More Time at Home? How to Make More Space!

When you’re forced to spend more time at home than you normally would, space (or the lack of it) can really become an issue. Where previously you could escape into the wide world or going to work. Lately there’s been a lot less of that going on. In some ways, being confronted with the need […]

Giving Your Bathroom A New Lease On Life

After moving into a new home, we often take on the small projects of refreshing the bathroom and kitchen, such as grouting and sealing, to ensure it remains practically solid. However, a bathroom also needs a renovation now and then. Introducing more natural light, giving yourself more space, and adding a touch of comfort are […]

Why It’s Never Too Late To Get A Degree

There are many reasons people don’t go to university as soon as they’re out of school. It may be because they went into a career straight away, they may have moved abroad, gone travelling, or even had children (that’s a quick way to stop your plans!). There are also several reasons why going to university […]

3 Mindful Exercises That Can Make Each Day a Bit More Special

These days, increasing numbers of people are reporting that they feel stressed, snowed under, and anxious on a chronic basis. There are all sorts of different social trends that various researchers have chosen to point to as a potential cause of this malaise. Ranging from things like changing parenting strategies, to the ubiquity of social […]

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