Life Is Making My Hair Fall Out

Recently I have been having so much stress I am sure that it is making my hair fall out. If it is not the stress of having to hand my university undergraduate dissertation in on time, on top of having other assignments.  Of course, I have the crazy toddler who can have tantrums which mean that I actually want to scream and pull my hair out. I keep joking that my hair is always falling out due to my hair aways molting. I shed more than your average dog I think I might have two coats like a pug.  I have googled it and found out it is normal to lose 50-100 strands of hair per day anyway so I guess I am normal.

I thought today I would share with you some of the stories which have left me wanting to pull my hair out. Some are Jess related stories and some are non-parenting related.

One day we were sat on the train home which is very normal for us. Nursery had taken Jess’s vest off which mean that she only had a top on nothing underneath she managed to get her arms out of the straps on the pushchair and then take her top off. I think I was busy reading a book or something similar so I did not realised that my child had become a stripper and was now topless. It was pretty embarrassing because she kept shouting so that people would look at her and she managed to do this a couple of times on the same day.  It’s safe to say that the straps have now well and truly been tightened meaning she can’t do this again.

I think it’s safe to say that Jess has selective hearing and she chooses to hear what she wants. For example, if I have told her we are doing something on a set day or we have a treat she can have when we get home she will not forget and will repeat it several times till she gets it. Once I swear she mentioned getting sweets when we got home constantly for a couple of hours. It does make me not want to tell her she is going to get something nice before we are at home.

I am someone who wears a lot of vest tops no matter if it is the winter or the summer. Jess has a habit to pull the neckline of them down which has meant that she has several times she has exposed my bra and boobs to other people. This has been embarrassing because it always occurs at times when we are in public. I am sure more than enough people have seen my boobs and including people who have not wanted to which is never nice.

Another thing which makes me want to tear my hair out is the fact that Joe will find out that he is going away with work however, plans can change right up till the day they go. Even when he is away things can change for example the day he is coming back can be put back days/ weeks which means that we can not plan anything. This is something which is very annoying and means that we can not be a normal family.

People asking me when I am going to either get married or have another child is something which makes me want to pull my hair out as well. Just because I have a child who is coming up to 3 does not mean that I want another one at the moment or because of the fact that I have been dating someone for a period of time we want to tie the knot. At the moment the focus is on getting a family house so we can feel like we are more of a complete family than we do at the moment and this is something which is annoying.

I hate the way my hair is falling out or sheding a lot at the moment and if it does not improves I can see me having to take action. Recently been looking at the hair transplant cost at the Harley Street Hair Clinic, as I feel I may need some serious help from them if things don’t start to improve for me soon. After all, I need princess’ hair in case we do get married in the future for the wedding pictures.

What makes you want to tear your hair out?


Charlotte xxx

This post is in collaboration with Harley Street Hair Clinic

Keeping Hydrated with Aqua Carpatica

As some of you know that I am in training as such for my 100km in under 30 hours.  I am trying to get a little bit fitter because of course, this is going to help me feel better while doing this. Increasing my water intake is also going to help I know that I do not drink enough water as you are meant to drink 2 litres per day this is something which I have been trying to achieve since the start of the year. I am having a lot of mixed days sometimes I find it very easy to drink a lot of water other days when I am bust and not working on my laptop I can find it a struggle to drink water.

I was contacted by the lovely people at Aqua Carpatica to see if I would like to review their water. This is untouched spring water which has is source in Romania close to the forest which is in the free from chemicals and farming. This does mean that it is pure spring water which is as pure as it can be. Which is always a bonus when you are drinking bottled water as it is a lot better for you compared to water with a lot of chemicals pumped into it.

I got sent these huge 1 liters  bottle of still water which means that you could very easily carry it around it with you for example I could have it in my University bag. The still natural water is great for when the body needs healthy hydration and it also has the lowest sodium level of any bottled water which is currently on the market within the UK.  This is great for me because I can get dehydrated because I forget a lot of the time to drink when am busy writing my dissertation.

I have been putting this in the fridge because of course chilled water is always the best. I think that it made it taste even more clean and fresh. You can taste the difference compared to normal tap water it is a lot more softer maybe this is because I live in an area which does have hard water.

Due to the fact that the bottle is a large it can be kept in the fridge and you can grab a glass when you need it for me this is sometimes after doing a lot of time on my computer or when I have been running around like a crazy mummy.  It does allow my body to have the fluid which I need to refuel and stop me been very dehydrated which can be come a problem for me.  I can completely tell the difference when I have been drinking water I seem to have a reduction in the amount of headaches which I get and also I feel like I have a lot more energy. This could be due to the fact that I am not dehydrated and my body is trying to shut down.

For a 500ml bottle the RRP  for the still natural water is 69p and 1 litre is 89p while 1.5 litre only 99p,. This is very cheap considering other brands charger 99p for 500ml this can be more expensive depending where you are purchasing it for. This for me is very good value compare to the other prices. Aqua Carpatica is amazingly priced. You can purchase these bottles through out the UK in Tesco, Ocado, Amazon and independent stores.


I would recommend giving this water a try if you are like me if you are struggling to drink enough water. The benefits are huge drinking water this is very clean and easy to drink which makes me want to drink more so I feel refreshed and feel the benefits. It is great for those who are like me who are always on the go but still need to be able to stay hydrated .

Do you drink enough water?


Charlotte xx

I was kindly gifted Aqua Carpatica however, all views are my own


Tips For Dealing With Hayfever

It is soon going to be March which means that it is officially the start of spring, which in theory should mean that the weather is changing. Of course, this is a bonus because who else is sick of these cold horrible days, however, with the arrival of spring, it can bring an element of fear to some. Hayfever season can start as early as March and last all the way through till August. Hayfever is something which I suffer from a little bit towards the end of my school life and then since I have had Jess it is has been a problem. Speaking to my Mum this is something which she suffered with until she had me.  Hayfever is something which can last for weeks to months if I remember last year was terrible with me suffering from it that much I had to take tablets for it.

Hayfever occurs when the pollen count is high it does have a number of symptoms however, you do not have to have every single one of them. It is pretty common in the UK with around 8.4% of people suffering it is more common in men than women. If you have asthma or eczema your more likely to have hayfever with people usually developing it in their childhood or teens.

Symptoms of Hayfever 

  • sneezing and coughing
  • a runny or blocked nose
  • itchy, red or watery eyes
  • itchy throat, mouth, nose and ears
  • loss of smell
  • pain around your temples and forehead
  • headache
  • earache
  • feeling tired

For me I usually get the sneezing, a blocked or running nose as well as it affecting my eyes usually I can end up wanting to claw them out which is never fun. I have in the past had it where I have wanted to scratch my actual throat because of my hayfever. I frequently get headaches and noticed it is usually when I have been outside a lot when the pollen count is high.


Hayfever cannot actually be prevented which sucks however, you can treat the symptoms which you have.  I have found that keeping the windows and doors closed as much as you can help as it prevents the pollen from getting in the house. I know this is not always possible as it can be warm. In order to cool the house down, I sometimes have to use fans to keep the windows closed. During high pollen, I try and limit the time that I spend outside this does not mean that I do not go out. On the days that I do have to venture outside I also make sure take antihistamine tablets which help reduce the symptoms.

Apparently putting vaseline around nostrils helps as well this is a trick which I have not tried yet. This is something which I may try this year though it is meant to trap the pollen. Showering and changing your clothes when you come in from the outdoors is another tip that I have been given. Which to me sounds like an excuse to use Lush products and be in my pyjamas which I love.

What do you do if you also suffer with Hayfever?



This post is in collaboration with the independent pharmacy however, all words are my own.