My First Pregnancy Book Review

As you all know by now we are expecting player 4 in January. Since we was not planning on keeping Jess she was going to be adopted. This meant that I did not become attached to the bump and almost did not care what stage baby was at. Of course this, time around I want to be emerged in all this pregnancy and bump related. I was kindly gifted this book which is called My First Pregnancy by Dr Joanna Girling. This book is all you need to know about pregnancy and hopefully result in a very happy and healthy pregnancy.

There is also so much which has changed in the past years since I was pregnant with Jess. This book has 11 chapters. It has everything which you need to know from first finding out that your pregnant to the first few weeks of having a newborn.

In the first chapter it is I’m pregnant now what? I have found this to be useful because it has what is going to happen at the appointments which we are having. For us some of these are new despite having a child in the past because we did not find out until 26 weeks. This means that there is no shocks when it comes to appointments such as having to do urine samples. Or you may need a transvaginal scan this is something which I have had to have a couple of times. As a result of having a cyst and then them not been too happy with my placenta’s position. This could be scary if you gave not had one previously or even know what it is. It also does help you understanding your notes. This is something which I always look at because even I have forgotten and want to know.

The second chapter looks at the baby’s development week by week. This is the kind of information which you usually find on the apps. It is nice for the vegetables to be ones which we can get in the UK instead of the USA. Like some of the apps. This does tell you how your little one is developing like at the moment as I write this post I am 25 weeks and it tells me the baby’s lungs are now fully formed. This has weekly updates from week 1 to week 41. I have found myself telling my partner about elements of this second.

I think the chapter which I found most useful from this book is the one about pains and pampering.This is so helpful because it can tell you if some of the symptoms you are having are normal It also show you what you can do to reduce them. For me this time I have been struggling with headaches and feeling like I am going to have a nose bleed. These are thing which I am going to be asking my midwife about when I see her. But this book has meant that I have not been googling which can scare any new parent.

The chapter about lifestyle and healthy eating is one which I have not been reading as much. I seem to be able to remember what I can and what I can not consume. I know this is one which first time mums may actually really use. After all this book is aimed at first time mums. It does also tell you about hot tubs and travelling abroad when you are pregnant. It did remind me that I can not use hot tubs if we go on a forest holiday’s break as a Babymoon.

There is also a chapter about career which includes things such as having to tell work that you are pregnant. All the rights which you have when you are on maternity leave. Of course, been self employed and my blog been the main income for me this is not something which is relevant however, I know this could be super useful for a lot of people. I know if I was not self employed I would want to know everything because it can change so much.

Chapter 7 is one all about relationships this is one again which I have not used a lot. I do not expect there to be a lot of changes in our relationship. The only one which may change is with Jess because of course, we are going to have to share our attention between her and player 4. I know how important this is because it is easy to lose friends and relationships change so much when you have had a child.

There is a whole section about the birth which is one which I would recommend reading. I have read it even though we are actually going to be having an elect c section. This means that some of the section is not going to be relevant because I will not be having a natural delivery. Even though I do plan on actually doing a birth plan so we can have a c-section that we want.

Another section which I found to be amazing is the baby shopping section of this book. This makes you think about things which you may not have thought about before when it comes to baby shopping. I will admit there is things which I had forgotten about thins which decided against using with Jess. It also has a checklist of questions which you might want to ask before making some of the bigger purchases. I think this is going to be a section which I keep coming back and referring to.

A section which I feel like I really will need to read later in my pregnancy this is the final few weeks. It explains how you may be feeling this may not be as bad for me as we know the date as such player 4 should arrive. The part which I think is the most important is the what to pack in your hospital bag. For sure I will end up watching youtube videos on this. I know there is something which no doubt I will end up forgetting. It also stays what do in the run up when you are on the final countdown. This is a great idea because sometimes you do not know what to do for the best.

The next but last section is about labour and what to expect along with what can happen. Of course, as I have mentioned. This is not that relevant for me now because of the fact that we are going to be having an elect c-section. I do actual like reading about what happens should I go in to labour naturally and if I change my mind. I know this is a section which some people may love because no two labours are actually the same.

