Days Out- Ifly Indoor Sky Diving

Indoor Skydiving

Now this is a post which has been a long time coming. I have actually been indoor skydiving a couple of times now. The reason we started going was because my parents purchased an experience day for two for Joe. Of course, he took me and it is something which I enjoyed. I been back once since, however we do live an hour away from Manchester. Which is one reason I have not been back more.

If you have not heard of iFly let me tell you a little bit about them. They are an indoor skydiving company in the UK with three locations.  They have Baskingstoke, Milton Keynes and Manchester. Indoor skydiving is the simulation of true free-fall conditions in a vertical wind tunnel. It’s where the dream of flight becomes a reality. For sure indoor skydiving is not something which I would have thought about doing however, I loved it. Anyone from the age of 3 can go in the wind tunnel and indoor skydive. They just change the windspeed for younger people. I have seen as young as 4/5 years old do it. I know Jess would love it but at the moment she is a bit scared of the noise.

Of course, there are rules which may mean that you can not undertake indoor skydiving. This includes been over 18 stone, having a previous shoulder dislocation and if you are pregnant.. This does mean a lot of people can take part I would highly recommend indoor skydiving it is such a thrill which I never have had in the past. The only thing which you really need to know is that if you want to go on a weekend you may have to book 8 to 10 weeks in advance. You book your flight online. Another thing to take into consideration is you do have to be at the location an hour before your flight.

Before you get into the tunnel you watch a pre-flight video which explains what is going to happen. Also the signals which they are going to use in the tunnel of course, you are not going to be able to speak normally within the tunnel. After this you are going to be asked if you have any questions as well as practice the position which you need to be in the tunnel. Of course, if you are nervous you have the opportunity to speak to the instructor. After this of course, you get kitted up as you can see the outfit is very sexy. It is actually more comfortable than you think it is going to be. You have ear plugs because of course been in a 100mph wind tunnel is very noisy. There is also eye protection and helmets which these two have taken off.

You are in a class and you all go around the edge of the tunnel when waiting for your flight at iFly. They will not judge you and it is very unlikely that you are going to be the only first time flyer in your group. Each time I have been there has been more first time flyers than anything else. Depending on your package depends how long you will have in the tunnel. I have done it where I have had 2 x 1 minute flights.  On my second visit I did a 2 x 2 minutes flight.  It sounds like not a long time however, it is actually longer than a normal skydive would be.  You fly on average to 6ft which is amazing. There is always an instructor in with you who will give you instructions on how to change you body position to allow you to fly better. They will also move you so you do not get too close to the edges or also so you do not get too high.

On my second visit I got to fly on the net which mean that I should learn techniques even quicker. I have always found the instructors to be very good and always professional they do not judge you because you are unable to do something. They go at your pace and you can always exit the tunnel at any stage using a signal you do get taught. I have now managed to fly for longer periods without the instructor having to hold me. For sure it is not going to take you many sessions to get like this.

There is a moment where you do get your photo taken you get warned when it is going to be so you can have the best picture possible. Of course, there is the chance to purchase the picture after which is how I got mine. You also have the opportunity to purchase the video of your skydive and more lessons. You do get the lessons or next flight at a reduced rate if you do purchase them there and then.

I know that this is pricey to actually go indoor skydiving. At the moment they have an offer on for two people for 2 x 1 minute flights for £60. They often have deals like this on there own site and of course, it is worth using companies like virgin experience days. They sometimes have even better offers on. This would make an amazing Father’s Day gift this year. I know it is one which Joe would appreciate.

For sure I would recommend a visit to iFly. I really want to go back and maybe it is somewhere which I will manage a visit to before the end of the year.

Have you ever been indoor skydiving if so let me know how you found it.

Charlotte xxx




Days Out- Hamerton Zoo {AD}

Over the Easter period we were kindly invited to Hamerton Zoo in order to give a review. Hamerton Zoo Park is just on the outskirts of Peterborough it is very well sign posted from the A1. So do not worry if you are like us and not local to Peterborough.  I have to admit I’d not heard of it before and speaking to the other people I am not the only one.

As we pulled into the car park I did think it looked more like a little farm. But it is actually a lot bigger than it looks. Hamerton Zoo is actually home to 100 different species of animals within the 25 acre zoo park. There are some which are exclusive to them in the UK. So there are going to be animals which you have not see at other zoo’s you have visited in the past. It may not be home to Lions, Rhinos, Giraffes and Elephants but do not let that put you off if you are thinking about visiting.

