Vax W86-DP-B Carpet Cleaner Review

Cleaning your carpets is not something which you think about doing often. I actually purchased a Vax Carpet Cleaner last year on Black Friday. I knew that when we moved into the house. The carpets were not the greatest in Jess’ room alongside the front room.  We actually have done the landing and Jess’ room and I could not believe the results. They had made a huge difference to the carpets so I thought I would take pictures of the front room. The picture above is the room before the carpet has been cleaned. Of course, I do not know if it had ever been done in the past.

The carpet cleaner which we have is the VAX W86-DP-B, I think we managed to get this for around £90. This was the cheapest which we managed to find. Currently, I think it is about £120-140 which I would still pay for it. However, of course, I love to save money where we can.

I think when we looked it was about £60 to hire a rug doctor which is similar to the carpet cleaner. However, when you hire a rug doctor, of course, you only have it for a limited period of time. Seen as we own our carpet cleaner. This does mean that we can clean the carpets as often as we need.  I am planning to do them every season or so maybe 3/4 times a year. So it will work out a lot cheaper hiring a rug doctor and hopefully, it will keep my carpets clean.

There is a lot of dirt which is hidden in your carpets, I could not believe the amount of dirt which I pulled out of the carpets. I found that this Vax carpet cleaner was not too heavy it weighs about 6kg which is about the same as a corded vacuum cleaner. For some reason, I thought it was going to be a hell of a lot heavier. This does have a 2.7L water tank which means you do not have to fill it as much as some of the others on the market. I did not want to have to do several trips to the tap to fill it up when trying to clean the table.

The carpet cleaner does actually have a rotating brush bar which allows a deep and thorough clean. This is something which I wanted because then it can remove as much dirt as possible. What is the point of having a carpet cleaner which is not removing dirt? There is also no worry about the dirty water been mixed with clean water because there are two tanks. This is a bonus because you can actually see how much dirt you have actually managed to get out. For sure this is something which I love. There is something so satisfying about this and I can not explain it.

Another bonus which I love is that it comes with a huge cord which means you can easily do a whole room. I think that it is longer than a standard vac cum cord this does mean you do not have to change plugs when cleaning the carpet. Something which would be a pain seen as you are using water to clean the carpet/  You can easily move the carpet cleaner around so if you have furniture which you can not move the carpet around it can always be clean. This was a huge bonus when we cleaned the front room as I did not want to move all the heavy furniture.

We do not know when the carpets in this house had actually been laid or if they had ever been cleaned. Jess’ room actually took 3 tanks full to completely come clean. However, the colour ultimately had changed massively, even my Mum commented when she came over.

Of course, we have a horrible brown colour carpet which looked like mud. I was unsure of the colour the carpet was going to be because we had not laid it. It has come a lot lighter than it was which is a huge bonus. We only needed to actually to fill the tank up a couple of times but of course, this depends how dirty and huge your carpet is. As I said Jess’ carpet is a lot smaller than the front room and this took 3 tanks to get the dirt out.

As you can see the water had gone from clean to like dirty almost chocolate milkshake. I knew there was going to be a lot of dirt in the front room. The reason this is because we do not have a no-shoes rule at all. I did actually use an Astonish Carpet Shampoo I think this was around £1. It did mean that it smelt amazing which is always a huge bonus. Who does not want rooms to smell clean? It did take about 18 hours to fully dry however, this may have been because the weather was not great. I would recommend doing this when the weather is nice and you can throw the windows open. The summer would be a great time to do this, I might even do our bedroom very soon.

The carpet is a little bit lighter now and I have noticed that is it more fluffy than it has been in the past. I wanted to clean it because Jess is always playing on the floor and I did not want it to be filthy. For sure I feel a lot better about the condition of the floor now. For sure this is going to be something which I will do again in the future. No doubt at the end of the summer. It will be interesting to see how much more dirt does come out of the carpet. I know this is going to be something which we use a lot when we have a small baby. I am so glad that we purchased this carpet cleaner.

For sure I would recommend cleaning your carpets, I find it amazing to see how much dirt does come out. I would not do it too often though because it can be a pain to dry. In the next couple of weeks, I hope to get my bedroom carpet done. There is a huge stain I want to remove from the previous owner. Hopefully, it will come out and look like a new carpet because this is not something we want to have to pay for at the moment.

Have you ever cleaned your own carpets, if so let me know in the comments what you used?


Charlotte xxx


Adding A Touch Of Personality To A Lifeless Room

It doesn’t take a lot to transform the look of your home, even the smallest details can do it. However, it’s easy to go too far the other way from ostentatious and end up with rooms that look like they have no direction, no style, and no personality. Even if you’re going for the minimalist effect, here are a few of the little touches you can use to ensure it still has some personality.

