Bookworm #5 – By The Time You Read This

Hi Guys 
During this hot weather I have been making the most of it and sitting outside and reading books because this is something which I get so much pleasure out of so this review I am going to share a book which I have just finished and now am sending to New Zealand so someone else can get the pleasure of it.
The Blurb:
This is a manual for my daughter Lois. Here are the rules:
1. You must only read each new entry on your birthday, there is one for every year until you are thirty.
2. This is a private manual between you and me.
3. No peeping at the next entry unless it’s your birthday!

When Lois Bates is handed the manual, she can barely bring herself to read it as the pain of losing her dad is still so raw. Yet soon his advice is guiding her through every stange of her life – from first love and relationships to her career. The manual can never be a substitute for having her dad back, but through his words Lois learns to start living again, and discovers that happiness is waiting around the corner

My Review:

I had finished the book that I had been reading before this one which I have chosen not to review due to been rugby  anyway I quickly grabbed this book and started reading what I for sure thought would be a tear-jerker but the truth is NOTHING happened Iended up getting so bored of this book it took me about a month to read it and I only did that because I don’t like leaving books unfinished. The major problem for me is that the author writes like a teenager and at times I find myself having to reread what a sentence was just to understand what is happening. I think maybe this book was geared toward 14 year olds maybe under and this is why I didn’t agree or like the book at all 

Have you read this book what did you think of it?

Charlotte x

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