Father’s Day Gift Guide 2019

Today I am going to be sharing with you some ideas on what to purchase your Dad, Stepdad, Grandad or whoever you purchase gifts for this Father’s Day. Father’s Day this year is Sunday 16th June so do not forget, you still have some time when this post goes live to be able to pick up an amazing gift.


You may not purchase gifts for your Dad when it comes to Father’s Day. However, I know the majority of people do actually purchase cards. I have noticed in the past few years they have not always been that amazing. However, for sure there is some amazing fun cards available from Danilo!. I was lucky to be sent these ones for me they are perfect because my Dad loves Only Fools and Horses. Of course, they feature Del Boy and some of his best-known catchphrases.

The other ones which I got sent was the Ladybird books Father’s Day Cards. Each card has quirky quotes to make your father chuckle. This would be amazing for a Dad who used to read the Ladybird books to you may be as a child. For sure these are going be an amazing card this Father’s Day. I would recommend checking out Danilo! and their cards. You can order from their website or Clintons, ASDA Tesco, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s and independent card shops.

Phone Cases

If your Dad is anything like my Dad and Joe they always are carrying their phones. Of course this does mean that often batter them. Whether this is in your pocket or if you drop it this is why you need a strong case on your phone. Hopefully, he reduces the chance of their phone become broken. Speck does some amazing cases you can get the designed for the ct which is drop tested for 2.4 meters which for me is enough. Then they do a sports impact range which is a 6-metre drop test. For sure this is amazing because who wants to break their phone. Saving your Dad from doing this I am sure you’re going to be his favourite child.

They also sell the grab tabs which allow you to hold the back of the phone between your fingers. This gives you a firmer grip meaning that you have less chance of dropping it. You can ever make your phone stand up so you do not need a holder when you have it on the desk. If you have a phone which allows you to wireless charge this is another element which you can do through the grab tab. For sure this is going to help me not drop my phone because this is something which I do often. They come in a range of designs so I am sure that you are going to be able to find one for your Dad this Father’s Day. Do not worry if your Dad does not have an iPhone they do a range of different brands.


Men’s skincare is something which has boomed in the last few years. For sure Joe is now taking more care of his skin than he has been in the past as well. There is a new brand which has launched in the UK called Black Leopard it is designed for men by men. These products are designed to hydrate, soothe and revitalise skin. Great for Dad’s who may shave a lot I know this is something which Joe has to do for work.  The moisturiser is very thick which is great for men. A small amount goes a long so this does mean it is going to last for a long time.

The eye cream Joe has only just started to use it however, he is lucky and does not suffer from wrinkles but he can have dark circles. The eye cream is supposed to help reducing puffiness and dark circles. Increasing elasticity locks in moisturiser and plumps the skin to reduce wrinkles. For sure if your Dad likes looking after his skin Black Leopard could be a company to try out.


Experiences or Days out are always something amazing to create memories. It could be a family trip out the Zoo or a Farm which is both something which Joe loves to. This is because they create memories and Jess loves wildlife. If maybe you a little bit too old to go on a day out why not treat them to a trip to the cinema. This is something which we do not get to do enough however, whenever we do it we always state we need to do it more. Of course, this means having to find a film which you want to watch which can be harder to do. If this is the case why not buy a movie and have a cinema night at home for the fraction of the price.

If you really want to splash out you could purchase concert tickets or experience that way. You could even purchase indoor fly diving experience I know they have some offers on at the moment. I have done a post all about our experience when we have been. For sure this is something which you and your Dad would remember for a while


Sweets are something which most Dad’s like to consume.I know for sure this is the case with Joe and my own Dad. Jelly Belly’s are something which I have purchased a number of times for my own Dad. He even has one of the machines to hold them and you pay it every time you want a handful. For Father’s Day this year they have teamed up with DC Comics to launch a superhero collection, featuring designs of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman – the perfect gift for superhero dads this Father’s Day. Of course, these bags include the classic flavours which we have all come to love from Jelly Belly. These include Berry Blue, Blueberry, Cream Soda, Sour Lemon, Very Cherry and Wild Blackberry.  They are so cheap at £2.85 for 3 bags you could always get them out of your own pocket money.

Of course, you do not have to purchase Jelly Belly. You can always purchase your Dad’s, favourite sweets. This does mean that you can purchase a gift with a low budget. After all Father’s Day is about showing your Dad that you care however, you do not have to break the bank to do this.


If your Dad is like me and loves Coffee then I may have the perfect gift for you to purchase.  This Father’s Day Midnight Blue Coffee is releasing a limited edition coffee. For sure something you will not want to miss out on if you have a coffee addict in your life. Midnight Blue, is releasing just 250 luxury gift boxes of exquisite hand batch-roasted Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee. Each gift box contains a numbered, limited edition, signed roasting certificate, a personalised Father’s Day message, a presentation booklet and 250g of Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee, with a choice of whole bean, coarse, medium and fine grounds to suit your father’s preferred way of preparing his coffee. For sure this is one which would be amazing if your Dad drinks coffee this would be great however, this is not something which I could do for the men in my life’s as neither do drink coffee.

Phone Away Box

Does your Dad spend a lot of time on his phone and you wish he did not do this. I might just have the product which you need so you can enjoy more family time together. By putting your phone away it does mean that you can have more time to create memories because, after all, we do not know how long we are going to get to spend with our Dad’s. I know I am guilty of spending a lot of time on my phone and this can be a problem. I know Jess does not have a phone, however, even if Joe and I put our phones away for a least one hour a night this means that we have more one on one time with Jess which is going to be a huge bonus.  They hold up to 4 phones which means that should be enough for the whole household. It even fits the larger phone should you have one of those. This is an amazing idea because of course we can have memories and they are priceless.  You can purchase the phone away box for £13 from Amazon which I feel is cheap to create the memories which you can cherish forever.

A Meal

You could cook a meal for your Dad if you have the skills. Or you do not want to foot bill or on the other hand, you could take him out for a meal. Beware some places may make you actually book in advance if you want Sunday. Depending on what kind of food your family like there are a range of places you could go to eat. I would recommend Wildwood. They do some amazing Italian food as well as burgers this is a place that you could easily have just a main meal or have a three-course meal. I seem to remember when I have been previously a 3 course meal for 2 people came to around the £50 mark. You could take your Dad to his favourite restaurant it could even be somewhere that does a nice carvery.

Shaving Products

Shaving is something which a lot of men have to do. Whether like Joe it is for work or whether it is because they choose to for whatever reason. Of course, there are some amazing products which have come as a result of the this trend. Joe which Joe has been using for a number of months now is the milkman clear shaving gel. This allows 200 shaves I seem to remember for around £20. This would be an amazing present if your Dad does a lot of shaving for sure it will save him money and last him a long time.

Of course, if you do not want to get your Dad a shaving gel but still want to get him something shaving related. As you know this is going to be something which he will end up using. Wilkinson Sword have some products which could be what you are looking for. There is the Hydro 5 Sense  which is a razor which is customised for how you shave. It has 5 blades with skin guards to help reduce irritation it also has a flip trimmer which means you can get a precise shave.

