Feeling the love

Hey Guys I am taking part in elledeeswednesdees which is a fortnighty series where we get given a topic to write a post about. This post should have gone up two weeks which is why you are going to see two hopefully both will go up today. The topic given for this post was Love […]

Fathers’ Day What We Do

Hi Guys As you might know Fathers’ Day is fast approach in the UK it is on Sunday 15th June. This year I have decided that I would share with you guys what we usually do to mark the occasion.  Seen as my Dad has me and my younger brother it has become a bit […]

Hull Fashion Week- Unique Boutiques

Hey Guys As you might know on Saturday I spent the day with fellow bloggers at Hull fashion week finale this was held at the city hall which if you have ever visited Hull you will know is beautiful. Outside and also inside while the event was running there was a number of run by […]

Giveaway Time

Hey Guys I have decided that as I have reached 100 twitter follows last month and May is my birthday month I am going to host a giveway. Due the fact that I am only around 30 bloglovin followers away from 100 I am going have three prizes which you can win. Prize number one […]

Trend Which Affected Me

Hey Guys Sorry this is not a very upbeat post but this is something which I needed to get off my chest. I was just browsing twitter today just like us bloggers do and I noticed a trending which was saying #Cutforliam so I clicked on it and it was one direction fans saying that […]

Yankee Air Freshener

Hey GuysAs you may remember before I said I have an obsession with candles but now can’t burn them due to been at uni. Now I have found out that I can still have the smell of the candles without burning them or even have candles in my room because the temptation to burn them […]

The Original Factory Shop

Hey Guys  As you may remember if you have been reading my blog for a while I used to get a lot of my nail varnishes from The Original Factory Shop I have purchased Essie Basecoats and such like for £3 such a bargain.I have started running low on the base coat which I love […]

I heart Autumn tag

Hey Guys I have decided to get myself back into the swing of blogging that I would do the I heart Autumn tag. I have seen a lot of different versions of this tag so I have added all the different questions I have seen to make my own or basically longer tag due to […]

Boots Haul

Hey GuysA couple of weeks go I popped into my local Boots to get the Aussie which they had on offer. That is all I went in for and this is the result of the trip because I purchased a fair amount of items I decided that I would share it with you guys so […]

What’s On My Nails #7

Hey GuysI know I have not posted what’s on my nails recently and I have no reason why I have not been doing it so I have decided that I would show you what I have on my nails currently. Please ignore that they look a mess this is because I painted these nails in […]

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