We arrived at Hamerton Zoo at around 11am we had planned getting there early but as you know with children this does not always work. We found it very easy to get into the zoo there was a short que but we did not have to wait for very long. Of course, because we visited during the Easter Weekend this could have meant that it was a lot busy than a normal weekend.  Hamerton Zoo is open every day except Christmas and boxing days and tickets can be brought at the gate or in advance online. Tickets are £14.99 for adults and £9.99 for 3-12 year olds. This is a fraction of the price we have paid for similar zoos and wildlife park.

One thing which I would recommend is purchasing a guide book. This is something which we did not do and we did not realise the only way to get a map of the zoo was to do this. In turn this did mean that we did miss some of the animals when we went around first.

One thing you will notice as you walk around is the space that the animals have to roam around. One thing Hamerton Zoo does try to make clear is that the animals are not shut in or out. They have the freedom to be either inside or outside if they choose. This does mean that some of the animals may not easily seen because they may be hiding in their houses.


When you arrive one of the first animals you will see are the ring tailed lemurs.However, there was a lot of people around this area. They could have been more people because there is more of a one way system in the zoo. The reason behind this is because if you turn left you would end up in the shop, cafe and play area.  They had just been fed which always attracts people. I noticed that one of the lemurs looked like it was pregnant as well. So in the future there may be more additions to this enclosure.


The first animal we spent a lot time at was the wallabies. As you can see they some Joey’s which is amazing because baby animals are so cute. There was a number of them which they looked like they could be pregnant. So if you manage to go in the next couple of months they may have even more babies. There was such number of wallabies they were a pleasure to watch. For sure I think they are one of my favourite animals on show at the Zoo.


The big cats are always my thing when we are visiting a zoo. Hamerton Zoo is home to 2 beautiful Malaysian Tiger and 2 white Bengal Tigers.I found I learn at fair bit at Hamerton Zoo for example about the white Bengal Tigers. All white Tigers in the world are decedents from one called “Mohan” who was captured and kept in a Palace in India. It wasn’t until Mohan was paired with his daughter did they have more white cubs. The white of the Bengal tiger is just a colour mutation. This does mean that all of the white Bengal tigers are direct descendants from this pair. It a nice to see the shear size of the tigers. Usually you do not get to be up close and personal to a tiger.

Stroll through Safari

There is also a stroll through safari which allows you to touch the animals. This is home to Pygmy goats, Alpacas, Camels, Chickens and Sheep. You can pay 20p for a handful of feed which you can share with these animals. This is something we opted against because there was so many people feeding them we thought they would not be that bothered. Jess actually decided that she was going to stroke the Pygmy Goats.


There is an Express Railroad Train which runs every weekend and everyday throughout the school holidays. You can catch it from the Donkey Enclosure  and it runs to the tiger enclosure and back. You can actually walk this route and it does not take that long at all. The train does not go that fast that you could walk next to it. We did see a mum who was walking alongside the train and her daughter was on the train. The train is £2 per person and I will be honest I found it a little overpriced for the length of time you are on there. It doesn’t cover the entire park, I think this would have been better if it had done.


There is also a number of cheetah’s I think we saw a three at least, however it is home to 7 cheetah’s.  Hamerton want to be one of the first zoo in the UK to actually breed cheetah’s most are unable to do this due to space. Hamerton actual have 5 enclosures which they have access to and then they are planning on building 3 more. This is going to help aid the breading programme which they have.

Another criticism I would have of the zoo is that it is does not tell you the name of the animals which you can see. It tells you where the animals are from and a bit about them however, I do like to know the name of the animals I can see in front of me.

Picnic/ Cafe

There is a lot of picnic benches which you can sit on and have a picnic. It is undercover should you not be as lucky as us when you visit and have nice weather. If you do not want to bring your own food like we did you can actually purchase food from the Cafe. Later in the day we did purchase a Ice cream which allowed me to look at the prices. I seem to remember that a rollover hot dog was around £3.90. It would cost you the same as meal out to eat at this cafe.

Play Area

I was unable to take any pictures of this area due to other children been around. There is a couple of parks on is aimed at under 6’s and the other over 6. However, Jess decided that she was going to play in the bigger one. There is a climbing pyramid,zip wire and a climbing frame. For sure this is an area which she spent a lot of time in. She loves the park and this is the way she burns a lot of energy. I think if we went back Jess would love to be able to go on the zip wire but she is a little bit too small.

Gift Shop

The Gift Shop sells a range of merchandise, cuddly teddies, toys, stationery and more. There is a wide range of products which if like us you do not mind purchasing a toy at the end of an amazing day out. They do have a range of items which could purchase. We did not actually purchase anything because we have enough cuddly toys. There was nothing that stood out which we had to purchase.


Beware if you are going with little ones there is only one set of toilets. They are not that far off the enterance so it would be worth going when you pass them as there is no more. The toilets are old and really could do with a bit of an update. I think there are only 5 women toilets and a baby change. I seem to remember Joe said that there was one in the male toilets to.