On the other hand their is the Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5 Groomer which is designed to protect from irritation. Due to a gel reservoir which reduces friction by 40% compared to a lube strip. It includes the shaving, trimming, edging and hydrating. All within one razor which means that you do not need multiple devices. The bonus of this groomer is it is battery powered which means no need to charge it up. For sure this is going to be a huge bonus when Joe has to go on exercises.

What are you going to be purchasing this Father’s Day for your Dad?


Charlotte xx

This post contains PR samples however words are my own.




Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2019

Mother’s Day is just around the corner I know most people are searching for the perfect gift. I know some people are not like mean and they either no longer have their mum or a good relationship.  However, if you are a lucky person like me to have such a good relationship.  You will want to show her how much she means to you. Of course, this does not have to be your mum is could be anyone special.  I know people who give gifts to Aunties, Grandma’s and Step Mums. You could even give gifts to your Dad if you do not have a Mum and he is like a second Mum.  Today I am going to share with you some gift ideas. There are so many different things which you can purchase of course. Just because your a Mum does not mean that you like the same thing as someone else.  I am going to be featuring a number of smaller brands within this gift guide because as you may know I love to support smaller brands.



There are some amazing companies which make jewellery I have tried a number of them. If your Mum does have a Pandora why not get a charm or earrings which they do amazing sets. I do have a couple of Pandora bracelets, all of them have meaning and Jess has purchased me some of them for Mother’s Day in the past.  If you have a sibling you could go halves on them as I know some of the charms.  These are not that cheap and can put people off purchasing them.  Another company which I recommend checking out is Jellewery Box this is where my hear necklace came from I ordered it a couple of years ago. I wear it every single day and there is no sign of wear on it. It actually has Jess’ name on it but you can have whatever you actually want on it.  I would recommend them because I think mine even though it was personalised was only around the £20 mark. I could not believe how cheap it was for something personalised.  Another company which I have purchased from is More Than Yesterday Designs these are hand stamped they do necklaces as well as keyrings they all can be personalised. This is something which I love, I have ordered from them this year for my Mum. I have actually got my initial, my brother’s and Jess’. You can get them super personalised which I think always means more when it comes to Mother’s Day.  They do not actually break the bank either I think mine cost around the £25 mark including postage.


Hoodies and Jumpers are something I live in. I work from home as many of you know and to save putting the heating on I will just stick another layer on.  So Jumpers and Hoodies are something which I need plenty of and to be honest adore.  One of my favourite brands is actually Surviving Society the jumpers are so comfortable maybe because they are organic cotton. I actually might have to order another one because mine is just so amazing.  It is a small mama business which means you actually are supporting a fellow mum when you order. I find them to be so well priced. Katie will be happy to help you find the size you need this is something which she did for me. They also have some amazing t-shirts which I might have to browse because t-shirts are something which I am starting to lack in.  Another clothing brand which I have my eye on some of their things is Ada & Alfred they do some amazing looking sweatshirts which include coffee and conquer which you know is something which I think is my life motto.  I may or may not have sent a link to Joe as a hit for this Mother’s Day. After all, it is something which I will be using for a while.  While browsing I also noticed they have Motherhoodie hoodies on their as well which look amazing and something different. Sometimes we get bored with the same hoodie.  I might have to purchase one which is slightly oversized because then it is going to be cosy just how I love it.  I would recommend both brands things I have had in the past have always been of such high quality.


I know this is a traditional gift which a lot of people do purchase their Mum or loved ones for Mother’s Day.  I know this is something which we do send to Joe’s Nan for Mother’s Day. This does mean that we have used a range of different companies as we need them delivered. Sadly we rarely get to see her on actual Mother’s Day.  There is a couple which I would recommend checking out Serenta Flowers she always has said that they have been great quality when we have sent them. I know Appleyard also do some amazing flowers and deliver I was lucky to be sent some at Valentines. They actually lasted for nearly 3 weeks which I think is amazing for fresh flowers. If you are actually going to be seeing your mum closer to Mother’s Day the supermarkets do some amazing bunches. They are a fraction of the price and from an inside source who works with them he said there as good quality. For sure who does not love getting flowers at a special occasion.


This may be a niche one but as you may know, going to the gym is something which I am doing more. Since the new year, I have managed to go 3 times a week on average. This does mean that I need more activewear than I have in the past. Currently I am using some of my older stuff I have only purchased a couple of tops. However, some of mine is now getting to big or too tight. Both because I am losing weight but I am also gaining muscle. I was looking for some new leggings because I think this is going to have to be my next investment. Then I cam across another brand owned by a badass mamma. LAPactivewear they do some of the funkiest and bright leggings which I actually love. they are around the £28 mark which is not actually that bad for gym leggings they look so comfortable as well. I have hinted a few time that I would like a pair. They have some amazing designs which are coming out in April. The pair which I want most the liquorice ones are not available till May is it strange to ask for a pair for my birthday?

Spotify/ Music

Music plays such a huge part of my life to be honest, when I am working I usually have it on. When I am doing work because it makes me happy and passes the time faster to be honest who doesn’t love dance and sing along when they are doing tasks. You can either buy them a CD which is something I did for my mum and she has used it so much. I purchased her the new Boyzone CD and then told her she was going to see them live. I know she plays this a lot when she is doing jobs. However, if like us you rarely purchase any CD and like a wide range of music why not try out a subscription to Spotify. I think it is around £9.99 a month which is not that expensive if you play music as we do. It is perfect for when you are in the car, working and also in the gym. I must listen to hours of this a week and I even find different artists when using it. If you are unsure how much your mum is going to use spotify why not get her a subscription for a few months and review it. If she uses it enough then she can start paying for it herself.

Candles/ Reed Diffusers

Candles and reed diffusers are something which I have loved for such a long time. I love my house to smell nice and these both help us to achieve this, of course, we do not have to spend a fortune on them. Some of the best candles we have found are actually from home bargains and they are a Wickford and Co. I think they are actually a dupe for Yankee Candle but they are a fraction of the price of those.  They actually are around the £3 mark which is so cheap because they do have a throw which is amazing and as good as some of the expensive ones. The one which I am burning at the moment is actually is pink lemonade. This is one which I picked up last year so they may not actually have this in this year.  But I would recommend seeing what scents they do have in because they are amazing. Aldi also does some amazing candles we used one for the centrepiece at Christmas. They are usually dupe of Jo Malone which for a fraction of the actual price. They have a good scent as well I also have the reed diffuser in our bedroom and I must say that makes me happy because your bedroom can become horrible smelling which is something we want to avoid.

Craft Activity

I think that this is something amazing to do with your mum. There is nothing better for doing some craft activities and having a coffee with your Mum. I know this is something which me and my mum do not get to do very often due to the fact that we are always so busy. However, I have been sent these lovely Craft Buddy crystal art card kits. These would be perfect for sitting down over a coffee and slowly doing with your mum. Sometimes it is about the quality time that would be spent with them which means more. These kits are £5 which means that you could get a couple and do one each if you would like. I think you can also do these as your mum’s mother’s day card this year. It will show that you have spent time and effort into doing it. There are also kits which you can make your own bath bombs and facemasks which Superdrug sell these would be perfect if your mum is into pampering herself a little bit more. I might have to pick some of both up so I and my mum have something to do together. Usually, when we are together we are so busy.