The final section is the first few weeks, this is one which I would read before you little one arrives. This is because you are not going to have as much time when they are here. For sure this is going to be a section which I am going to be reading. I actually spent a week in hospital after having Jess. Hopefully I am only going to spend a couple of days in the hospital. I know there is going to be so much which I have actually forgotten about having a new born this I am going to be having a read of.

For sure I would recommend this book for first time parents or even if you have had a large age gap between your children. I know I have actually managed to forget so much about pregnancy and also having a newborn. You can purchase my first pregnancy on Amazon here.

Did you ever have any pregnancy books?

Charlotte xx

Our Story- Baby Loss Awareness Week

This week from the 9-15th October is baby loss awareness week. Baby loss is something which we do not speak about a lot in the UK.  It seems all most like it is a taboo subject. However baby loss is something which affects 1 in 4 people in the UK. Whether this be miscarriage, infant loss or stillbirth. At least one person who you know will have been effected by baby loss.

Today I am going to share with your our story and why player 4 is actually our rainbow baby. Rainbow baby is a term used to describe a baby who was born after a miscarriage, stillborn or neonatal death. Back in June 2018 we suffered a missed miscarriage at 9 weeks. This is something which came as a shock to us. We still have no answer to as why this actually occurred. It is rare that you get an answer to why a miscarriage occurred. Luckily we have managed to have a rainbow baby. Hopefully the angel baby is looking after our rainbow until we get them in our arms in January.

Shortly after I handed my dissertation in that we found out that we were expecting a baby. It was a surprise we did not plan on falling pregnant. We were going to be moving house in the summer or we had hoped to. It may have not been the best circumstances however, we was looking forward to seeing what happened and potential becoming a family of 4.

We had decided not to tell people about the baby until at we had the scan at 12 weeks. For some reason I have always been scared that something is going to happen which will result in baby loss. Maybe it is due to 1 in 4 women suffering with this. Anyway I had started to become sick and feeling really rubbish with a pain in my almost hip area. It was getting worse and I was unable to sleep properly. I phoned the early pregnancy unit to inform them and get some advice on what to do.

This is when we were told to come in tomorrow because I was actually in York at the time. It would have been an hour drive back to Hull late at night. When we arrived at the hospital we were sent for a scan this is something which annoyed me a little bit. We were sent to the waiting room for the scan with people who were clearly pregnant. I get this is something which can not be helped but it almost felt insensitive. Lucky we were not waiting for long.

During the time between ringing the early pregnancy unit the night before I had started to experience some bleeding. This started to worry me because the doubt kicked in was something wrong with me or the baby?. During the scan I had to have an internal scan and this is when it was confirmed that the baby had passed away.  I should have been 11 weeks at this stage and the baby was only measuring 9 weeks. There also was no longer a heartbeat. I had suffered what is called a missed miscarriage. A missed miscarriage is one where the baby has died or not developed, but has not been physically miscarried.

We were then taken to a room where I had to have my bloods taken. I am unsure why this was maybe it is to check that I was not anaemic like I had been with Jess. Then we spoke about what the options where which were available to us at this time in order to completely miscarry.

I was given 3 options.  One was to have surgery this would have removed the tissue, however, like any surgery they would have been a recovery time. The thought of surgery is one which scares me because I think you are put under for this unlike when you have a c-section.  Another option was the wait and see approach, but because the baby had been passed away for a couple of weeks this is not one which we wanted. This was not guaranteed to work either.  The final option was the medical management. I was told that they would put some tablets in my mouth and I would have to wait 6 hours in the hospital to see if I passed the baby.

This happened on the Friday and we were booked in on the Tuesday for the next stage if you want to call it that. I remember having to be at the hospital for 9am I knew there was a change that I was going to be there all day. Lucky I had Joe there to keep me some company. I remember having to have the tablets which taste awful and you have to have them dissolve in your mouth. There was a lot of waiting around for the baby to pass which I found really hard. I was told that I could leave the ward or the special room which I had been in as long as I did not leave the hospital grounds.

By mid-afternoon I had been informed that I had passed half of the baby. This is not something which I wanted to hear I wanted this ordeal with baby loss to be over. Something which I will never forget during this process is actually finding out my dissertation grade while in the hospital. I was informed that once they had confirmed I had passed half as I was feeling ok I could leave the hospital.

