Day’s Out- Getting Lost In York Maze

York maze is a place which I have heard so much about and living at the moment in the city. I thought that there was not a better time to visit the maze and get lost than this summer. This year they have decided to do the maze in the theme of dinosaurs. As it is 25 Years since the release of Jurassic Park. If I am honest the reason why we have not visited before this time. Maybe this is because I thought it was expensive for a maze at £14.95 for adults. This visit has changed my mind about the York Maze.

We visited on a warm Sunday afternoon so I expected it to be busy. With people wanting to make the most of the nice weather. We arrived at York Maze around 1pm and actually did not end up leaving till close at 6.30. We would have loved more time which is always a sign of a good day. There was plenty that we did not manage to get done. This included The House of Cornfusion, The Pig Racing, and the shows. These are something which I think we are going to have to go back and do one day.

Of course, we did manage to do a lot of things during the afternoon at the maze. We completed the whole maze without getting too lost in which is a bonus. We went to every checkpoint which there are 6 of in around an hour of being in the maze. I have been told by a member of staff it should take you around an hour and a half with a map. Which is available when you buy your ticket for £1.50 which has a map and compass I am pretty proud we managed to do it without.

A couple of tips that I would give you before entering the maze. Make sure that you have been to the toilet there is nothing worse than needing a wee halfway around. Also, make sure you have enough water in order to stay hydrated you could be in there for a while.

There is plenty to do which does not include using the actual maze. This is where we spent a lot of our time Jess as you may know loves the sandpit. Due to it being a very warm day we let her play in the water element of the sandpit. This did mean that she came back drenched but she had a good day out. Jess also decided that she wanted to do some building with bricks which she has basically to herself. Which she enjoyed they are like the foam bricks which you find at soft play centers. For sure is somewhere in which she could have spent a lot more time.

We spent some time in the different kinds of mazes as well including the mineshaft maze. This makes you crawl through the maze-like a mineshaft which is great fun for kids. However, as an adult, it can really hurt your knees which is something that happened to me. Of course, if it is wet before you visit this is an area which your child may come back from super muddy. I did notice as a result of this Jess had a number of bruises on her knees the next day as well as the joys of having a toddler.

I think that my favourite part of the maze was actually the Crowmania ride this is something which you may have to que. However, I think this was well worth the wait. We managed to get the last ride of the day I am very glad about, to be honest. The ride is around 30 minutes long and goes around the fields while you sat on a tractor which is always enjoyable. There is a story with it and there are so many fun jokes it’s very interactive and at times a bit like a pantomime. Beware you will get wet on this ride however if it is a hot day you will actually love this.

There is also a chance to hold some of the animals to which the maze is home. Which included the tortoise which we managed to stroke. This is something which I have never done before and I think was not what I expected. There was also a millipede out when we were around this section. Of course, Jess been the kind of child she is had to hold it. I personally found it super tickly and then we held a snake. This is not something which I have done in the past. The snake even started to wrap itself around my arm it must have been because I was warm.

As I said previously, there were elements that we did not do due to time. There are bits we did not do because Jess is too young currently. This includes a climbing frame in which you have to climb up a volcano and then you can travel down the slide. There is also a race which would be great if Jess was a lot older. I am competitive and would love to race against her. There was a long que when we had been visiting and there is only two allowed on at a time. So this is something to bear in mind.  For sure there is plenty to do for the children and you could easily spend all day in the maze.

If you are like us who do not always take food out with us. You will be glad to hear that the food at the maze is actually a reasonable price and the food is actually really tasty as well. Drinks for coke is around £1.80 which is so cheap for an attraction. I think a meal for  3 of us including ice cream came to less than £30. This is something to bear in mind you do not have to take a picnic with you if you do not want to.

York Maze is open till the 3rd of September so plenty of time for a visit. Tickets are £15.75 for adults and £14.75 for children, there are discounts for booking online. You can also get a family of 4 tickets for £59 something we would have done. But Jess is under 3 and you do not pay for these. Despite the price, I would recommend it there is so much for all of the family. We went with Grandma who also enjoyed it, one tip is to make sure you give yourself enough a minimum of 3 hours if not all day if you want to experience the maze and all it has to offer.

Have you been to York Maze if so what were your thoughts?

Charlotte xxx


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