Pampering Set

Something which you will know if your a mum is self-care is important but something so many of us neglect.  I know for certain it is something which I neglect however, mothers day is a good time to get your mum something to treat herself with.  I know this is something which I do for my mum often at her birthday or mother’s day. Lush is a company which I have used before and gifted her. This year I was kindly sent some products from Pretty Little Treats. They are a Yorkshire based company who make handcrafted bath and body products. They smell and look amazing they come so well packaged as well. I have been using the Strawberry Jam Lip Balm and for sure this smells good enough to eat. I like that you can personalise the box so that you can add what you want to it. For example, for only £15 you can actually get 4 of the items which is so much cheaper than other brands. You are supporting a small business and a little seems to go such a long way with these products. I also like the fact that you can put what your mum is going to use in them rather than items which they are not going to use.

I hope this gives you some insight into what to get your mum for mother’s day.


What are you buying your Mum?

Charlotte xx




Valentine’s Gift Guide For Her 2019

Valentine’s Day is always one which ends up coming quicker and quicker every single year. It is just over a week away now so there is still some time to make a last minute gift purchase. Valentine’s Day is not one which we end up breaking the bank over. Usually Joe and I set a limit of around the £10 mark for a small gift. Last year I purchased him a hot wheels car the car he wishes he could have. In return I received a lovely mug and some soap in the shape of a rose. It just goes to show that you do not have to break the bank. Today I am going to share with you some ideas for this year.

A romantic night in– yes if does not have to be a physical gift which you give this year. Save the money by not going out and why not cook some amazing food together. Cooking food together is a good time to bond and something which Joe and I love to do. The Saucy Fish Co could have the answer Salmon is something which I would opt for. You could have it with something simple like potatoes and then there is always room for desert. I think this is a perfect idea. If you order from The Saucy Fish Co for Valentine’s you get a special sauce which is packed with three
aphrodisiacs so it will get you heading for the bedroom. We have had a few meals from The Saucy Fish Co. They have all been delicious and packed with flavour. You could cook any meal which you like including pasta or anything you love. For sure cooking is something which we will be doing this Valentine’s.

Lipstick- If you know your partner wears lipstick why not treat them to a shade.It means every time they wear it they can think of you. If you are unsure what they like why not have a snoop in their make up bag and see what shades they are wearing. You could even make it into a date where you take her to the counter and get the lipstick which she wants. This means that you can get what she wants and you also get a day out which can be a huge bonus. As time is something which Joe and I struggle to do this would be amazing.

Avenno Body Lotion- Something which you may want to purchase this valentine’s. You want to make sure that you or your partner has skin which is amazing. This then could mean that you are more likely to give them a massage which is something your partner may appreciate. I know I love getting a good massage. Having soft skin which is moisturised is something which makes you feel more confident anyway. This is a product which I love because always want as smooth skin as you can get. This is so natural and can be used on babies skin so it is not to worry if you have so sensitive skin.

Handbag– If you other half needs another handbag then this could be seen as a good time to purchase her one. Joe actually purchased me a new bag for Christmas because I needed a small every day bag. I do not need as much stuff now that Jess has become older. If you want to treat the love of your life to something which they are going to use a lot of the time. You do not have to spend a fortune on a bag it does not have to be designer. There are some beautiful bags on the high street in stores including New Look.

Card Holder– If you other half is anything like me then they will hate to carry change. This means that you do not need a huge section for change. I think this is one of the reasons I barely carry my purse around. Another thing which Joe purchased me for Christmas because I kept losing my cards. I find it so handy to now have all my cards together and it is a practical present. I hate getting something which is not practical as a present because I do not need to add more things to my house. TKmaxx is where I have seen some beautiful card holders in the past and usually they are not that expensive.

Massage Oil– as a qualified sports massage therapist giving and receiving massages are something I love to do. Having some some really nice smelling erotic massage oil is something which would make I give more massages. Indigo armatherapy massage oils actually have erotic and intimate oils which may make your partner more in the mood for some love. In the intimate bliss massage oil there is a blend which intends to stir passion, increase libido and bring states of sexual satisfaction and bliss. A whole bottle which is 100ml and will last you a long time so this is a bargain for £6.99. Purchasing this as a gift means that you may even be able to receive a lot more massages off your partner which is always a bonus. I think this would be an amazing gift.

Mugs – I am one of these people who love to drink a lot of coffee I think this this could be due to working from home. Mugs are something which I have have been gifted a few times over the last few year. I actually purchased on myself this year from Poundland of all places. I actually saw it on Holly Vlogs video they have some super cheeky adult ones. Including I suppose you will do and the one which I purchased you where only meant to be a one night stand. I think these ate great for £1 and something which I will get a lot use from this mug. They are a good size as well they are not small mugs which I hate.

Shampoo- This sounds a really strange one to suggest but why not save them some money. Shampoo is something which we we all need. As you may notice this is not one which is in a bottle. Procoal are a brand which sell solid shampoo now this is something which I have been using for over a year. A solid shampoo can actually last 3 times longer than a 250ml bottle of shampoo. This would save your partner some money because they are not having to purchase shampoo. I actually love it because I find them so easy to travel with them. They are £7 which is not going to break the bank and you know that they are always going to have amazing hair.

Flowers– Of course, you can always go for the classic flowers. I have never actually been bought flowers which I know is shocking. Flowers are something which I think make a home feel more homely and lovely. I love having flowers in and valentines is another occasion when it is perfect for flowers to be in the home. You do not actually have to go to the shops and pick out some flowers you can now order them online. This is something which I have done in the past to other people. Appleyard allow you to to order the day before up to 7pm. The flowers are actually guaranteed for a least a week which means your going to get you money worth.

These are just some of the ideas which you could get your female partner. This valentine’s day of course you can spend whatever your budget to show the love of your life you love them. What are you buying your love this valentine’s.

Charlotte xx

This post includes PR samples however, all views and words are my own.

Reverse Advent Calendar

Creating new traditions is something which I love to do. Even more when it comes to Christmas now I have a family of my own. It is a time which we spend a lot of time thinking about what we are going to be buying and receiving  as gifts. These are elements which have become a critical part of the Christmas. Something which I want to do is install in Jess that Christmas we need to be charitable.  We are lucky to have what we do there are people who are dreading Christmas because money and time are already hard. These people can be found in your local neighbourhood as well.

People have to use food banks regular and of course this does not stop at Christmas. If anything more people turn to the food bank because money is so tight. This year something which we have been doing throughout the month of November is the reverse advent calendar. I know the reverse advent calendar is something which some fellow bloggers Ross and Katy .

What is a reverse advent calendar?