I was informed that I should pass the rest of the baby in the next couple of days it could take up to a week. Luckily I had the support of Joe during this period. I remember it took till the Saturday to pass the rest of the baby. It happened after we had been viewing more houses to be honest I was in no fit state to actually do this.

We will never forget our angel baby for sure we will be burning a candle as part of wave of light which is October 15th at 7pm. This is to remember all the babies who were too precious for earth.

Remembering all the angel babies out there

Charlotte xx


Things I Want To Do Different With Our Second Child

When you’re a first-time parent, you read so much take advice off others who you feel are more qualified than you. For example your parents, friends who already are parents. I feel like for me it was a time where I was influenced quite easily. Yes, you want to make sure your child has every piece of equipment that they could possibly need. After all, you want them to have the best childhood possible. Today I am going to be sharing with you a number of things which we are planning on doing differently with our second child.

Cloth Wipes

Baby wipes are something which most parents will heavily rely on. They are something which we loved with Jess and must have used tons of them. I would recommend the Aldi ones if you are looking to use baby wipes. However, with the second child, we are going to try out cloth wipes. I have been looking at Cheeky Wipes, they look so simple to use yes they are more expensive however, will be cheaper in the long run. They, of course, do not harm the environment as much as normal baby wipes. Of course, I will do a review and update on how we are finding them once baby is here and we have been using them for a while. I know they are a brand a lot of people have been using which I have following.

Reusable/ Cloth Nappies

This is something which has become huge since we had Jess. I think this could be as a result of everyone been more conscious of the environment. This is something which scares me the number of nappies I have already contributed to landfill. I have heard that they do take around 500 years to breakdown. I think I will be taking some disposable ones into hospital as a result of me having a c-section. However, once we are home I do plan on actually using reusable ones.  We are going to be using the bambino mio miosolo during the day they have been recommended by the nappy lady for us.  On an evening will be using the Tots bots bamboozle stretch as these are supposed to be better for overnight. Of course, I will be doing a review on how we are finding this in the future.

Baby Wearing

This is something which I want to do this time around. This may be as a result of already having Jess so I feel like at times I am going to need to hands-free. It could also come down to having a house of our own and needing to do jobs. This is a good way to bond with your baby as well. There are going to be times where I need to pop out and might not want to take the complete pram. I am thinking times like when we need to go to nursery and also maybe when Jess wants to go to the park. This is something which we are still looking at for sure this is going to be something which I need to research more.


Of course, there are going to be somethings which we are going to have to purchase brand new. However, there are so many items which you can purchase preloved. For this baby, I would love to shop more preloved this is not just to save money.  Clothing is something which little ones do not say in for a long time and you can get a lot of it preloved for a fraction of the price. There are always bargains on sites such as eBay and Facebook market place as people are trying to get rid of things which their little ones have grown out of. We have managed to purchase the majority of the clothing preloved. I have also been picking up the reusable nappies on facebook preloved as well.

Baby Groups

This is something which I never did with Jess. There was a couple of reason one I knew that after a year I was going to be going back to university after a year. I did not want her to make a lot of bonds and then she would be unable to see them. Also, I felt like I would have been judged because I was technically a young mum having Jess when I was just 20. I have joined Mush already to try and make some new mum friends who I am going to be able to go to classes and groups with once our babies are here. I am hoping to be able to take the new baby to things such as baby massage as well. Of course, this is going to mean that I have more Mummy friends as well which is never a bad thing.

Newborn Photo Shoot

This is not something which we did with Jess I did take a lot of pictures though. This time we have actually booked a photoshoot for a couple of weeks after the baby is due to arrive. This is going to mean that we have some really nice pictures to look back on. Of course, we are going to be able to get Jess in the pictures as well. This for sure is something which I am looking forward to. I know it is likely I will not take half as many pictures of the new arrival as I have of Jess this is just due to not remembering and also been so busy. This is something which I have been warned about.

What did you do differently with your second child compared to your first?

Charlotte xx


VBAC Or Elect Caesarean

Back in 2015 when I had Jess as an emergency caesarean I was ill prepared. I was unprepared I did not know how long the recovery was going to be and also the amount of things which I was going to be unable to do for a while. Such as limited the amount of stairs you go up and down and that you can not hoover for 6 weeks. I was lucky and I did not have a horrible recovery.

