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I realised that I had done a review of Cannon Hall Farm which we visited way back in May. I had not actually got around to posting. So today I am going to share with you my thoughts and feelings about Cannon Hall Farm which is close to Barnsley . This meant that it was not too much of a trek for us. We decided that we was going to visit Cannon Hall because I had found out that Chase and Marshall from Paw Patrol were going to be there.  As you may know Jess loves both Paw patrol and animals.

The first thing which pleased me about cannon hall  they did not charge extra as a result of having an event on. This is something which we have found does occur at other places.  So this is such a big thumbs up from us. The pups you could meet every hour and we did actually manage to get to meet both of them. Jess loves them so much we decided we would do this.  We did not choose the best place to wait though which meant that we did have to wait a whole hour nearly. If you stand half away around you may not have to wait as long.

Something which I think may be unique or different to other farms which we have visited. Was the fact that cannon hall had sheep racing as well as ferret racing. Sheep racing is now something I know which occurs at York Maze as well. I am sure people are screaming at me saying other places that do these events.

You could have a free bet on which animal was going to win at both the sheep and the ferret racing.  You won a prize if your colour and raffle ticket number was called. I seem to remember the prize was something like being able to return to Cannon Hall for free. Both types of racing occur several times a day which means that there was plenty of opportunities to see these events.

You are able to purchase animal feed when you can actually purchase when you arrive. Bags are only around 50p I think this is so cheap.  You are unable to hand feed the animals but you put the feed down the shoots which allows to feed. This is one thing I do not think that you are able to do at other farms. So well done to cannon hall for making you feel more hands on. For sure I know this is an element which Jess loved to be able to do. I would recommend saving some feed thought and not giving it to all the cute sheep and goats. The reason is we regretted it after we ran out before visiting the cows. We managed to go when the lambs were still very cute as well which for me is always a bonus.

Around this area, there are also Shetland ponies and goats which are very adorable. I think anything that is small is very cute apart from rats, to be honest. You can be very close to these animals if this is something which you like if you are like Jess your children will adore this. Secretly I think she wanted to ride the pony but this is something which you are not able to do.

Talking of cute little animals there were some little piglets we saw some which were only one day old. Pigs are not something which you think that are going to be cute but there are. There were hundreds of little pigs spread over the three sheds which are home to pigs I could not believe how small some of them compare to how big they actually become in the end.

This was an area which Jess seemed to enjoy she loved watching what they were doing.. They were a couple who were due to have babies any time.  So I am sure if you go now they may have some new arrivals.  The pigs are actually one of the animals which you can not actually feed. It is natural for the pigs do not have the best smell something which Jess dealt with really well when we as at cannon hall farm.

In the last barn, there was a lot of cows which you can watch been milked at various times of the year.  There is also some misc animals in there was well. These do actually include the donkeys, a horse, and Llamas. These again you can pour the feed which you have purchased down the tubes in order to feed the animals.  This is why I would recommend saving some of the feed. These ones may be more interested in having some of the treats which you are giving them as fewer people feed them.

Cannon Hall also have a tractor ride which is free to go on. I think in total we waited for around 30 minutes this is because there is only one tractor and this does the whole tour. The ride is around 30 minutes and this does allow you to see all of the animals in the barns which are open.  You also learn a little bit more about the farm. This is on top of being able to see the amazing views at cannon hall.

We did actually have food here as well because pack a lunch up before we left.  This is something which I wished we had done because there was a long queue to order food. Then there is the wait which occurs after you have ordered.  I think in total it took between an hour and an hour and a half for us to be able to eat. This is not always the greatest when you have a hungry toddler in tow.  The food was of high quality though and a reasonable price compared to other attractions which we have visited.  I think that should I return may take my own food due to the wait can be that long.

Another bonus which we liked about cannon hall farm is the fact that it has a number of parks. Which allows your little ones to run off some of the steam.  This is something which we took full benefit of Jess does love to be able to play in the park. We managed to spend a fair amount of time in them. This did mean that we did not get to go to the reptile house because it was closing as we were going to have a look around. This is something which if you are visiting I would recommend you check to avoid disappointment.

There is also a soft play area which is included in the price which is another way to make your kids tired. This is always a sign of a good day out.  They do have an area which is designed for the under 5’s which is Jess spent the majority of her time. It has several levels which means that it is bigger than your average soft play.  This was something we only did towards the end of the day. It did mean that Jess was tired and was not happy when a child pushed her.


We enjoyed our day out at cannon hall farm and for sure it is a place were we may return next year. If Jess continues to love animals I do not see why it should not be a be place we return to. There is always something new at the farm and it is not too far from our new house either.  The price does not put me off returning either. With it only costing £9.95 for an adult and I seem to remember around £7.95 for a child. They regularly have offers which will save you money. One think to note though is that you do pay for parking which I did not really appreciate

If you have visited Cannon Hall farm what did you think?

Charlotte xx





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