If you are unsure what the reverse advent calendar is it is very simple with a twist on the traditional advent calendar which we have all become used to. Instead of opening a door and getting something out like a chocolate  you put an item into the box. Over the period of the month the box gets full and then you take it to your local food bank at the end of the month.

The reverse advent calendar is something which the whole family can get involved in. We have managed to get Jess involved by allowing her to pick some items up when we have been shopping. It does not have to cost a lot the majority of the items I have done have been from Aldi. I would say in total the whole box has cost us under £10. This is amazing because advent calendars can cost a lot more than that normally. You could even look in your cupboards and I bet there is items which you do not want. As long as they are still in date and have long enough left you could donate them to the food bank.

How do you donate?

I am fully aware that tomorrow is December but there is still plenty of time to do this before Christmas. If you put maybe two items a couple of days you will be able to be finished before the 24th. This does mean that you are going to have time to pop this to the food bank. I know that it is so easy to take your food donation because I have seen in most of the major supermarkets a cage which you can leave your donations. This means that you are not limited to the times which you can go and donate.

You can find where your local food bank is using this site usually there is a couple near you which you could donate the reverse advent calendar to.I know my local one has a list of what they need really which is helpful when you are looking at doing the reverse advent calendar. There was items such as deodorants which I would not have thought about donating so this helped me so much. Another item which is good to donate is sanitary products because this is something which women may go without if money is that tight.

Of course, because it is Christmas it does mean that you can add treats. You could do this normally if you are not planning on this donation been a one off. I have added advent calendars because I know treats and luxuries are something which you are going to not purchase. I have seen people adding other things like Crackers, Christmas Puddings and luxuries which we are all going to purchase this festive season.

Is a reverse advent calendar something which you are going to do this festive season?


Charlotte xxx

Win A Yankee Candle Christmas Set *

With Christmas just around the corner if you are anything like me you love candles. For me they bring warmth into the house without having wack the heating up. They also get me in the festive mood I know this sounds crazy.  For me having a candle on make the house feel like a home for sure it is something which you can regular find in my house.

For me I use a wide range of different candle brands. However, one which I always seem to come back to is Yankee Candle when it comes close to Christmas. There is something which makes me want to burn them this could be due to the amazing throw which they have. I find even something majority of the votives which can be homed in amazing holders. Have the throw the same as some of the big candles which I own.  Hard to believe something so small can be so powerful . I think that the Yankee Candle Christmas Sets are amazing because if you are like me you do not want to be burning festive scents long after December. The Votives are the right size that you are not left burning Christmas scents way into the new year.

I do like that this set is the votives as well because the holders are so pretty. I like to leave my candles out all of the time so they become a bit like decoration. So you want something which is going to be pretty rather than a plain boring one. The one which comes in the Yankee Candle Christmas set is not too festive so you could have it out all year long if you are like me. I have found the votive holders which I have from Yankee last a long time even with a toddler who might be clumsy like mine is.

The lovely people at wowfreestuff are actually currently giving away a Yankee Candle Christmas set. This includes a Yankee votive holder and 3 of the Christmas votives. These would make a great Christmas present should you win and want to save yourself some cash. For sure it would make an amazing secret santa present. I have actually had sniff of all of the scents which you get in this gift set. I would say out of selection which you get they include frosty gingerbread, ice blue spruce and winter wonder. My favourite has to be the frosty gingerbread for sure this does smell like what it is mean to. I for sure would purchase this set for myself as a little gift or as a present for someone else.

For your chance to win one of the 50 sets which they are giving away all you need to is fill out some basic information and hope that you win. The all important link which you need is here

Good luck if you choose to enter I have my fingers crossed that you actually manage to win.

Charlotte xx

This post is a sponsored by wowfreestuff

Small Business Christmas Gift Guide 2018

Today I am sure you are aware because of all the emails which you will have had is Black Friday. However, today instead of sharing with you all of the deals I am going to share with you some of the amazing smaller brands which I love. I have purchased some gift this festive season for some of them and also I have purchased some for my self. Others are companies I have my eye on and I might actually purchase before the big day.

On Junpier!

These are a company who I have recently stumbled upon and I am so glad that I have actually. They do an amazing selection of products. They are aimed at Children which because they sell bath bombs I find really interesting it means that it is not going to damage their skin. The bath bombs which I have tried are actually ones which change colour in the water. This is something which Jess finds fascinating she is one of those children who loves to spend a long time in the bath. I think if she could she would always have a Lush bath bomb but as we all know some can be pricey. They tint the water and they do have a bit of a nice scent I can not work out what they actually smell of to be honest. They do come in a packets for 3 which means that you could split them up and use this as 3 separate gifts in the little ones stocking. For 3 bath bombs you pay £10.50 these are not going to dry your child’s skin out even if you spend a long time in the bath like Jess does.

On Junpier! is not a brand that just do the bath bombs they also do lip balm which is amazing if you a child who suffers with dry lips. They do flavours which sound amazing including Cola, Chocolate and Cherry. All of these flavours sound like they are going to be super tasty. For sure I know if Jess struggled with chapped or dry lips these are something which she would let me apply. Or she is going to be able to apply it like lipstick. Applying lipstick is something which she loves to pretend that she is doing now. These are only £4.30 as well. I would recommend this brand as they are so amazing and high quality products. They are all natural as well which means no nasties going into your child which for me is a huge bonus.

Mini Writers Club

This is one for the little ones in your lives who you may have to purchase for. This is a company which I found on instagram and their help little ones get ready for actually been able to write, They give you several activities to do they are themed so in September it was a space themed box with October being Halloween. I know there is a Christmas box which I have managed to miss out on because it’s already sold out. The activities which you get sent these are hand eye cordination based which gets the little one to improve their skills. This could enhance them doing hand eye cordination tasks can make them used to things between their finger close to how we grip a pencil. With the very useful cards it tells you why this activity is good. All of the items which you need to do the craft activities are also included in the box which I think is amazing. Sometimes we do not have all of the things which we would need. These boxes are suitable for between the ages of 3-5 years old.  The boxes are £14.95 all in which for me is a bargain and can be purchased here.

Happy Place Cosmetics

Another company which I came across last year is Happy Place Cosmetics.I have made a couple of orders from them in the past and some have been for Christmas gifts one thing which I love about this brand is that they are cruelty free. You can actually purchase personalised items so if you have someone who may not be able to purchase their name often on items this is amazing. As you can see from the picture above this is something which we have chosen to do on some gifts. The scents are so strong but not too strong that you are unable to use them because they are super over powering. They o a range of different products including shower gels, bath bombs, body lotions. These are perfect for both men and women who you may have to purchase for this festive season. The prices are no more expensive than Lush and you are supporting a smaller business. I have found that the products do last for a long time which is always a bonus because when something is good you want to use it as much as you can. At the moment they have some super festive scents which sound so good I just want to eat them which I do not think is healthy.