The reason why I had a caesarean was as a result of Jess’ heart rate dripping. I think I was only 4cm this means that I was a long way away from having a natural delivery. I had basically no choice but to have an emergency caesarean. As you might know after I struggled with postpartum hemorrhage I lost about 1/4 of my blood supply. This is rare apparently I have been told it is about 1-5% of births which happen to lose a considerable amount of blood.

As a result of my emergency caesarean this time around I have been under consultant led care. I am classed as high risk as well as a result of this. I have had to have consultant appointments at the hospital quite regularly, I think we have 3 before the birth. It does mean that I have more chance to air any of the concerns and anything which I am struggling with. Currently I have a cyst and I got to ask more questions about this because this is something which has been worrying me. Nobody has actually explained this when we have had scans in the past. There was also a concern that my placenta was too close to my cervix. The consultant has reassured us that it might as well be miles away.

Pregnancy after having a caesearen has more risks anyway there is a chance that the placenta will attach to your scar. This is something which they have to check at your 20 week scan. I think mine had to be done internally I seem to remember.

There is also the chance of your scar rupturing when you are in labour. Due to this risk you are not allowed a water birth or a midwife led unit. For us it means going to a hospital about 10 miles from where we live instead of the one down the road. This is because you have to be rushed into theatre and deliver within 10 minutes should it split. This is because it is dangerous for the mother and the baby. You also need a blood transfusion department in the hospital if you are attempting a VBAC. I think this is even more for me as a result of my postpartum hemorrohage last time.

There is a 60% success rate at the moment with VBAC. However, my chances of success would be lower than this due to previously been induced. They do not like to induce you when you are attempting a VBAC due to labour happening more quickly. Of course, this does then put more pressure on the scar. If you attempt a VBAC you have a higher risk of needing another emergency caesearen.

I spoke to my consultant at 24 weeks and she asked about my previous caesearen. She was willing to allow me to attempt an VBAC if this has been my choice. However, she agreed she has seen enough of them go wrong to understand my choice to choose for an elected caesearen. She even admitted if she was to have another child she would go down the elect route as well. I know some consultants are not as willing to give women caesearens and would rather push them down the VBAC route.

Yes there are still risks of course there is after all it is the biggest operation now apparently they do in the hospital. Most other operations are preformed via key hole. I have heard that they are more calming than a emergency. The consultant could not get hold of my notes which had the reason for my postpartum hemorrahage in. I will be monitored more closely after giving birth this time. There is only a slightly more increased risk they think of it happening again.

I am seeing the consultant again at 28 weeks after a scan. I have this scan to measure the cyst which she told me during the caesearen if they feel like it is necessary or they can they will remove. Also to check my placenta. We have been given a provisional date as well. However, it is not until 36 weeks we can get this booked in case I change my mind. For me having a planned caesearen is the best option. I know there is going to be a recovery time. I am lucky Joe is going to be able to be off for most of it to help with Jess and the newborn.

VBAC is for some but having had a traumatic birth first time this is not something I want to risk again. I would love to know how contractions feel but I know this is not going to be something I will ever experience. 95% sure that Player 4 is the last piece of the family.

If you have been in my position did you go VBAC or Elect Caesarean

Charlotte xx

Ways To Save Money: Pregnancy Edition

You find yourself pregnant and of course, your mind turns to how you’re going to cope. Not just mentally and physically with a new addition to the family. Also, this can be a financial worry of how you’re going to be able to cope with the pressure of another member of the family.  You, of course, do not have to break the bank with all of these things which you are told you need to care for the newborn. I know some people have spent between £5,000 and £6,000 preparing for the baby. We managed to get a lot of what Jess needed quickly if you haven’t seen my story I will link it here. I think in total we only spent around £1,000 and then spent more as time went on. Today I am going to share with you some ways to save money when your pregnant or have a newborn.


I am one of these people who loves to be organised. So when we found out we were expecting again we made a list of all of the things which needed. We are lucky that we do still have the cot, pram and Moses basket from Jess. Of course, this helped massively when it comes to saving money. I have also made a list of what we have already so we do not end up with duplicates. This is also updated when we purchase some items as we do not want to have too much. I have another list of things which are essential for example we need to purchase a car seat, clothes and a changing bag. The final list is things we would like but feel like we may not need, if we have spare money or we see them on a good deal we will purchase them.

