Giving Your Bathroom A New Lease On Life

After moving into a new home, we often take on the small projects of refreshing the bathroom and kitchen, such as grouting and sealing, to ensure it remains practically solid. However, a bathroom also needs a renovation now and then. Introducing more natural light, giving yourself more space, and adding a touch of comfort are […]

Why It’s Never Too Late To Get A Degree

There are many reasons people don’t go to university as soon as they’re out of school. It may be because they went into a career straight away, they may have moved abroad, gone travelling, or even had children (that’s a quick way to stop your plans!). There are also several reasons why going to university […]

3 Mindful Exercises That Can Make Each Day a Bit More Special

These days, increasing numbers of people are reporting that they feel stressed, snowed under, and anxious on a chronic basis. There are all sorts of different social trends that various researchers have chosen to point to as a potential cause of this malaise. Ranging from things like changing parenting strategies, to the ubiquity of social […]

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