There are a couple of company which I have used when I have been finding them for my office. I have a lot which is from Jemma from Dorkface she is currently on leave until July but her blog is still fabulous. I am going to share with you two different kinds of prints which I love. The first is one if the person who you are purchasing is for Film or TV fan then MyInspirationArt. Then this company are for you they are a very small etsy shop but they are of very high quality. I have just made a purchase for myself. It is on good quality paper these would look great a frame this festive season more so if you can get something which they love. Another company again one which can be found on Etsy is OlivaLeighPrints this company do music quotes. One which I got is an Ed Sheeran print because I am obsessed with his music and have been for a long time. She is also does movie prints and this is where I got a Captain America one of course these are so good quality or I would not be recommending. Both companies are very affordable and if you know someone who would love them why not make a small company happy by ordering.


Who does not love a bit of chocolate for sure I know I do. I want it more if it looks super pretty I am a sucker for this kind of thing. When Cocoa and Heart got in touch asking me if I would like to try some of their amazing products how could I do anything but accept. They do a range of different chocolate based products including Unicorn hot chocolate which would be amazing paired with the mugs from the women’s gift guide. They for sure do not do boring chocolate as you can see there is lollipops with different animals on which I am going to put in Jess’ stocking because she is animal obsessed at the moment. I have a friend who is unicorn obsessed so would love some of the unicorn products which the website is home to. I have tried some of the products and I could not believe how amazing it is. I could always eat chocolate and I am sure that people would love this as a gift. Due to the fact that it is handmade it more expensive than it would normally be. The quality of this is amazing and I would recommend purchasing it because of cause it is always good to support small business. They chocolate for as little as £1.50 so they would make amazing stocking fillers or secret santa.

Atlanta Designs 

Another company which I have purchased off when I was at York Balloon Festival. I purchased a few prints for the office which are animals because this something which they specialist in. They also do some amazing wanderlust prints with polar bears are also with balloons.I have purchased a money boxes which I think you would be able to all the spare coins in which will mean that at the end of the month or a period of time you will be able to have a bonus. Atlanta designs do some coasters which are of high quality these are the ones which I have been using on my desk in order to prevent staining. They do the same prints which means like me if you dream of travelling you can have something to remind you of the dreams. The do a mug and coaster set which is only £12 I can only assume of the quality of the items are as high as the other items. If the special person in your life is into jewellery there is homemade jewellery which can be purchase. Again this is of animals which makes me think of all the long hours which have gone into the pieces. These are reasonably priced at £10 which is a steal.  There is so much more I could purchase from this company. I am sure I will be in the new year.

From Lucy 

From Lucy is another company which I have my eye on a few things recently.I have just purchased a book which allows me to store some of Jess’ creations in. I am sure if you are a fellow parent with a child in nursury who is into arts and crafts as much as Jess. You will have a ton of art work come into the house every single week. The book which I ordered allows you to store up to 20 of the creations in it meaning that they have homes instead of cluttering up your house.  This would be a great present to a mum or even a grandparent maybe who doesn’t get to see the grandchild as often as they would like. They also do boxes which are challenges for someone which could be something like a few date ideas for your other half. Or challenges for those who are super hard to buy for and we put off till last moment. If you have little ones who like books you can also get personalised books for example the day that they were born book this is alongside books which are like personalised Christmas books. Something which I have my eye on is the happy memory box because when times are down, You would read the happy memories and it may not seem as hard. This is something which would be great for me when Joe is away as these are the harder times.


Speaking of Joe been away something we purchased was a countdown which allows us to see how long it is till he is home. This could be worth it if you have a parent which is working away They do not just do countdown boards they also do routines ones which allows you to make sure that the child is going something properly. For example you could praise with them for doing something correctly several times if this is something which you want to do. They also do reward charts which could be used for potty training which you could gift if you are looking for practical gifts this year. These are hand painted which means that they may be a longer turn around. These help the child learn which I think is always a bonus. Craftly products are not cheap however, they are made so well that they are going to be able to be used for a long time. I am sure that no doubt over time they are a company which we are going to purchase more and more from.

What small buisness have you been loving this year? I am always looking to expand the amount of companies I purchase from.

Charlotte xx

This post contains PR sample however, all views are my own.

Toddler Christmas Gift Guide 2018

Today I am going to be sharing with you another gift guide. In this edition, it is going to be all about the toddlers I have a 3-Year-old Jess.  Today I am going to be sharing some of the presents we have purchased her. It might like a lot but some of these items are ones which she already owns and that’s why it looks so much more.  Toddlers can hard to purchase for because it feels like they have everything.  Jess also is lucky to receive so many presents off the grandparents as well.  On with the post because I know it is going to be a long one anyway.

Balance Bike

A balance bike is something which we have chosen this year. She has had a scuttlebug and toddler 2 bike and has just become too big for both of them sadly. She loves to be able to ride around the garden on something when the weather is nice .  I can imagine when the weather is better she is going to be able to go to the park on it because we are lucky to live close to two parks. I am one who is super organised so managed to pick up a balance bike on living social which should have cost £50 for half price it’s worth checking sites like these for toys.  Halford’s usually have money off children’s bikes close to Christmas.

Toy Kitchen

Jess is lucky that she does own a toy kitchen which her grandparents purchased last Christmas. Since we moved house this is something which Jess has been playing with so much. We have managed to put it in the wendy house.  I think this is going to be something which she is only going o get more use out of when the weather improves.  If your child does not already own one I am sure they would love one. I have had my eye on the Aldi wooden one because the one Jess has is not the greatest condition. I love wooden toys I know the Aldi one will be out of stock as it is that popular. The Great Little Trading Company do a wooden on which I would love but it is so expensive.  When it comes to a kitchen it can be passed down between any further children we may have.


One thing which Jess is obsessed at the moment with is pretending that she is going to the shop. Something which I saw in the Aldi toy sale was a wooden toy shop at one side and a puppet theater on the other.  This means that there is the benefit of this gift been two in one because you get both. I did not have to purchase any food as Jess has so much from the kitchen.  This is something which is is going to get so much love no doubt I will have to be a customer and a shop keeper. I have also picked her up a till because what kind of shop would she be if she did not have a till.  Again,  picked this up in Aldi which means that it is wooden so should not become broken easy. I have noticed as well that the money which comes with is also wooden. With it been a theater on the other side it means I have had to purchase some puppets. I purchased a range from Aldi when they had them on and also Amazon. I could not believe how expensive puppets are in the shops.


Even though I am doing a book advent calendar for Jess I am always keen to increase her book collection. We read a story an night so can easy become bored of the same books. The ones which I have saved for Christmas presents are the Disney ones these  Aldi had in stock. I promise this gift guide is not sponsored by Aldi. These are longer books so this might mean that they are going to have to be read over a couple of evenings. These are going to be something which we are going to treasure. I can see us owning these books for a long period of time.  Eventually I am sure we will end up reading them all in one sitting. Of course, you could purchase books depending on their age and attention span.  You could even pick up books second hand in the charity shop because some of them are really in good condition for really cheap.