Ask Friends and Family

If any of your friends or family have had a baby recently they may have some items. I know when we had Jess we managed to purchase the pram of my cousin who was selling it. There is nothing wrong with it we just purchased some new covers. To be honest we are going to be using the same pram for this baby too. We actually borrowed the bouncer we used for Jess as well. Of course, this saved us having to purchase one. There were bits of clothing which we had been given as people had grown out it. This time sadly I do not think we have any friends or family who may be able to help by having spare items.

Shop Around

This is something which we have been doing for a long time. More so I would say since we had the house and we have more bills and responsibilities. Sometimes you are paying more because of the name of the brand, for example, things may be more expensive because they are mamas and papas. If you are not bothered about the name and just want it to do the job then you can save a lot of money. Sometimes I have seen things for half of the price because it not from as well known brand. They are all tested to the same kind of standards anyway and this is a good way to save some money.

Primark even does some amazing bits for babies which are a fraction of the price of other places. We have purchased a few items from there at the moment. I know we will end up visiting again before the baby is actually here. Places like home bargains and b&m also do some cheap bits. We have picked blankets up from because having a January baby means it is going to be cold.

Shop Second Hand

Babies grow so quickly this does mean that they do not wear their clothes a lot. Shopping second hand can mean that you are going to be able to save money. You also are not doing damage to the environment,we have been purchasing a few things second hand for this baby. We have got some babygrows and vests from the charity shop and second hand off facebook. Toys which you can just wipe down are always a good way, of course, babies do not know if they are brand new or preloved. I even purchased some cuddly toys for the baby preloved from Baby Dinosaurs. I even have some more items to share which I have picked up preloved from there markets.

The only thing I would not purchase second hand is a car seat. You never know if it has been in an accident or anything.  I would purchase a cot however, I would just get a new mattress the same with a Moses basket. Shopping second hand can save you a lot of money which is something you want when you have a new arrival on the way.  For sure I would recommend purchasing maternity clothing second hand as it can be so expensive. You can always sell items on when you are done with them as well. I have purchased a couple of bits at least of eBay.

Sales, Offers and Baby Events

Sales are something which we are always looking out for. I am lucky because I get emails from a lot of brands as a result of already having Jess. We are lucky to live near a Mothercare outlet which has huge bargains, for example, we picked up two grobags for £9 instead of £46. We have also picked up things in the sale from Mothercare and Matalan. These were just random sales which they had.  For sure I have things on my amazon wishlist and are likely to pick them up if they come on offer.

Asda has an upcoming baby sale and there is no doubt a few bits which I will pick up in there. I know that the rest of the supermarkets have baby events usually, they have about 4 of these a year. For sure this is something which I am keeping my eye out for. A lot of them do amazing clothing and Jess has a lot of supermarket clothing and we have never had a problem with them. I would recommend subscribing to mailing lists so you find out about sales and offers.

What did you do to save money when you were pregnant?

Charlotte xx



Why We Are Team Yellow

When you announce your having a baby a lot of people want to know if you are going to find out the gender. Once you get past the 20 week anomaly scan people start asking if you know the gender. I know a lot of people now find out and I would say that it has become the norm to know. There is not that many people who stay Team Yellow which means they do not know. Everything you buy is also unisex because of course you do not know if it is a girl or a boy.

Of course, now you do not even have to wait to till the 20 week scan. To see if you can find out the gender. You can pay between £60-80 to find out the gender early. I know some people who have found out from around 16 weeks. We choose to save our money an wait even if we did want to find out. Joe and I have discussed finding our because we do have some pink bits left from Jess. However, we like the idea of having a surprise when the baby arrives safely into this world.

We had our 20 week scan about a week and a half ago now anyway. This is a scan where the sonographer checks a lot of important measurements and all of the babies organs. It is highly likely that they would not have been able to tell us the gender anyway. The baby was on their side with their hands over there face this made some of the checks complicated. In fact we have to go back for another scan to complete the measurements when I am 22 weeks.

So here are some of the reasons why we have not found out the gender and we are team yellow.