Show what you love

There are fewer ways to show the personality that’s distinct and unique to you than by showing what you love above all else through your décor. There are a lot of ways to incorporate hobbies and interests into your décor. A bookshelf is the oldest way possible, but some also like to frame movie posters or to make collages of their favourite record album art. However, one of the most heart-warming ways of doing is by creating a photo wall, showing snaps of the most important and joyful moments from your life to display.

Contrast your textures

If you’re on the current trend of aiming for clean, smooth surfaces such as wooden floors, painted walls, and other similarly minimalist choices, then your room has plenty of style already. It just needs a little contrast in texture and the right use of soft furnishings can do that. Sisal rugs can be an excellent choice for breaking up a large bare wooden floor, keeping it natural while still adding that contrast. Soft furnishings in general area great for adding a spot of tactile variety, such as throws and new upholstery for your furniture.

Splash some colour around

Having a unified colour scheme is one thing, but it can look a touch tacky and uninspired if absolutely everything in the room fits in with that colour scheme 100%. As with your textures, a little contrast in your colours can do a lot of good. Choosing some low maintenance houseplants is one of the easiest ways to add that contrast. However, wall art can serve just as well, if you take the time to choose a piece that fits with the style or period of the rest of the room.

Light it up

One of the biggest mistakes in interior décor you’ll see anywhere is the believe that a single light fixture to give the room the warmth and lighting that it needs. More and more are discovering the power of accent lighting. That is, the use of additional lights to banish hard-to-reach shadows, to give your lighting some depth, and to make the room feel a lot warmer and more welcoming. In the kitchen, this could mean recessed lights beneath drawers while in the bedroom or living room, a great table lamp can add a lot to your lighting, as well.


When it comes to adding personality, you don’t need to go too off the wall. A few touches to complement the furniture choices and to give a glimpse of style can be more than enough.

What have you done to lifeless rooms in order to make them have more personality?

Charlotte xx

Your Home Floor Care Guide

Everyone’s homes are different, from the wallpaper to the light fixtures and one important feature of any home that is commonly overlooked is the flooring. Flooring can come in a wide array of types and looks that can suit any range of uses. Keeping your floor in good condition is important to extend the wear ability and promote a longer life span. Here are some important factors to take on board when choosing or maintaining a floor in your home.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring can be durable and resists scratches and is easier to clean, meaning overall low maintenance. Depending on the type of wood that is used for the flooring.  Hard Wood Laminate flooring can add value to a property.  However, in comparison, it will be considerably more expensive than the standard pressed wood. Standard Laminate consists of several thin layers of material that are pressed together and then a printed paper layer that is covered by a protective clear coat for the pattern. The average lifespan for laminate flooring ranges between 15 to 25 years. The difference in life expectancy depends on the quality of the flooring, whether it was installed correctly. Also the severity and amount of traffic it receives. Because of this, the life span can vary from as short as 10 years to as long as 30 years. Poor maintenance such as using over cleaning or the use of harsh cleaners and failing to wipe up spills can reduce the floor’s condition. Some types of quality laminate flooring that is maintained consistently can last for more than 20 years.  Though, it will not outlive a hardwood floor.

Vinyl Flooring

On average, vinyl floors can last between 10 and 20 years. With proper installation from a flooring expert, topped up with regular maintenance. Vinyl floors can last well beyond their expected time frame. Vinyl Floors that are stylish and a cheaper alternative for that flooring product that may last a lifetime.


The inexpensive range of carpet will typically last anywhere between 1 to 5 years. A moderate grade carpet can last up to 15 years, with cleaning and regular maintenance. The best of the best; ‘crème de la crème ’ grade carpet on the market, can last up to 25 years. A lot will come down to the owners care and on how they treat the carpet from how often vacuuming occurs to cleaning up spills. Check out flooring specialists such as Carpet One, they have an amazing range of carpets to suit a number of domestic needs.


Tile floors can last hundreds of decades if provided you choose the right tile and take care of them. Even some Mosaic Tiles in Pompeii, Italy, survived the horrendous volcano eruption 79 AD. They can be seen after excavation. Most kinds of glazed porcelain, glazed ceramic, and terra cotta floor tile can last up to, and even over 50 years or more. However, if you want your tile floor to last you do need to take some considerations into account. Not all floor tiles can take heavy load demands, so It’s important to choose the right tile for your application if you want that tile to perform well over time. Some tiles may need to be re-sealed to protect your tiles from degenerating. For example, a terracotta tiled floor is commonly sealed when used indoors to help protect it. If you want your terracotta floor to last longer, it’s advised to reseal it roughly every 3 years.

What floor do you have in your home? Let me know in the comments below


Charlotte xx