Creating a Perfect Garden

The spring looks like it is it could be on it’s way which is always a bonus. Who does love a bit of sun because it makes me feel a lot better and more productive. Due to the fact that it is very bright. I actually work from home it does mean that I can work from my garden. We only moved into this house last autumn. This does mean that we have been unable to do anything to improve it. This does mean that we are going to have to spend the money this spring to make it how we want because it is a blank canvas.

We are going to have to pull up the dead flowers because there is so many of these in the borders. This is going to be simple job and it is going to look more effective.  We also have some planters which need some TLC in order to allow some more flowers to blossom in them. I think I am going to have to purchase some top soil which then will allow them to flourish. This can also be used in the flower beds which we are going to have as well.

A small path is going to be created which will allow us to have an area from the patio to the side garage door. This is an area which we have managed to wear away in the grass because of constant walking on it. I think we are going to get some stepping stones which will make a pretty path. This is something which I am hoping is not going to cost too much but solve an issue which we are having.

Some small solar panel lights is something which I want to add to the garden for a couple of reason. I want to do this is so there is some light in the garden should we be out their after the sun should set because this is something which we may do. It also makes it look pretty so this is something which something which I want to do. Plus if it is starting to come dark Jess can still be able to play outside until it is completely dark without a problem.

The patio is going to need a good deep clean because this has become horrible. Once this is clean it is going to be ideal to be able to put a garden set out there which will allow me to do some work out their. I have my eye on some nice sets which are not going to set me back that much money.  This will allow them to have BBQ out there in the summer and also dine out their. Jess sometimes want me to sit outside when she is playing this means that I have going to have to somewhere comfy to sit.

We have a pond in the back garden and this is something which I want to remove this because it is something which I think is unsave with Jess. I do not want her to fall into it because she could seriously do some damage. We are going to be unable to put anything in it so I think we are going to put some pavers down where it is.

We are going to paint the Wendy house which is outside because it is looking a little bit worse for wear. But all it needs is a lick of paint and this is going to look a lot better. This is an areas which Jess plays in so much so this is one of the reasons why this is going to get painted. It should not cost a lot of money for us to do this and the wendy house if we was to buy it new is not cheap. We do not need to do anything else to this apart from maybe sorting out the roof because it is also a bit a mess and we do not want it to leak and ruin all of her toys.

Another element which we are hoping to do this summer is get some rabbits and a decent size rabbit hutch. We are looking at getting a pet because we think that it would benefit Jess so much. We are looking at getting rabbits because we have a garden which will be able to accommodate. This will show that she needs to look after things more as she grows up. I know I am going have to do a lot of the work when we get them because Jess is not old enough to do it all.

What plans do you have for you garden?

Charlotte xxx

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