Goals for 2022

  Today I am going to be sharing with you the goals I hope to achieve in 2022. I am not gong to be creating a lot of goals because of the I am unsure what is going to happen this year. After all that has happened in the last couple of years I think […]

May Goals 2019

April has been a month which I have enjoyed so much. We have managed to do so much and spend a lot of time with family. This is one of the bonus you have when Easter is later in the year, you can have nice weather and get to do more with the family. Today […]

April Goals 2019

March seems to been one of those months where everything seems to have gone so quickly. This could be due to having Joe off for the last week and it has seen us crack on with the garden. We have needed to fully sort it out in order for it to be a place we […]

Goals For March 2019

I can not believe that it is March already because February seemed to go super fast.  I did not manage to completely hit all of my goals which I aimed to do maybe because it went so fast.  This month I want to smash it and get a lot done before Joe has some time […]

Goals For February 2019

After what seemed to be the worlds longest January it is finally over and we are in February. I know now this is when the days and the year is going to start to fly this always seems to be the case. I found myself to be really motivated by making some goals for January. […]

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