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This is going to be a long post I know because I have not share the books which I have read with you since May. I still have been reading a ton but for some reason have not been sharing what I have been reading. I now as I write this post have finished 29 books this year already

above my target of 24. I am looking forward to seeing how many more I can finish this year. Before I know it, my ban on buying new books will be over and I will be allowed to add to my collection again. Anyway on to the books which I have been reading recently.

The Bride Stripped Bare

The Bride Striped Bare By Nikki Gemmell 2/5 Stars

Plot- This novel of sex, secrecy, and escape explores the truth about love and sex. Following the sexual awakening of its female protagonist who gradually becomes embroiled in a world of fantasy and recklessness. It will make readers question whether it is ever entirely possible to know another person.

My Thoughts- This book was a bit confusing I could not make out the genre of this book at all. It was a bit like a mystery with erotica. The style which this book is written in can be really hard to follow or it was for me. There were sections where I would have to reread it to make sure it made sense. I felt like the characters needed more development than they actually had. I did no connect or warm to any of them in this book.  Since reading this book I have found that it is actually a series but this one has not made me want to buy the next in the series. I do not think I would recommend this book unless it is something which you are super interested and want to read.

Coming Home

Coming Home By Melanie Rose 4/5 Stars

Plot– A freak snowstorm leaves a young woman stranded – and unconscious. Coming to, she has no recollection of who she is or how she got there. All she recalls are the warm arms of a stranger carrying her to safety … She awakes in an idyllic country cottage, belonging to Vincent, a recently widowed city banker. Dashing and polite, the woman can’t think of a better knight in shining armour. Vincent’s 6-year-old daughter Jadie can hardly contain her excitement at their guest, chattering away excitedly. Trouble is, she’s been mute for the past two years… As she struggles with flashbacks to her past, memories come back which aren’t her own, bringing with them a stream of questions. What secrets does Vincent hide? Why has Jadie been silent for so long? Will she ever discover her true identity? Or is she, as Jadie believes, an angel come to save them all?

My Thoughts- This is a book which actually had me hooked I needed to know more. I think this is something which I ended up reading in a couple of days because the weather was super nice. For sure it was one which made me needing to know what was going to happen. The characters are some which you can really feel like you can get to know. This seemed to flow really well it almost was like someone was telling you a story. I did not guess the ending which is a huge bonus. Usually I can work out what is going to happen in a book and this is not always something you want. This has made me want to read some more of Melanie Rose books.  I will keep an eye out for some of her books. For sure I would recommend this book.

The Happy Home for Broken Hearts

The Happy Home for Broken Hearts By Rowan Coleman 3/5 Stars

Plot- Ellie Woods spends her days immersed in the escapist pages of the romantic novels she lovingly edits. But her reality is somewhat less rose-tinted. Once upon a time, Ellie had her ‘happily ever after’ moment when she married her beloved Nick. Fifteen years later her husband’s tragic death leaves her alone with their soon-to-become-a-teenager son, faced with a mountain of debt, and on the verge of losing the family home. On the brink of bankruptcy, Ellie finally succumbs to her sister’s well-meant bullying and decides to rent out some rooms. And all too soon the indomitable Allegra with her love for all things lavender, Sabine on secondment from Berlin and estranged from her two-timing husband, and unreconstructed lads’ mag aficionado Matt enter her ordered but fragile existence – each with their own messy life in tow. And Ellie finds herself forced to step out of the pages of the romantic novels she hides behind, and learn to live – and love – again. Maybe a new chapter is about to begin for them all…

My Thoughts- There is a lot going on in this book for sure it is not one which is slow. The characters are well build and people that you feel. You can understand and to some extent relate to them as well. For me there was too many large chunks of a book which Ellen was proofreading. I must admit I ended up skipping some of them because they were so long an unrelated to the book. The ending was predictable but then I can usually work out what the ending is going to be for a lot of books. This is a book which I would recommend if you want an easy read.Getting Rid Of Matthew

Getting Rid Of Matthew By Jane Fallon 3/5 Stars

Plot- When Matthew, Helen’s lover of the past four years, finally decides to leave his wife Sophie and move into Helen’s flat, she should be over the moon. The only trouble is, she doesn’t want him any more. Now she has to figure out how to get rid of him.

My Thoughts- I love the fact that this book was written from the point of view of the other women. It is not your average girl meets boy love story. No Helen is trying to get rid of Matthew she now does not want him. This follows her journey to get rid of him.  There is some bits which you think really would you really go to that kind of extreme to get out of a relationship with a man. I thought this book was slightly too long and could have been done in a bit of a shorter book. I did get a bit bored by the end however, this has not put me off reading any Jane Fallon in the future.

Girl, 15, Flirting For England

Girl, 15, Flirting For England By Sue Limb 3/5 Stars

Plot- Jess Jordan is barely 15. Fred is her often-aggravating best guy friend; her father is a lonely bachelor; Flora is her gorgeous best friend, a constant liability; and Ben Jones is barely a twinkle in her eye. Into this innocent scene are dropped 30 or so helpless French exchange students. Jess and her mother are assigned to house Eduoard, a shy, awkward, and painfully English-deprived boy Jess’s age. To counter what Jess fears is Eduoard’s growing crush on her, Jess convinces her friend Fred to pose as her boyfriend, but he refuses to take their fake relationship seriously. Add a gorgeous, womanizing French student, an ill-fated camping trip in a student’s backyard. You have all the makings of an international incident. Will Jess be able to keep the peace, or even translate the whole debacle to the confused French students? The future of England is on the line.