Selection Boxes

We do not get Jess too much chocolate because we do allow her to share some of ours. When I was in Home Bargains I found the paw patrol ones. I know this is going to be cheap chocolate but she will love it because it has the pups on.  You can easily wrap these up and put them in your child stocking or a normal present.  Of course, there is a wide selection of selection boxes available some with characters on. Then obviously there are the classic ones which you get including Cadbury depending on which your child likes more. I always remember as a child being given a selection box a Christmas. This is something I hope to do with Jess as well.  You could even get some chocolate coins as well which is something which I might actually purchase before Christmas.


Spending a lot of time in the bath is something which Jess adores to do. So when Gellibaff offered to send us some products I just had to say yes. This these are products which Jess is going to have so much fun with. If you do not know Gelli Baff sends you water like jelly. While Slime Baff is going to turn your bath or whatever you put in it slimey.  Its safe because I know there is a worry about the safeness of slime at the moment with Baron. However, this does not contain this which is always a bonus. These are so cheap could not believe that they are cheaper than a lush bath bomb at only £2.50.  You run your bath normally add the mixture and wait for between 10-20 minutes depending on the temperature of the bath.  Slime baff you only have to run more water which is going to make it dissolve. The Gell baff you do have to get the dissolver which then allows it to go down the plug hole.  I will be a doing a full review on this at a later date.  If your child loves the bath as much as much this is going to be an ideal present you can even pick this up from the supermarkets.

Orchard Toys

Orchard toys are a company which we love to play their games have had hours of fun with them. If you purchase the mini-games they come in small boxes which means that you can travel with them. We only have the summer editions of these games but I know we are going to purchase more of them. Hours of fun have been had with these  because they are so simple which means that Jess can play them without getting bored. We currently have a matching game, snap and a counting game I spoke about them more here. Personally, I think this is amazing because it is a fun way of her learning which is always a bonus.  She wants to play all of the time because you can play from 2 players usually we can play.  These games usually are under £10 which you can afford to get a couple. The games which are suitable for toddlers to 9 year old meaning you can get the whole family involved.  You can purchase them on Amazon and in most toy stores I know our local one stocks them.

Bath Crayons

These are something which has brought hours of fun to our lives since we first used them several years ago now.  f you have not heard of them before they are crayons which you wet it almost turns to paint which you cause to draw on either yourself or the bath. It is great because it just washes away and does not stain your bath or the tiles which your child may draw on. We have found it is easy to get off the skin because I have been painted several times when I have been supervising bath time and it has always come off. We have found I think it was last year that these only rose in price on Amazon and we ended up finding them in Boyes I would not pay more than about a couple of pound for them. If you leave hem for too long like Jess has a tendency to do in the water they just go all mushy and horrible. This year while having a walk around Home Bargains I found these which come with a Skye wash mit which means that she is going to be able to clean herself with her favourite pup. It was only £1 which is amazing for something paw patrol.


Pyjamas I know are something which most people get new on Christmas Eve. However, shockingly we are a family who does not do this tradition at the moment. I do like to purchase pyjamas as gifts for Christmas. I have managed to pick up some Disney ones which Jess this is because we are lucky to live close to a gap outlet store. Which means I can pick them up for a fraction of the retail price. Usually I like to get Jess character ones because think that thin she will appreciate them more and usually the character ones are the ones she wants to wear.  There is nothing better than being able to get cosy as a family in all your pyjamas. This year I am tempted to get some of the matching family ones but we might see about this.  I have noticed while browsing the shops that for toddlers you can purchase Pyjama sets. These come with a dressing gown which can be handy after the bath. These usually are character ones and are around the £13 mark.


Lego is meting which I recommended in my male gift guide  you may think that toddlers are a little bit too young.  However, we have found that as long as Jess is supervised when she is playing with it we have no problems. We have found that she is a lot more creative when she plays with lego compared to mega blocks. Again like I said in my male one I would recommend the classic more for children because it allows them to use their imagination. I do not think if she had the sets she would not be as creative and wouldn’t play as often.  Jess loves more of the transport items which means that we always have train tracks and also boats out.  I think at one stage we had a house in the middle of a train track.  When I was in The Works I noticed that they had a huge base plate which is compatible with Lego. It is huge and as you know lego is not cheap and this huge baseplate it only cost me £8 I know it would be at least double if you ordered this from official lego.  The works are incredible fo gifts you should check them out for everyone’s gifts.


Jigsaws are something which Jess has got into recently, however,  we do not have that many because of space really.  She is able to do the couple of bigger jigsaws which she already has. She now can do them without even asking for help which for me tells me that they are a little bit too easy.  I find that it is great being able to do some jigsaws when then the weather is rubbish outside because they are so fun to do. I picked up this Paw Patrol because of this smaller pieces that the ones which she has. Hopefully, this means that she is going to find it a bit harder and of course you always want to make something which you enjoy.   I am not one of the parents who can sit and do jigsaw but because Jess is so happy to do them alone it works.  You can actually purchase them so easily in a lot of cheap shops. I might have to see if I can purchase some more in the run up to Christmas.


Learning to write is something which Jess is trying so hard. She has tried to write her name so much it is so hard to believe that she is only 3 sometimes because she is so ahead.  I know she has a short name and this could be why. This book is actually is wiped clean it means that she is going to be reuse it several times. I know maybe she is a little bit young to do this but because she wants to do it and be grown up. These are the first 100 words which kids should be able to write so of course, these are short words. I think this is something which will help and enhance her learning which she does at nursery. This is one of a couple of books which are going to be able to help get a good pencil control.  I always love getting her a few presents which are going to help her learn but also be fun. Again The Works are so amazing for things like this. 

What do you recommend getting your toddler this Christmas?


Charlotte xx

This post includes some PR samples however, all views are my own.




Christmas Gift Guide For Men 2018

Can you believe it today it is time to share the first of my Christmas Gift Guides. I have decided that I am going to kick them off with my gift for men this year.   I do have a few males which I have to purchase for this festive season. Of course. I have 8 males to purchase for and this does include Joe of course. I have not included any of Joe’s presents because I know he is likely to read this post.


Men’s skincare is something which has only exploded in the last few years. There are now so many brands who actually make skincare we have managed to try a few different brands. I actually use it because I find it so much better than some of the female brands. Admiral is one of the brands whose products which I enjoy. I have done a whole review actually on Admiral I have linked it.  Body wash is something which all men need to use and this does have a really nice scent. It is not over a manly scent but it does have a scent which is always a bonus. Men usually do not get as many different scents women. The hair wash it really good  I have found that it does keep your hair clean for several days. Without a doubt, this hair wash you could use every single day.  Moisturiser is something which a lot of men use now because they want to look after their skin. These gift sets are something which I have picked up for a few people because I know how much people are going to love them.  They also do an amazing facial scrub which is not in this gift set but I would recommend purchasing.  These gift sets are a bargain at £9 from fragrance direct, the actual products are worth around £20.


Hot sauce sets are something which I purchase often due to my Dad loving everything hot. Purchasing sets like this allow you to try a range of sauces which you may not normally do.  This set, for example, has 8 different sauces and normally they might try one.  This means if they do like one of the sauces they could go and repurchase a bigger size bottle. Usually, as you can see from the packaging the bottles are tester sizes this one is 48g. If the person your buying for does not like hot sauce but for example likes flavoured coffee. There is a wide range of gift sets which contain the syrup for coffee. I have seen some of the sets which have been olive oil and all different kind of food-related gifts. Over the years we have found that TKmaxx or Homesense usually have a good selection of food gifts. The one in the picture above which contains 8 different hot sauces came from there and was around the £10 mark I seem to remember.


