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Hey Guys

A couple of weeks go I popped into my local Boots to get the Aussie which they had on offer. That is all I went in for and this is the result of the trip because I purchased a fair amount of items I decided that I would share it with you guys so below is what I purchased in no order.

Aussie Miracle Moist Shampoo I decided that I would pick this one up because of the fact that my hair had not been in the best condition and it needed some moisture putting back into it which it had lost due to the sun and I also had run out of the other shampoo which I had been using also the offer made me get it.

I also had to purchase the Aussie Miracle Moist Conditioner because I am strange and have to have the same conditioner as I do shampoo is anyone else like me and then I think that I get the benefit from both of them so this is a the reason this fell into my basket but I love both of these products and have used them both before.

Then to complete the offer which I think was 3 Aussie For £10 I picked up their Miracle Hair Insurance Leave In Conditioner I used to used to use a leave in conditioner but I some how have lost it so I thought because basically it was free I would see what the Aussie one was like and I must report I like it is better than any other one that I have used. 

You may notice that I purchased 3 different bottles of nail varnish remover this is because I go through lots of it because I usually have my nails painted and also I have to clean the wheels which I show you the swatches of new polish that I have purchased well my boots had these in the clearance section all 3 of them cost me 50P each I don’t know why they where that cheap so I picked up the Boots conditioning nail polish remover ,the Boots clean off nail varnish remover and also the Boots acetone free nail varnish remover this will last me a few months.

Talking about nail products my Essie base coat which I use all the time is running out so I decided that I would purchase one ready for when mine does run bone dry so I picked up the Essie all in one base coat. I have not heard people talking about this before but I couldn’t get my hands on the one which I currently use and this seem the closest product so it made it’s way into my basket. 

I popped over to the Model Own Stand and this is where I picked up the nail varnish above it is the Model Own HedKandi Sunset Chillout now I think this is a beautiful top coat I am planning to show you what I wore it with on my nails in a post which will be up either before or after this one but I picked this up because it screamed summer to me and I still want some summer in my life when the weather changes and becomes colder so this was the reasoning behind this.

I also picked up a Model Own ArtStix in Pastel Lilac because of the fact that I don’t own a nail art pen in this colour and it seemed like a colour which I needed because I could do a lot of designs with it also I think it will put some light in dark nail polishes which I will be rocking as it becomes cooler weather.

After hearing so much about how good the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum in shade 55 is I decided that I would pick it up because the foundation which I am using now is starting to run out and I always like to have one in reserve so I can get straight into using it without having to run to the shop when mine runs out. I will let you know how I get on with it when I start using it.

I also purchased the Soap And Glory Kick Ass Concealer in Medium this is because I wanted to try a new concealer and have heard a few people in the blogging world go on about this so I decided that I would go and see what all the hype was about and there will be a review coming up in the next few weeks.

The final item which I purchased was the Soap and Glory Lipstick in PomPom I purchased this because I had heard Sammi from Beautycrush talk about it and thought it looked beautiful and I thought that I needed to get my hands on it I think that this is a summer shade as well as one which can easy be worn in the autumn.

What do you think about the products I purchased?

Charlotte x
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4 thoughts on “Boots Haul

  1. Can't you get them at all I could send you some in a swap if you would like I love the concealer it is nearly as good as the collection 2000 on if you have tried that.

    Charlotte x

  2. I think it is one of the best concealers that I have used I love it I plan on doing a review on it soon. The lipstick is amazing as well just gutted I managed to leave it at home must pick it up next week

    Charlotte x

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Boots Haul

Hi Guys
I decided that I would show you what I had purchased on a trip to boots on Saturday. I know that I have more than enough products in my collection but I couldn’t resist these little bits. I still am trying to justify some of them but who cares I am not spending as much anymore as I am trying to use things up before hopefully moving to uni.
The first thing which you can see is the Soap and Glory No clogs allowed detox mask now this is something which I have been waiting to try for a while and the reason behind this is because I have really bad breakouts on my back and wanted a mask to use on that which is self heating and also cheap so this is why I used this. Also I wanted to try it on my face because I always like to feel a mask doing something because then I think it is working so this is the reason why I purchased it and I must admit that I have used this one and really did enjoy the experience.
I also purchased Soap and Glory peaches and clean the reason I purchased this is because it is a repurchase because my other one had nearly run out and by the time this post goes up will have and I love to use this product when I am in the shower as a pretty quick mask I find that this works better for me than using it as a cleaner but for some people it maybe the opposite to me. I love the new soap and glory packaging more than the old one I think it looks more professional but that is my opinion.
The last Soap and Glory item is Feel Good Factor which is a moisturiser which has spf25 in it which means that it protects your face from harmful UV-rays which is always something which I am looking to do as I don’t want to have skin which looks old before it’s time. I have been wearing this under make up and if I feel like I need to I will put some over the top of my make up during the day and it doesn’t ruining the make up which I already have applied.
The due to the fact that I have an obesssion with purchasing nail polish I got another 4 
The first one which you can see is the bright pink which is named Bubblegum from Model Own it is one of their polishes from the neon range. Now I don’t actually own a nail polish which is as bright as this one which made me want to purchase this beautiful colour and this is something which I think will be seen on my nails very soon
The beautiful purple which is next to it Grape Juice this is also from Model Own but this is one from their scented range now this is one of the most perfect pastel colour in purple and it also smells like them purple gel pens which you used to get in school and this is something that I love and think I will be getting a lot of wear out of this.
The mint green colour in the picture is Apple Pie from Model Own again this is from the scented range now the reason this ended up in my basket is because of the fact that it looks like Mint Candy Apple and this is something which I didn’t know where it was at the time but now I have found both but I will be using both.
The final polish that I purchased in this boot haul is Model Own’s Strawberry Tart I purchased this colour because of the fact that I don’t own a colour which is the same as this and this is the reason why this fell into my basket and this is something I will be using in the weeks to come. Again this is from the scented range.
What did you think of the items that I purchased
Charlotte x

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