We spent 5 and half hours at Hamerton Zoo. This was enough time to walk around the park twice. On the second lap we did it later and we saw animals which had not been out on the first time. This could have been as a result of it nearly been feeding time. Again we did have the a picnic and also we managed to spend a lot of time in the park as I have mentioned. I know Jess’ grandparents left after around 3 and half hours so we may have stayed longer than most people.

Have you visited Hammerton Zoo? If so what were your thoughts


Charlotte xx

Days Out- White Post Farm

You may remember just before Christmas which seems like a long time ago now. We went on holiday to a log cabin in Derbyshire I will be reviewing this at some point don’t worry. We ended up having a day between checking out of the cabin and some other plans. So we found ourselves looking for things to do in the area. Between our cabin and where we was heading and then we came across White Post Farm. This is somewhere which Joe has visited as a child a number of years ago.

I think it cost us around the £30 mark for all which I thought was a little pricey for a farm. I seem to remember that this is more expensive than Cannon Hall Farm. Due to us visiting very close to Christmas they had themed the farm for the occasion. The painted hay bales were one of my favourites. You could also visit the big man himself for a small fee I seem to remember. However, Jess was going to see him in a few days so we opted out of this.

I could not believe how spread out the animals are this is something to keep in mind. If you have little legs with you it can take a while to walk around all of the outdoor animals. I know this is something which took us a while with Jess. This could also be to do with the fact that she is a huge animal fan. She did get scared at a few points because the goats kept following us thinking that we had some food.. You can purchase some animal food from the shop at the entrance I think it was 50p or £1. However, this is something that this time we opted out of doing. There is a wide array of animals on the trail including chickens, goats, pigs, deer, wallabies, cows, llamas, donkeys, and ponies.

The outdoor animals are on a trail and we went in December.  Of course, this is a period when it was wet. This did mean that it was pretty muddy we had Jess in her waterproof bottoms. If when you are planning a visit it has been pretty wet I would recommend taking wellies for your child at least. If you still have to take a pram you will still be able to go around the outdoor area. It is very pram friendly and we saw at least a couple of families doing this.

If you manage to go when the weather is not great there is also the silver barn. This is home to a wide selection of animals and looked like it had just been revamped. From memory this has some reindeers, donkeys, goats, rabbits, guinea pigs, chickens I think they may have been some spiders. You could get very close to the animals again of course you can feed them. You could even handle to the spiders and the snakes.  This is something which we all chicken out on doing. But the option is there as long as there is a member of staff on hand.

There is also a large reptile room which you can purchase some of the animals from. I could not believe how expensive some of them are. There was animals such as snakes, spiders, fish, frogs and all other kinds of reptiles. I did find it amazing that White Post Farm do have little steps which allows smaller children to see because otherwise we end up having to lift Jess. She can be heavy at periods so this is something I try and avoid doing. I thought this section looked a little bit dated and to be honest reminded me of a local park at home. This is an area which Jess was not too interested in once she has found all of the animals. This is something which older children may enjoy.

Because we went when we did it did mean that we had to explore more of the indoor areas as well which there are two play areas.  I seem to believe that there is actually three however, one was closed due to it been Christmas and them having the grotto. There was a small soft play area next to this which is somewhere which Jess visited for a period of time. For me I thought this looked very dated and not somewhere that did not think had the greatest selection. Jess did manage to play in the soft play but this is more due to the fact this is something which she enjoys doing anyway.  It did say that it was suitable up to the ages of 8 but I am sure that some of them would not be. I know that Jess thought that some of it was a bit small. I know she is on the bigger side of 3 because she is so tall.

There is some outdoor areas but of course, we went in December. It looked like there was a large climbing frame which if the weather has been nicer we would have allowed Jess to play on. There is also sand pits but because it had been raining these are no good to be played in either. If we visited another time of the year for sure I know Jess would have been all over them. We did however, play crazy golf even thought parts of the course were water logged. That was part of the fun. We only played in order to spend some more time at White Post Farm as we felt like we had not got our money’s worth. This may just be us because we have been to similar places which have been a fraction of the price but White Post Farm seemed expensive.

There is another indoor area towards the bottom of the farm. This is home to ride on tractors, skuttle bugs, big sand pit with toys, slides, funnels, etc., and it’s all covered. Even though it is covered it can be be very cold in this area. Jess was a little bit too small for the ride on tractors and is too big for skuttle bugs. It was cold when we was in there which means that the time she may have spent in their was actually cut short. She was too busy complaining about how cold she was.