I always find for people like Joe or my brother that clothing is a good gift. This could be because I think they should look good the majority of the time. I usually have a look at Hollister as they do some amazing basics which last forever. They seem to wash well which means they look like new for a long time. If you can get them on a sale price then they are not a bad price either. I know you do not want to always spend too much on each person at Christmas. Sign up to their newsletter which allows you to know when they have offers on. Boohoo is another place which does sell so many amazing male clothing usually they are not that expensive. From the clothing which Joe has had, we have actually found them to good. Again Boohoo have money off all of the time it varies between 20-30% . This means you can sometimes get a whole outfit for around the £20 mark. I have actually purchased a whole outfit this year as a gift. Don’t even be afraid to purchase socks men do actually want and use them.


Sweets are a treat which of course people love to. You could purchase their favourite sweets if this is something that you know. For me, we have decided to pick up these Jellyactrics which are basically Jelly Babies. Instead, they are designed to be older people instead of babies. These are more of a joke present I  picked them up because I know that those who I am gifting them to will find them amusing. Pick n Mix is something which I would love to receive because these are some of my favourite sweets.  If you are purchasing sweets make sure you know they like the ones which you have purchased . There is nothing worse than them not actually liking the sweets which have actually been given. If you like me want to gift Jellyatrics you can purchase them from Hawkin’s Bazaar this is the cheapest place I found them at £1.75 a bag.


These are something every male needs no matter their age they are still going to be using the shower.  Gifts like this can be amazing for people who you do not see often like Grandad’s. When you are looking at toiletries gift sets make sure you look at them properly. For example, there is a lot of them which contain body lotion. I know the males we buy for are unlikely to use body lotion so it is pointless getting a set with it in for them not to use it. The one which we have chosen to gift this year is the Bayliss and Harding gift set which included Body wash and a shower gel. We know they will use everything in it which means they will be no waste products.  The gift set we purchased is currently on offer for £5 so will not break the bank. We have decided to give this to the Granddad’s instead of purchasing something like Old Spice or Brut like we usually do.

Scratch Off Map

If you have someone who is into travelling why not purchase them a map which you scratch off when you have visited the country. This is great because it is going to last a long time because when they first get it they can do the countries which they have already visited. The overtime when they go to more countries they can continue to do it.  This could also motivate them into booking a trip to another country which they have not visited.  This then would allow them to scatch another place off. They are so beautiful posters that they look good anywhere in the house because of them can look very tacky. The one which we have purchased for a gift is actually A1 so it is pretty large. It would look great in something like an office but do take into account the size when you order one. You do not want to purchase one and then it is way too big. I think you can actually get some smaller ones if this size would be too big.  This gift would be great for anyone or if like us sometimes you have to purchase a gift for a couple but really do not know what to purchase.  I purchased this one from Amazon for around the £10 mark I know they are more expensive at the moment but with black Friday coming up they are sure to be on offer.


Adult Books

No, I am not out to go all fifty shades of grey on you are all I do not mean that kind of adult book . I have noticed there is an increase in the amount of parody adult funny books this year. I have actually picked up two the first been the hungover caterpillar. This is a play on very hunger caterpillar but about a guy who is hungover so eats as much as the hungry caterpillar. This is a book which Jess was obsessed with and made my brother and I we knew the words off by heart. I thought it would be funny if she purchased him this book. I picked it up in The works but I do know you can get it on Amazon.  You could always gift this to someone who has been forced to read this book several times as well.  Another book which I have picked up is one which is for a friend who is into fitness and HITT.   While browsing on ASOS I  came across this book which is high-intensity intercourse training which is something which HITT could stand for.  I actually bought this as a joke present but did not realise how good it was.  It has about 60 positions in it telling you the intensity and difficulty in case you fancy trying them out which I found funny. I know the person who I have purchased it for will also find it amusing.  If you fancy purchasing this book it can be found on ASOS.

Console Games/ Accessories

If your other half is anything, like mine then they are really into gaming. Whether that be PC gaming or console gaming you could purchase them a game which you have heard them talk about. If you are doing this check they do not already own it.   I know the big one which has just been released is Red Dead Redemption 2,  the new Forza Horizon has also been released on the Xbox.  I am unsure what has really come out on the PS4. If you do not know what game they want you could purchase them a gift card so they can download the game which they want. If you do not want to go through the expense of purchasing a game you could purchase an alternative/. For example, they may thank you for a controller if theirs is starting to become old, a hard drive so they can store more games. Also if they like playing with friends maybe a headset would be perfect.  We have found that when it comes to gaming some of the best deals can be found on Amazon so this is a place to check out.

Gimmiz Bar Mats Image 3


If the person you need to purchase a gift for is really into board games this could be an idea for a present. I know the males in my life would not be the kind who are going to sit and play board games.  I usually like to pick up some games which they can play on Christmas day. My brother has just started uni and as you know this is the time when you start playing more drinking games. I know when I was at uni this is something which we did for pre-drinking.  We all had different games but people never really knew the rules so we played a variation. So when I was in Wilko and I saw a game which had 30 bar mats with 30 different drinking games. I could not believe that these were only £3. They do a range of different games as well including champagne pong and a range of drinking games. The majority of them are under the £5 mark which means they are great for secret Santa. If you are hosting this festive season these would be so good because you could pick up a few and have so much fun. You can even purchase them on Wilko’s online store here.


Lego is not something which boys ever grow out of.  I know for sure that Joe still enjoys playing lego now as much as when he was a child. He loves nothing more than building things with Jess but you want the freedom to create whatever you fancy.  Instead of purchasing a lot of sets which means that you are restricted to what set you to have to what you can build why not get classic lego.  Unless you are purchasing something like a set of New York to announce a trip there.   This is actually a present for Jess but I know so many men are into lego and building which is why I have included it.  I managed to pick the 900 pieces set in Asda for £18 a while ago.  For sure there is going to hours of fun as a result of this, it is also a good bonding experience for Dad’s and their children.  This is something which Jess and Joe spend hours doing and creating different models.  I know Amazon have some sets which are at least 50% off meaning you can save some pennies.

Boob Egg Cup

I actually saw this on a Holly Vlogs video if you do not know who she goes around bargain stores showing you all the bargains to be had.  She showed this egg cup which holds two eggs which is perfect if you know someone who likes to have hard boiled eggs.  These can be found in the pound shop for you guessed it the mear sum of one pound. I thought that this would be a great a secret Santa joke present. This is almost what I have purchased it for. I know the person who will be receiving this will find it very funny. Of course, you do need to make sure that they are not going to take offense.  I know they can be some issues with people recieving boobs or other parts of the body as gifts. This does feel like it is good quality rather than cheap. I am unsure if they do anything else apart from Boobs so it may be worth checking out the Pound shop this year for some gifts.

