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Lego is something which Jess loves last year we actually took her to the Lego discovery centre in Manchester. We had some problems with something which we order which resulted in us getting to go back complementary. We decided to use it just before Jess’ birthday almost as an early birthday treat. If you do not know what the Lego Discovery centre is a Lego themed large play centre rather than a theme park like Legoland Windsor.

I would say that it is suitable those 3+ we took Jess last summer as well however, I think she enjoyed it more now she is closer to 4. Any younger than 3 I would say it would not be suitable as there are a lot of small pieces of lego around for you to build with. It is worth noting that as an adult you have to be accompanied by a child unless it is an adult only night.


One thing which I would recommend doing is booking online you can get an adult from £14.95 compared to £20.95 and a child over the age of 3 for £11.95 instead of £16.95. This is a huge saving and for sure something which we will be doing should we got back to Lego Discovery Centre. Under 3’s also do not pay for entry. When the attraction is busy you get a 3 hour slot which is dictated by a wristband you are given on arrival. This is in order to ensure it does not get too busy.


When you go upstairs there is a mini tour which interactive presented by Professor Brick-a-Brack. He shows how the bricks are made super simply and at the end you do get a brick. Jess was not a huge fan of this however, this could because she is shy around new people. You have to go through this to get to the main room which is a bit annoying if like us you have been previously.


After the tour there is  Kingdom Quest ride were you zapp beastly trolls and sneaky skeletons on our mission to save the Princess. This is very good and something which I enjoyed as I am a competitive person anyway. Jess enjoyed the ride even if she is too small to aim and zapp the baddies.

Inside the main room there is a Lego Police Car ride which if you are 4 and over I think 90cm you can go on. Seen as Jess was so close too been 4 we allowed her on. She was such a slow driver and had everyone else behind her at times however, she loved it and that’s all that matters.

Mini Land

In the Mini land there are over 1.5 million bricks make up an interactive city; towers glow and airships swoop around while kids watch. There is so many of the iconic buildings from around Manchester and the North including trains and buses, night scene and Blackpool Pleasure Beach with a moving tram, fairground and little mini figures. This is something which I enjoyed however, younger visitors may just want to play.

Main Room

The majority of Lego Discovery Centre  is in the main room where kids can build Lego cars and race them on various ramps. This is something which thrills Jess because building is the best part for any child. Jess loves to see whose goes fastest hers or Daddy’s.

There is also models which you can build your creations around in the main room. However, both times when we have visited these have been very busy. This means Jess was not too bothered about it and she would rather build cars and race them. This is not something which she can do at home where as she could build around the creation.

There is a toddler’s area with a little slide. This is not something which we visited as a result of Jess been very tall.  I think she would have been way to big for this. The first time we visited Jess also went into the soft play type area which she loved however, she did not go in our last visit. This was something which seemed very popular with older children and I think this is one of the reasons why Jess did not go in.  I think it is all lazer beams and you have to try and be a ninja.

There is a 4D cinema which you can visit which is including in your entry price. However, it stated that they may be some loud noises. This is something which Jess is not a huge fan of so we did not actually go to this. There are 2 different shows which are played at this cinema and they are alternated through out the day.

Food and Drink

It is amazing they have actual Costa at Lego instead of cheap coffee which you usually get at attractions. This is something which I did the first time we visited. However, been 5 months pregnant the second time I did not bother. Food is expensive but this is something which you come to expect at attractions like Lego. We looked and sandwiches and salads were around £4 with the kids meal been £5.95 which included a sandwich, snack, desert and drink. We took a packed lunch and ate if after our slot at Lego.


I think we would head back however, not for a while maybe a couple of years. I am sure this is only going to be an attraction Jess loves more and more. It is not that far from us either just over an hour from us. It is worth the money if you book online. I am unsure if I think it is if you pay the walk-up fee.

Have you visited Lego Discovery Centre Manchester? If so what did you think?

Charlotte xx



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