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Eureka National Children’s Museum is somewhere where I visited as a child. I can still remember elements of so when we found ourselves with a spare free weekend with no plans. We decided that we would take Jess for an amazing day of hands-on fun. There is always a lot to play with the look and of course, learn about. Just because it is a Children’s Museum, it does not mean that it is not suitable for toddlers. At 2 Jess had so much fun as you can see from her face on the pictures.  Halifax is only around 1-1 ½ hours away from where we are based. Which means that there was not too much time spent in the car travelling.
When we arrived, there is a large car park which is next to the museum which we found pretty easy to park in.  I think it cost us around £4 for 4 hours. I did not think that this was too expensive. The museum is opposite the train station, so if you are travelling by train this is a bonus. You need to make sure you keep your eyes peeled as you can miss the building. Outside the museum there is a large play area which has sand pits. However, when we was visiting it was snowing. This means that Jess was unable to play outside. I am sure when we visit again this is an area Jess will have so much fun in.
It could have been due to the time of year when we visited it was the start of December.  It was pretty quiet we did not have to queue . One thing which does make me happy is that there offer annual pass tickets as part of their normal entry price.  Which means you pay once and can visit as many times as you want within 12 months. This for sure is something which is going make us want to visit again. We are already planning to go back when Jess is a little bit older maybe in March/April time.
The first area we saw was the all about me gallery which is one which is one of the areas which I would say is the most interactive. This is an area which I would say is great for all ages as there is so much to play with.  Of course due to Jess’ age it does mean there were some of the things which she was not interested. This is because it went over her head. There is so much that under 5’s can do as you can see Jess was brushing her teeth like she does at home.  There is a maternity area which you can scan a doll’s tummy which shows you the baby in the tummy like a real life baby scan.  This would be great if your little one is about to become an older sibling. Jess at the moment is starting to like babies. She is always playing with the dolls which we have at home now.
The areas which Jess loved the most is the  living and working gallery on the bottom floor.  This has  kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, a garage which even has petrol pimps and a working car wash. If this is not enough, there is also a Mark’s and Spencer’s which is just like the real shop. There is a post office, building suite and a Halifax bank.  The bank has a million pound chair, bank volt and cash machine which is available for the young ones to play with. As you can see Jess loved the shop. I think we had to do the whole weekly shop in the little M&S. After pretending to be a millionaire sat on the chair.
The rest of the areas is split into 6 areas which desert garden, town, ocean, jungle, country and ice garden.  These are areas which Jess adored because there was a lot for her to do. It is made for the under 5s so it did not go over her head like the other areas. I think Jess loved the desert more because you can put the balls then turn the wheel and the ball came out the other side. She was playing this for a long time she was having the time of her life.
Downstairs there is a SoundSpace and Soundgarden this is an area which we did at the end.  So we did not spend a lot of time in because our car park was running out. I think this area was a little bit too old for her. This  something which she might enjoy more in the future when she grows up. There is a soft play area in the corner I think it is meant to be for those who are under 5.However, it seemed to babyish for Jess it was better for those who could not walk. This was very buys and full of children who were over 5. This meant Jess did not want to play in this area as older children can scare her.
Eureka is for sure worth the money it is £12.95 for adults, and because Jess is under 3, it was only £5.25. Of course, you get the free annual pass for the end of the year. Jess was so tired at the end of the day she did not make it out of the car park before been asleep. I can see you been able to visit till your child is at least 10. Even though we visited on the weekend it was not too busy. Jess still got to see everything she wanted. I love how child-friendly it is and they change parts of the museum every 3 months. This does mean it can be very different when you visit.
For sure I would recommend visiting Eureka, and I know we will be back in the next 12 months. Have you visited Eureka if so what were your thought.


Charlotte xx
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