I hope this has helped in getting some inspiration for seeing what I have purchased for the males in my life.  Let me know in the comments what you are going to purchase for the males in your life this Christmas.


Charlotte xxx







Gift Guides- Father’s Day 2018 Edition

Can you believe that it is nearly father day already it does not seem like it was long since I was writing up my Christmas gift guide.  However, today I am going to share with you some ideas which you could purchase for the special man in your life your dad, stepdad, uncle, grandad or whoever it may be.  I know that occasions like this you want to make them show you care and love them without actually breaking the bank.  Joe has been a lucky guy because for the past few weeks maybe a month has been testing out some of these products in order to give you a small review of the items.

The first brand which I want to share with you is Admiral Male Grooming they are a brand who do skin care, beard and hair care for men. As you can see from the pictures above their products look very expensive however, this is really not the case. The quality is very high, to be honest, I have tried these products and I think I would rate them as good as the Lush ones which I normally would reach for.  I think my favourite would have to be the facial scrub you really do only need a really small amount due to it going a long way. It is actually very scrubby which for me is always a bonus as I want to feel like it is doing something without being too rough on my skin.  The products range from around £13-£25 depending on what you are purchasing there is going to be a whole review of the company coming up and a discount code for you all. While browsing their site I did notice that there is a lot of money off products at the moment which may be worth stocking up on. This is something which we have done due to the fact we both love the products so much. There is something there for every man and they do not have a harsh Male scent if anything they are very unisex so you could both end up using them if this is something you wanted to do.

Want something a little more personalised Max Louis Creative maybe have the solution. They do personalised prints are handmade and made specifically to the gifter’s requirements. There are 3 different styles to choose from: personalised word photo, personalised oil effect print. They are unique, completely personalised and special gifts for loved ones. As you can see have had a picture of Jess and Joe printed it is an old print however, it is one which I do love.  You can choose between 25-100 words but I did struggle to find as many words I think I just picked over 25. I do not think that it looks too sparse though. This is a present which is very personalised and would look amazing in a frame on a wall somewhere in the house, For sure it is going to be one which I need to get a frame for so we can hang when we finally get our own place later this year.  For the one like mine they can be ordered from as little as £12.99. You do have to order by the 11th June in order to get in time for Father’s Day.

Another thing when it comes to Father’s day which we all think about is shaving products.  Wilkinson Sword have launched there new  Hydro 5 Sense razor. This is designed to make sure that you do not put too much pressure on your face which shaving which could cause your skin to look tired and old. Something for sure you do not want you dad to look this razor from what I have been told by Joe is actually a good razor as someone who shaved daily for work he does not want to be applying too much pressure and causing damage to his skin.  The razor does change the amount of pressure it’s self which means that you do not have to do anything extra.  It does also help protect from irritation which is always another big bonus and it doesn’t break the bank coming in around the £12 mark.

Another personalised gift which you could purchase this father’s day is a  super dad slate coaster. This allows you to put your name or the child’s name above super dad.  Joe spends a lot fo time on his computer and always needs to drink more while playing games. So this is the perfect gift for him because it means that he knows where it is and should have a drink on him. He also adores superheroes for example Marvel so this was a very ideal gift for him. Due to the fact that it is actually slate it meant that is not going to crack as easy as a cheaper one and it is personalised with Jess’s name which is always a bonus.  It is from the lovely company Norma and Dorothy It retails for £9.50 with postage. I actually want one with super mum this is something which I might have to try and find closer to mother’s day so we can match.

Cards are something which I can spend hours creating due to the fact I can spend hours on moonpig. However, Norma and Dorothy also do some amazing personalised father’s day cards as well which meant I only had to spend a short time creating it. Which is a bonus because then I can spend more time with the family.  The one I choose really is because of the fact he will find it funny I struggle to purchase Joe a card because of the fact that it is his birthday like 5 days before.  So it means that I have to create around 3 cards for the same period of time.  The card is handmade to a very high standard way above the one which I could make even if you do not purchase him a gift this year I am sure this can would more than make up for it.

The final item which I am going to include in this gift guide is another razor because for sure you can never have too many of these. Unless you have an amazing beard gosh I can’t wait for the day Joe can grow one again. Gillette has launched a new Chrome razor which is exclusive to Boots. This razor is designed with 5 anti-friction blades which means that you’re going to reduce the chance of getting shaving rash and irritated skin. The back of this razor also allows you to reach those hard to get areas which you may normally miss alongside the roller ball which means that it is easier to shave. The amazing thing about this razor is the fact that it can last up to a month of shaves without needing the blade to be replaced.  For only £15 this is going to make sure that your dad is clean shaven save some of his money.

What are you getting you Dad this father’s day?


Charlotte xx

This post includes PR samples





Personalised Photo Frame – Giftsonline4U Review

Personalised items are always special when it comes to receiving a gift. It means that someone has put the thought into the gift and had it created for you. Photo frames are something which is super special even more when they are personalised due to the fact that you can add a picture which means so much to it as well. Giftsonline4U is an online website which allows you to do this. They also have a website full of personalised gifts this means that you will always be able to find a perfect gift for a birthday, valentines day, mother’s day even father’s day

As you can see I was lucky to receive this personalised photo frame which has the words the crazy bunch we are a family.  I have chosen to put a picture when Joe met Jess for the first time in this as it is a very special picture to me which I want to treasure and display.  The photo frames come in a 6 x 4 inch frame which is amazing as this is a standard photo size.  I have found before some picture frames can be very strange sizes meaning you can not get your pictures into the frame.

Even though this item is of course personalised it does not come with a huge price tag it is very reasonably priced as a gift it is priced at £19.99. This means that you could gift this to a number of different people for different occasions for example a picture of you and your other half in this frame would make such a nice valentines day idea. Maybe you could put a quote which means something to the both of you under the picture. You do have 40 characters to play with which can be engraved onto the frame. Mother’s day is also fastly approaching this would be perfect for this as well I for sure know I would love to receive a personalised photo frame. With standard delivery you wait between two and seven days which means that you always have time to order even if it is a little bit last minute.

When you receive the photo frame it does come boxed and well packaged meaning that it will not break in transit as this is something I am always scared of when purchasing fragile items online. I managed to get mine with no damage so I would recommend if you are scared don’t be. The photo frame is of very high quality the engravement  you for sure can tell that this is very professional. I would recommend getting too many characters as this could possible effect the quality however, mine is perfect and does have a large number of characters I think it is close to the limit.

I found that the website was full of amazing gifts which could be used for any occasion I have found several gifts which I would love to be able to gift to people in the future. Due to the fact I know how high quality they are I would even send them straight to the person as some of you know we have family who do not live close and we have to send gifts directly to them. There are gifts of all different prices which would suit all kinds of budgets with the majority of them having the option to be personalised it a makes it look like you have spend more money. For sure this is a site which I will be looking at when I need gifts in the future.

Have you purchased from Giftsonline4U if so what did you think?

Charlotte x

This item was sent to me for review however, all views are my own as always