We did take our own picnic because we had just checked out of our cabin. If it had been the summer there was plenty of benches around outside to eat. Instead we had to go to the covered picnic area next to the reptile house. This again was not the warmest place and it was dirty when we ate there. It did look like it needed a bit of love because it did look a bit aged. There is also a couple places which you can purchase a range of hot and cold food from. I think there was only one open when we visited however, it did look very busy. We did also have our own food so this does mean I can not comment on the food element of White Post Farm.

Overall Thoughts

I do not think that I would actually go back to White Post Farm despite it been not that fair from my In Laws. I think it was pretty expensive for the quality of the farm. It looked very run down compared to what I thought it would for £30. We did not managed to spend all day there I think we spent around 4/5 hours which less time than we usually would at a farm. I feel like they needed a little bit more to do some of the play areas where only good for the child in the family.Some of them looked very old and dirty I did not want her to play in them for too long. I am glad we visited though.


Have you ever visited White Post Farm? If so what did you think?


Charlotte xxx


Days Out- Room On the Broom Trail

Being outside is something which Jess loves so much. She adores to be able to run around like a lunatic, it means that she is tired. I think this is always the sign of a good way out when your child is shattered at the end. A couple of weeks ago we did a Room on the Broom Trail which is at Anglers Country Park in Wakefield. Unlike most of the trails at the other country parks this one is permanent. This means we can do it as many times as we want we only live half an hour away.

There is a lot of parking which is amazing. I can imagine when it is very warm the park will be busy. Parking is free which is always good because I know it can be expensive. I know it was around the £10 mark when we parked at Dalby Forest. The only cost is if you choose to the the activity pack to do the Room on The Broom Trail which is only £2 per pack. You get them from the activity centre however, sadly it was closed when we visited.

I think Jess would have been too young to have enjoyed the activity pack. When she is older I am sure she will be able to do the activity pack. From what we saw, there looked a lot of word games. So this may be better if you actually have children who are at school rather than Jess’s age which is 3. I know there is also rubbings to do which you get with the activity pack. I think Jess may have wanted to do it if it was not as cold. She may have needed a helping hand so be aware of this.

Just because we did not do the activity pack it did not mean that we did’t have fun. Jess loved looking at the carvings which I must admit are very well made. There is one of very single character I seem to remember who in the book Room on The Broom. She loved to actually to take pictures of the carvings. They made her motivated to move actually because even though she likes to be outside she is not always the greatest walker sometimes. There was a lot of chasing her because there is spaces where she could run. At one stage we even threatened to throw her in the lake.

Sometimes we did not realise till we had completed the trail it was actually a 2 mile walk. This may mean you want to do take your child’s bike if they are not the greatest walker. This is a very flat walk which is always good when you are with children. Due to the fact that we went in the winter it does mean that it was muddy and a lot of puddles. Jess did love to have a lot of fun jumping in the puddles which I blame peppa pig for.

There a few benches around the lake if you feel like you need a rest while doing the trail this is something which you can do. This may be great if like us you are doing it with children who are before school age. There is a lot of space near the lake I even said to Joe this is somewhere which we could have a picnic in the summer when the weather is warmer. Talking of picnics there are several benches near the park.

I know this is a place which we are likely to visit again in the summer because who does not like a nice country park. When the weather is warmer and we can have a picnic there it should be even better. I will purchase the activity pack for Jess and see how long she actually bothers with it. For £2 I feel like it is not something that you are wasting your money on. Room on the Broom is a book which Jess loves so I am sure that she will demand we go back so she can see the Characters.

Have you been to the Room on The Broom Trail?

Charlotte xxx

Days Out- Cannon Hall Farm


I realised that I had done a review of Cannon Hall Farm which we visited way back in May. I had not actually got around to posting. So today I am going to share with you my thoughts and feelings about Cannon Hall Farm which is close to Barnsley . This meant that it was not too much of a trek for us. We decided that we was going to visit Cannon Hall because I had found out that Chase and Marshall from Paw Patrol were going to be there.  As you may know Jess loves both Paw patrol and animals.

The first thing which pleased me about cannon hall  they did not charge extra as a result of having an event on. This is something which we have found does occur at other places.  So this is such a big thumbs up from us. The pups you could meet every hour and we did actually manage to get to meet both of them. Jess loves them so much we decided we would do this.  We did not choose the best place to wait though which meant that we did have to wait a whole hour nearly. If you stand half away around you may not have to wait as long.

Something which I think may be unique or different to other farms which we have visited. Was the fact that cannon hall had sheep racing as well as ferret racing. Sheep racing is now something I know which occurs at York Maze as well. I am sure people are screaming at me saying other places that do these events.