We are likely to be having another c-section with this baby. There is a couple of reasons why this is the case and I will share this in a later post. This means it is likely that we are going to know the date which the baby is going to be born. Usually this would be a surprise. Since we do not have this we thought it would be nice to not know what we are having.

We know people would say congratulations no matter if we are having a boy or a girl. To us it does not matter as long as the baby arrives healthy. Plus do not have too much of a rough ride like last time  We also want to avoid people coming out with the comments. Such as oh I bet you would have loved a boy then you would have one of each. I truthfully am not bothered what gender the baby is .I would be happy with a girl and a boy or two girls. I know people think it is a boy and Jess thinks it’s a girl.

We are not that bothered about been able to buy gender specific things. As you will see if you follow us on Instagram there is so many times that Jess is in “Boys” clothes. I am in the mentality and so is Joe that if we like it we will put our children in it. Of course, we are having a winter baby. Which means the opportunity for them to have dresses on would be limited. Also, as I think this is our last baby I want to keep them in sleep suits for as long as we can. Of course, we can always purchase some gendered items when the baby does arrive if we feel the need.

Did you find out the gender of your baby or was you team yellow too?

Charlotte xx



The First Trimester My Experience

Recently we announced that we are expecting our second baby in early January. I am not going to share the date with you as there is a chance the baby will be delivered by elected c-section before their due date. Of course, I am going to be sharing updates about the pregnancy as well as them growing up just as I have done with Jess. Today I am going to be sharing my experience of the first trimester.

Before We Found Out 

We have spoken about extending our family in the near future. We knew that we were going to have a bit of an age gap between our children. This is because of the situation, of course, I wanted to finish university and we wanted a place of our own. We were not actually actively trying for a baby however, we are so excited to be having another child.

Finding Out Were Pregnant.

I had a lot of trouble with my knee which meant I had taken a lot of ibuprofen and naproxen. Of course, this can have effected my cycle, I was super tired and needing to rest a lot. I did not realise that this was actually an early pregnancy symptom. I was getting a hell of a lot of cramps which is normal for me when I have period pains. We know that naproxen can actually effect your periods so we did not worry when I was a couple of weeks late. However, when my period did not appear the next month we started to wonder. We did have to wait until Joe came home after an exercise. As soon as we did the test it came positive which in our hearts of hearts we thought it was going to happen.


I have had such a lack of energy there could be several reasons for this. One of them could be of course, there is a tiny human growing inside me. By the evening I just have very low energy levels. This has meant that I have been going to bed earlier.  I have had no appetite at all because I have been feeling sick however, up to now I have not actually been sick. Cooking is something which I can not do at the moment Joe is having to prepare meals for me as sometimes the smell makes me feel so sick.

Physical symptoms there has been a couple of them. My boobs have been growing for sure there starting to be too big for my bras. For sure I am going to have to invest in some new bras very soon, I dread to think how big my boobs are going to end up. By the evening they are so heavy and hard it is a joke, once I take my bra off it can be painful. I have noticed an ever-expanding bump it has become hard to conceal this which is annoying as we did not tell people till nearly 14 weeks. Back pain is something else which I have been struggling with as well. This could be due to my ever-expanding boobs and bump. However, as this goes live I am 21 weeks and people still claim they can not tell.


The first appointment we had was the ‘booking in’. This was a pretty long appointment I seemed to remember it was around 45 minutes. I know they can last up to an hour. We went through my medical history including Jess’ pregnancy and background, my lifestyle.. We did not have to do either our families background or Joe’s. They copied them from when the same appointment when I was having Jess. I also had my blood pressure checked, weight and height done I was shocked to learn I have not put weight on yet. There was also a urine test and some blood tests which I only managed one of so I have had to go back and have a nurse do the other two. My blood does not like leaving my body.  We have booked my next midwife appointment at 16 weeks.

We have had our first scan as well, we actually had this at 13 weeks. The sonographer was amazing which is a huge relief because we had a miscarriage last year at 9 weeks. This does mean that this baby is actually our rainbow. We saw them moving around a little bit however, they have been a pain in the bum already. The baby was actually upside down which made it harder for the sonographer. She did managed to get all the measurements which we needed to. The pregnancy has been dated one day behind what we had previously. We could not get the nuchal element which is part of the downs screening. Instead of around 15 weeks, I am going to end up having another blood test and they will check at the 20 week scan for any abnormalities which are linked to downs, Edwards and pato.

