months ago now we decided that we were going to visit pink pig farm which is in Holme near Scunthorpe. I had heard several people who had visited the farm. It is only 40 minutes away from Hull which is where we are based.  I think they have changed the prices since we visited. As I  write the post for April to November for full access to the farm adults are £6.99, Children over 2 £4.50 and free for under 2’s.

Pink Pig Farm is a local organic farm with shop and restaurant. Which has a farm trail and play areas for children.  We thought that it would be great for Jess as she has down an interest in animals. As you may remember when we visited Chester Zoo.  Of course, taking her to a farm is a fraction of the price and you get to see different animals doing this.

I am unsure if you could really class it as a farm as they do not have your standard farm animals. Yes you do have the opportunity to go on a tractor ride. This was something which we did not do as Jess was not bothered about seeing more pigs. We did not feel there was many animals at the farm maybe about 40 maximum. You are unable to feed them which is different to other farms we have visited.  The poor guinea pigs and rabbits are kept in a metal container. They do not have anymore room than if you visited a store like pets at home.

Jess, when we visited, was not too bothered by the animals. This could have been because the animals were not bothered by her. They were in the middle of their pens rather than been close to us. Most of the animals did look fed up this could have been due to it not been warm. When we visited you did actually need your coat on because it was still very chilly.

There is a lot of outdoor play areas within pink pig farm which is great when you have a child like Jess. Who loves to be outdoors. You can ride the tractors she was a bit too small but gave it a very good go. This is something she loved and it is a toy I have not seen very often at all.  There is a number of large sandpits which you can play in as part of your admission.  It may be worth taking your own bucket and spade. We found a lot of them to be broken which meant that you would not want your child to play with them.

There is also a large soft play area which when we visited found that there was a lot of bigger children in. This was not fun as Jess did not want to go in alone so one of us had to be with her at all times. She could do the majority of it she may have just wanted one of us because she can be a little bit shy and scared. We did struggle to find a table to sit at when we went to the soft play area. This could have been because the weather was not that great. Prices for drinks were the same as other soft play places which we have visited.  I would recommend getting a table then ordering your drinks so you are not stood up.

We did manage to eat at the restaurant however, this there was a long wait for food.  I seem to remember that we waited around 45 minutes for food. The food was actually quite expensive but after all it is a farm shop restaurant.  The quality of the food was good however, I am unsure if it was worth the time we waited. I kind of wish we had found a local pub and gone to eat somewhere like this instead. It may have been cheaper as well as a meal cost us around the £40 mark. You could take your own food and have a picnic this would be ideal in the summer.

Pink pig were doing some works when we visited however, I am unsure what the work was. It was next to the restaurant. If you have visited since we have please let me know what this area is. It did look like it could be another soft play area.


I am unsure if Pink Pig is a place which we would revisit in the future.  We spent 4 hours here including food and I feel like we had done it all. The only reason we spent so much time was Jess wanting to play in the sand pit so much. Something we could have done for free at the beach. She could have run around as much at the park, to be honest. I do not think that this was worth the money we paid to visit again. They need more animals for me however, these are just my thoughts.


Have you visited pink pig farm if so what did you think?


Charlotte xx





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