You could have a free bet on which animal was going to win at both the sheep and the ferret racing.  You won a prize if your colour and raffle ticket number was called. I seem to remember the prize was something like being able to return to Cannon Hall for free. Both types of racing occur several times a day which means that there was plenty of opportunities to see these events.

You are able to purchase animal feed when you can actually purchase when you arrive. Bags are only around 50p I think this is so cheap.  You are unable to hand feed the animals but you put the feed down the shoots which allows to feed. This is one thing I do not think that you are able to do at other farms. So well done to cannon hall for making you feel more hands on. For sure I know this is an element which Jess loved to be able to do. I would recommend saving some feed thought and not giving it to all the cute sheep and goats. The reason is we regretted it after we ran out before visiting the cows. We managed to go when the lambs were still very cute as well which for me is always a bonus.

Around this area, there are also Shetland ponies and goats which are very adorable. I think anything that is small is very cute apart from rats, to be honest. You can be very close to these animals if this is something which you like if you are like Jess your children will adore this. Secretly I think she wanted to ride the pony but this is something which you are not able to do.

Talking of cute little animals there were some little piglets we saw some which were only one day old. Pigs are not something which you think that are going to be cute but there are. There were hundreds of little pigs spread over the three sheds which are home to pigs I could not believe how small some of them compare to how big they actually become in the end.

This was an area which Jess seemed to enjoy she loved watching what they were doing.. They were a couple who were due to have babies any time.  So I am sure if you go now they may have some new arrivals.  The pigs are actually one of the animals which you can not actually feed. It is natural for the pigs do not have the best smell something which Jess dealt with really well when we as at cannon hall farm.

In the last barn, there was a lot of cows which you can watch been milked at various times of the year.  There is also some misc animals in there was well. These do actually include the donkeys, a horse, and Llamas. These again you can pour the feed which you have purchased down the tubes in order to feed the animals.  This is why I would recommend saving some of the feed. These ones may be more interested in having some of the treats which you are giving them as fewer people feed them.

Cannon Hall also have a tractor ride which is free to go on. I think in total we waited for around 30 minutes this is because there is only one tractor and this does the whole tour. The ride is around 30 minutes and this does allow you to see all of the animals in the barns which are open.  You also learn a little bit more about the farm. This is on top of being able to see the amazing views at cannon hall.

We did actually have food here as well because pack a lunch up before we left.  This is something which I wished we had done because there was a long queue to order food. Then there is the wait which occurs after you have ordered.  I think in total it took between an hour and an hour and a half for us to be able to eat. This is not always the greatest when you have a hungry toddler in tow.  The food was of high quality though and a reasonable price compared to other attractions which we have visited.  I think that should I return may take my own food due to the wait can be that long.

Another bonus which we liked about cannon hall farm is the fact that it has a number of parks. Which allows your little ones to run off some of the steam.  This is something which we took full benefit of Jess does love to be able to play in the park. We managed to spend a fair amount of time in them. This did mean that we did not get to go to the reptile house because it was closing as we were going to have a look around. This is something which if you are visiting I would recommend you check to avoid disappointment.

There is also a soft play area which is included in the price which is another way to make your kids tired. This is always a sign of a good day out.  They do have an area which is designed for the under 5’s which is Jess spent the majority of her time. It has several levels which means that it is bigger than your average soft play.  This was something we only did towards the end of the day. It did mean that Jess was tired and was not happy when a child pushed her.


We enjoyed our day out at cannon hall farm and for sure it is a place were we may return next year. If Jess continues to love animals I do not see why it should not be a be place we return to. There is always something new at the farm and it is not too far from our new house either.  The price does not put me off returning either. With it only costing £9.95 for an adult and I seem to remember around £7.95 for a child. They regularly have offers which will save you money. One think to note though is that you do pay for parking which I did not really appreciate

If you have visited Cannon Hall farm what did you think?

Charlotte xx




Day’s Out- Getting Lost In York Maze

York maze is a place which I have heard so much about and living at the moment in the city. I thought that there was not a better time to visit the maze and get lost than this summer. This year they have decided to do the maze in the theme of dinosaurs. As it is 25 Years since the release of Jurassic Park. If I am honest the reason why we have not visited before this time. Maybe this is because I thought it was expensive for a maze at £14.95 for adults. This visit has changed my mind on the York Maze.

We visited on a warm Sunday afternoon so I expected it to be busy. With people wanting to make the most of the nice weather. We arrived at York Maze around 1pm and actually did not end up leaving till close at 6.30. We would have loved more time which is always a sign of a good day. There was plenty which we did not manage to get done. This included The House of Cornfusion, The Pig Racing and the shows. These are something which I think we are going to have to go back and do one day.