During my 12 week scan, they actually have found a possible fibroid. This is something which are going to keep an eye on and measure at my 20-week scan. This will not be too long knowing how fast this pregnancy is going. Hopefully, this does not cause any issues I have been told not to worry. Of course, this is hard. We also found out at our booking appointment that we will have consultant-led care as well due to having a previous c-section. This does lead us to decide if we try VBAC or an elective c-section.

I can not believe that the first trimester, the months for sure are flying and we are getting close to meeting our precious bundle of joy.

How did you find your first trimester?

Charlotte xxx



Telling Friends and Family About Our Pregnancy

We decided not to tell people till after the first scan. We wanted to make sure that everything was ok with the baby before we told everyone. I am still scared that something could go wrong but I think this is going to be something which not going to go away. I think that this is a result of already losing one baby. So today we are going to share with you how we announced our preganancy.


Of course, one of the first people we told was Jess. We actually told her on the day which we had our scan. We had been speaking to her a few weeks prior to her asking her to she would like to be a big sister. There is a lot of her friends at nursery who are already siblings. She has been showing interest in her dolls again. We found out that she would love to be a big sister when she is bigger. However, we sat her down and showed her the scan picture which she guess was a baby. I think this is because we have been showing her scans of other peoples announcements as there seems a lot of pregnant bloggers at the moment. We actually told her after Christmas she is going to be a big sister and that there is a baby in Mummy’s tummy. She is convinced the baby is going to be small and seems to excited about it.


We told our parent’s and Joe’s Nan in the same way. When we was in Mothercare Outlet we noticed they had some cards which said Grandparents to be on them. As a result of them been in the outlet they were reduced to 50p instead of £2. We decided to put a copy of the scan in the card I had to make copies of them as we only got two pictures. I think this was a result of the baby been upside down. Inside the card we wrote to Grandma and Grandad see you early January love Player 4. Player 4 has become the nickname for this baby as Joe is a big gamer.


It depends what kind of friends we are speaking about how they found out. There was some friends who went we ended telling the next time we actually saw them. Of course, announcing your pregnancy to close friends is not something you want to do over social media. You want them to feel special because this is a exciting for some of them as well. There is a number of friends who have been messaged before we announced it on Instagram these are people we speak to a lot. However, there may be a reason why we do not get to see them. We did not want them to find out as a result of social media.


Of course we have announced the pregnancy on my Instagram along with the blog. We decided to use my light box to put the announce that the baby is due in Early January. We used a baby vest which we have already purchased for player 4. In the picture there is also the best picture from the scan which we got but as the baby was upside down it is not the greatest.

How did you announce your pregnancy?

Charlotte xx

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As you might have guessed from the title of this post. Our family is growing we are going to be a family of 4 instead of 3.
We had an inkling that our family might be expanding around the end of May. However, as some of you may remember I damaged my knee and was put on strong painkillers. We put me been late down to that. I had also had a bug which I picked up from Jess.
It only when June I late again we thought we should actually do a test. However, Joe was on exercise for a good portion of this month. He didn’t really want me to do the test alone. I think he wanted to be present when we found out. As a result of this we was  actually close to 12 weeks when we got confirmation of our newest arrival.
Currently I am 18 weeks pregnant with the new arrival due January 2020. Of course, this may be earlier if we have an elected c-section. As some of you may know I had an emergency c section with Jess. I am unsure if I want to attempt VBAC or have an elected c-section yet.
Of course, we are going to be sharing our journey as we become a family of 4. There is going to be the shopping which we are going to have to do. We don’t have everything from Jess however we do have a pram and the cot.
Jess will be 4 nearly 4 1/2 when she does become a big sister. For us we knew we would end up with a semi big age gap because of how life has been. I think she is excited at the prospect of becoming a big sister. This is something a number of her friends are already. I can’t wait for her to bond with the bump and the of course the baby when they arrive.
I will be doing updates and posts about the pregnancy as we go through. I am nervous but excited about what the future holds.
Charlotte xx