Of course, we did manage to do a lot of things during the afternoon at the maze. We completed the whole maze without getting too lost in which is a bonus. We went to every check point which there are 6 of in around an hour of been in the maze. I have been told by a member of staff it should take you around an hour and half with a map. Which is available when you buy your ticket  for £1.50 which has a map and compass I am pretty proud we managed to do it without.

A couple of tips which I would give you before entering the maze. Make sure that you have been to the toilet there is nothing worse than needing a wee half way around. Also make sure you have enough water in order to stay hydrated you could be in there for a while.

There is plenty to do which does not include using the actual maze. This is where we spent a lot of our time Jess as you may know loves the sand pit. Due to it been a very warm day we let her play in the water element of the sand pit. This did mean that she came back drenched but she had a good day out. Jess also decided that she wanted to do some building with bricks which she has basically to herself. Which she enjoyed they are like the foam bricks which you find at soft play centres. For sure is somewhere which she could have spent a lot more time.

We spent some time in the different kinds of mazes as well including the mineshaft maze. This makes you crawl through the maze like a mineshaft which is great fun for kids. However, as an adult it can really hurt your knees which is something which happened to me. Of course, if it is wet before you visit this is an area which your child may come back from super muddy. I did notice as a result of this Jess had a number of bruises on her knees the next day as well the joys of having a toddler.

I think that my favourite part of the maze was actually the Crowmania ride this is something which you my have to que. However, I think this was well worth the wait. We managed to get the last ride of the day I am very glad about to be honest. The ride is around 30 minutes long and goes around the fields while your sat on a tractor which is always enjoyable. There is a story with it and there is so many fun jokes its very interactive and at times a bit like a pantomine. Beware you will get wet on this ride however, if it is a hot day  you will actually love this.

There is also a chance to hold some of the animals which the maze is home to.Which included the tortoise which we managed to stroke. This is something which I have never done before and I think was not what I expected. There was also a millipede out when we were around this section.Of course Jess been the kind of child she is had to hold it. I personally found it super tickly and then we held a snake. This is not something which I have done in the past. The snake even started to wrap itself around my arm it must have been because I was warm.

As I said previously, there was elements which we did not do due to time.There is bits we did not do because Jess is too young currently. This includes a climbing frame which you have to climb up a volcano and then you can travel down the slide. There is also a race which would be great if Jess was a lot older. I am competitive and would love to race against her.There was a long que when we had been visit and there is only two allowed on at a time. So this is something to bare in mind.  For sure there is plenty to do for the children and you could easy spend all day the maze.

If you are like us who do not always take food out with us. You will be glad to hear that the food at the maze is actually a reasonably price and the food is actually really tasty as well. Drinks for coke is around £1.80 which is so cheap for a attraction. I think a meal for  3 of us including ice cream came to less than £30. This is something to bare in mind you do not have to take a picnic with you if you do not want to.

York Maze is open till the 3rd September so plenty of time for a visit. Tickets are £15.75 for adults and £14.75 for children , there are discounts for booking online. You can also get a family of 4 ticket for £59 something we would have done .But Jess is under 3 and you do not pay for these. Despite the price I would recommend it there is so much for all of the family. We went with Grandma who also enjoyed it, one tip is make sure you give your self enough a minimum of 3 hours if not all day if you want to experience the maze and all it has to offer.

Have you been to York Maze if so what were your thoughts?

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Day’s Out- Twycross Zoo


Going to the zoo is something which we love to do. Jess has been to the zoo previously at Chester, and also visited Yorkshire Wildlife Park. We keep taking her back due to the fact that she loves the animals and she is now telling us what the animals are which she can see.

We decided to take her grandparent’s and her Great Nan as a proper family day out because it is only around an hour and a bit from their house. This is when we found out that Nanny had never visited a Zoo previously.  It was a shame the day was not bright and sunny instead it was very dull and cold nothing a jacket could not help with though.

We arrived at the zoo about an hour after Twycross opened which meant that is was not too busy. This did mean that some of the animals were just waking up and as a result of Twycross having a lot of primates, they were finding their place in the territories. It was amazing to actually because it is very rare you actually get to hear this because the zoo’s usually got so busy and do not have as many primates as Twycross.

Twycross has one of the best and I think largest ape and primate collections in the UK, and you can tell. It really is incredible with apes of all types including gorilla, chimpanzee, and gibbons. These are animals which I love to watch because we can see how similar to the apes we actually are. However, as a result of Twycross having so many primates, this means they do not have as many of the other animals which you may expect to see at the zoo.

Giraffes are one of the animals which I love being able to watch and I think this has actually rubbed off on Jess because we spent a while in the Giraffe house. Twycross only has males however, they have so many different types and who knows in the future they may get some females and we might hear the pitter patter of baby Giraffes. I hope so because they are so cute and it would make me want to visit again in the future.

The Elephants when we visited were undergoing crate training due to staff telling us that they are actually going to be moving. I think they said they were going to Blackpool Zoo as a result of them not having enough space for them to have a male which means that they can not breed their elephants. I do hope that they manage to get some more because it would be a shame for them to loose them. For sure I know going to see the elephants is one of the highlights of a trip to the zoo.

There is a nice mix of outdoor and indoor enclosures so you can observe the animals in whichever part of the enclosure they choose to be in. This does mean that if you go to the zoo in the winter or when the weather is not great you are still going to be able to see the animals which are always a bonus.

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Days Out- Hull Explorer

It is not often you get to be a tourist in your own city, recently I was contacted by East Yorkshire. Seeing if I would like to review their back for 2018 open top bus tour in Hull. The bus tour is called the Hull Explorer.  Jess and I actually managed to go on the bus on one of the hottest days of the year. Which meant she wanted to sit in the shade in order to make sure she was not poorly.

The bus tour lasts between 80-90 minutes depending on traffic of course. It is actually a hop on hop off service so you do not have to do this in one. You learn so much about the history of the city of Hull, see parts which you may never have seen . Even as a local there was parts I had not been to in a long time.

Due to the bus been hop on hop off it does mean that you can get off for drinks or have a closer look at some of the sites of Hull. This is something which we did not have the option of doing because it was a training day we attended. This is for sure something which I would do if I went back on the Hull explorer.  I think on a nice day getting of the bus and having some drinks down Humber Street and the Marina would be very nice and refreshing.

While you are on board the Hull Explorer you will have a very knowledgeable guide who will enlighten you about the story of Hull. Also some of the landmarks which it is home to.  I actually learn so much on the bus, for example, the reason why the city is called Kingston upon Hull is that it was the second biggest port outside of London.  So it was the king’s town upon the River Hull.  I also learned that Hull has a statue to King Billy who is the one who brought Gin to England so I think we owe so much to him.

On the tour you get to see places such as Queen Victoria square which is home to the city hall, and the maritime museum. This is along with the statue of Queen Victoria who sits above the public toilets. This allows you to see some of the old buildings despite being in the city centre close to all of the shops.  This would be a great place to get on or off if you want to browse the shops or learn more about Hull’s fishing history.

Just around the corner from the Queen Victoria Square there are queens gardens as I said it was a very nice day there was a lot of people enjoying the sun. This would be a great spot to grab some lunch or having a drink. These are beautiful fountains and around the back, there is a huge pond which you could enjoy. This is close to be two of the old docks in Hull and close by in Beverley gate you can see some of the remains. The King was locked out of the city by the people during the start of the English Civil War.

High street is another place where you get to visit on the Hull explorer. This recently had been filmed as the streets of London in Victoria the hit TV show. This is still home to some of the old warehouses which used to be used by the fisherman when Hull was still a thriving fishing port.  This is a cobbled street so it can be pretty bumpy when you are on the Hull Explorer.

The marina is another stop which the you will get to visit, this is very close to Humber Street. Both areas have been redeveloped as a result of the city of culture.  This now is a thriving area with a lot of bars and restaurants.  This for sure is an area which you should get off and spend some time . There is some amazing ice cream areas who doesn’t love ice cream.

There are other amazing areas which you visit including:

  • Cenotaph
  • Wilberforce Monument
  • Museums Quarter
  • Hull Minster
  • The Deep

This year, Hull Explorer runs for every Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday from 7 July until 2 September.  This means there is plenty of time this summer to explore more about the city of Hull.  The Hull Explorer is not expensive with adult day tickets at £8, students and OAps’s £6 and children £5. Those who are under 5 are free and a family ticket can be purchased for just £21.


I would recommend visiting Hull and going on the Hull Explorer I learn so much on this tour. Jess enjoyed seeing some of the different cities around the city . However, it may have been due to the heat that she got fed up. After all she is only 2 and this is aimed at older people. I would recommend going on this tour even if you are a local because it is always good to learn more about your own city.


Have you ever been to Hull if so what did you think?


Charlotte xx

This post is in collaboration with East Yorkshire however, all views are my own

Day’s Out- PYO Strawberries

Strawberry picking is something which I have wanted to do with Jess since last year. However, if some of you might remember Joe was actually away for all of the summer last year and this was not a task which I fancied doing on my own with her. This year I knew it was something that we had to do because Strawberries are one of her favourite fruits. Plus we knew that she would love to do it because who doesn’t want to have some amazing memories.

We actually managed to go to one near Grantham this year because we decided to go and see her grandparents. We invited them to come along to strawberry pick and shockingly this is the first time her Nanny had actually been. However, she had that much fun I am sure she might go again I know for sure we will be taking Jess back next year if we do not manage to get to the strawberry fields before the end of the picking season.

We managed to go strawberry picking the first weekend that it was open this did make me wonder whether there would be many for us to pick. As you can see by the picture above we did not struggle to get some big red juicy strawberries at all. Do not worry we actually only had to boxes of them the rest where the grandparents we did spend £20 on the ones we picked but they were so tasty. I actually miss the freshness of these and cream or yogurt for breakfast. I am almost talking myself into going back strawberry picking before the end of July.

The farm we visited was great  all you had to do was grab your baskets where signs which pointed you in the direction of the picking fields. It only took 5 minutes walk to find the rows of strawberries which is great because we had been in the car for over 2 hours due to travelling to the grandparents. Jess was keen to get her hands on the strawberries and off she went to pick them with her little basket. It was pretty quite when we was out in the fields which means she could roam around. With the instruction on only picking the red ones because they were the ones which were ready.

Thinking back to when I went strawberry picking as a child I thought the juicy ones used to be on the outside. However, when we visited it was the middle this could have been due to going to a different part of the season to be honest. But of course we had to test a couple of them to make sure that they were of good quality before we actually paid for them.

If you have never been strawberry picking it is something I would recommend. We for sure had some great fun and the different in the taste is unreal a tip I would say is go either in the morning or late afternoon so it is not too hot and make sure you have comfortable shoes on due to the fact you may get a attacked by the lane of strawberries and the fact that you could be walking a fair distance.

Have you been strawberry picking yet this year, I know they are still open if the answer is no.


Charlotte xx

Keeping The Cost Of Days Out Down

Going on days out are something which we love to do as a family, however, they can come with a huge cost.  We try to make sure that we have as many days out as we can because this is where we feel like the memories are created for Jess.  Since the turn of the year, we have had visits to the circus, zoo trips, farms visits and of course trips to soft play. There have been other days out which I may have not fully remembered.

I have a few tips which we do in order to reduce the cost of the days out. Today I am going to share with you some of them in order to save the pennies for your family this summer. Instead of watching the pounds you can actually enjoy and watch the memories being created.

Check if they do student/military discount

I know that this is not going to be something which applies to everyone. However, with me being a student and a Joe in the forces, it can see us been able to get to get some money off. I know for example when we got to the cinema we can get money off and places like Twycross Zoo did do student discount which was handy as having money off it always a bonus. If you have teenagers who are at college don’t forget the majority of them get student prices which can always help.

Check the attractions facebook page

We have managed to save some money by me checking the attractions Facebook page before we actually visited.  I found that some of the attractions do money off or mum goes free on Mother’s day and I think that some of them are actually doing it for Father’s day.  I know for sure Pink Pig Farm did it.  Places such as the local soft play place which we enjoy taking Jess to have an offer on which I saw on their site which is 10 sessions over the summer holidays for £40. Some places are cheaper as well to visit during the term time which if like us you are not dictated by school holidays is a great way to be able to save some pennies.

Use sites like Groupon

Going out for meals after a long day out because you can get amazing deals on a number of restaurants. Alongside this, you can also find amazing deals on attractions and things to do for example trampoline parks, nerf gun session and paintballing all things which you could do with your children or friends this summer. Just browsing groupon made me realise how much  fun things there is in my area and also areas which we are looking at visiting in the future.

For example we have a trip in August to Manchester and I have been looking at things to do without breaking the bank in either Manchester or Liverpool. There are things like bus tours which you may want to do if you are visiting a different city in order to be able to see everything which you may not have been able to if you was walking.  For example the bus tour in Liverpool has a massive 55% off which is a huge saving of around £15 per person.

Take your own food if possible

Food at places can be very expensive for what you get due to the fact that they have the monopoly on you when at the attraction. For example we found that at the zoo two coffee’s was around the £6 mark however, we decided to save money on this trip. We decided to do this due to the weather been nice which meant that we could eat outside if we wanted to and have a wider selection of food than the fast food usually on offer at attractions. Make sure that you check if you can take your own food and drink because some places I know you can not consume products which you have not purchased on the premises.

Do your research

There are many days out which can be free or cost very littl, for example,e I know the majority of the museums in Hull are free, along with the National Railway Museum in York. It is worth checking the area which you live or are looking to do a day out in and see what you can do for free. Sometimes some of the best days out we have had have been in parks or places which have not cost the earth to actually visit. Another element to check is to see if your ticket means that you can have access back to the attraction for the next year for free at the moment we have annual passes for Eureka which was included in the price of our original ticket. I know this is something which The Deep also do and I am sure a number of other attractions.


Do you have any tips to save money on days out?


Charlotte xx

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