My Thoughts-  This is a book which I read because of the fact i was already in my collection. It is not one which I would purchase now because of the fact that it is such a teenage book. It is something which may have appealed to me 10 years ago. The problem for me with this book was the fact that there seemed to be no character development. There also was no real plot to the story which made it really hard to make me want to read it. I think this is because of the fact that I was too old I am not the target audience. Sadly I am not going to purchase any more books in the series . There are other books which I would prefer to read instead.

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 A Bad Boy Can Be Good for a Girl By Tanya Lee Stone 2/5 Stars

Plot- Josie, Nicolette, and Aviva all get mixed up with a senior boy a cool, slick, sexy boy who can talk them into doing almost anything he wants. In a blur of high school hormones and personal doubt, each girl struggles with how much to give up and what ultimately to keep for herself. How do girls handle themselves? How much can a boy get away with? And in the end, who comes out on top? A bad boy may always be a bad boy. But this bad boy is about to meet three girls who will not back down.

My Thoughts-  This is a book which I managed to read in a few of hours because it is so short. This was a book which was focused on sex and teenagers. 3 girls wanted to prove that they could change the bad boy. This again is a teenage book which could affect why my rating for this book is so low. The poetry style of this book was not something which I enjoyed. There was a weak story line again in this book. Which did not bother me too much as I did not have to invest long in the book to have it finished. These girls seem to want him because he was dubbed a bad boy they were not interested in him more his reputation. Sadly this is not a book which I would recommend.  I only read it because it was in my collection some how.

The Catch

The Catch By Mark Mason 2/5 Stars

Plot– Kirsty is everything Sam has ever wanted in a woman – gorgeous, funny, bright, brilliant company. But when he asks her to marry him, he doesn’t reckon on her response. The catch. For Kristy to accept him, he’s going to have to prove he’s marital material. Over the next twelve weeks, she’s going to give his behaviour points (though she won’t explain how he scores them). If his total hits 1000, then she’ll be his bride. However much Sam does the ironing or puts the loo seat down, his tally resembles Norway’s in the Eurovision Song Contest. Where’s he going wrong? Assembling a sex war cabinet of best mates George, and Pete. Sam is no closer to an answer … until the addition of work colleague Amanda opens his eyes to the surprising truth about what really winds women up

My Thoughts–  This book was actually an ok book however, the middle of it made it drag. The principle of the plot really works and it is something different to other books that I have read in the past. This could be due to the fact that it is written by a man instead. I like how it includes Danny a 13 year old who Sam is trying to help improve his life as well. There is elements that are so unbelievable including the whole thing to do with a rabbit. If you are looking for an easy read this could be one for you. It did take me a while to finish the book but this could have been due to the fact that I was unwell while reading it.

The Prison Doctor


The Prison Doctor By Dr Amanda Brown 5/5 Stars

Plot- Dr Amanda Brown has treated inmates in the UK’s most infamous prisons – first in young offenders’ institutions, then at the notorious Wormwood Scrubs and finally at Europe’s largest women-only prison in Europe, Bronzefield. From miraculous pregnancies to dirty protests, and from violent attacks on prisoners to heartbreaking acts of self-harm, she has witnessed it all. In this memoir, Amanda reveals the stories, the patients and the cases that have shaped a career helping those most of us would rather forget

My Thoughts-  This is a book that I have been looking to purchase for a while now. I actually borrowed this book of my Mum. It is a book which I managed to fly through in no time because it is one which I enjoyed that much it was such a good read and a page-turner. This book really showed you the inside of prisons as part of the medical department. There is so much honesty in this book, showing how people found themselves in prison.  It really opened my eyes and made me think differently about offenders, prisons, drugs, and mental health. I would really recommend this book if you like this is going to hurt by Adam Kay it has almost a similar vibe.

The Prison Doctor: Women Inside: Stories from my time inside Britain’s biggest women’s prison.

The Prison Doctor:- Women Inside By Dr Amanda Brown 4/5 Stars

Plot- Insights into the world of a Prison Doctor, this time taking us deeper into the walls of Bronzefield, the UK’s biggest women’s prison. From the drug addicts who call Amanda ‘the mother I never had’ to the women who’ve pushed back at domestic abuse, to women close to release in their 70s, who just want to stay in the place that they’ve always known, these are stories that are heartbreaking, harrowing and heartwarming. Amanda listens, prescribes, and does what she can. After all, she’s their doctor.

My Thoughts– This is a follow-up book to The Prison Doctor which I have also just read. I found this one showed more about the Prison than the first book. We learn about so much about the prison in this book, for example, we found out the jobs, the different wings, and also the mother and baby unit. In this element, I think this is better than the first book because this is not something which we learned about we just learned more about Dr. Brown and her story.  This time we also learned the stories and why these women were in prison in the first place. I think this is something that the first book lacked if I am honest.  Again this proper page-turner book.  I really wish this book was longer I this is one of the only reasons I could not give 5 stars. Of course, there were some elements that are repeated from the first book. This means that you could read it as a stand-alone book there is nothing stopping you doing that. For sure I would recommend reading this series. Fingers crossed there is another book in the series.

Fighting For Your Life: A Paramedic's Story - Real-life stories of heartbreak and hope from the frontline of the NHS: A paramedic's story

Fighting For Your Life: A Paramedic’s Story By Lysa Walder 3/5 Stars

Plot- A teenage boy lies on the pavement, bleeding from a stab wound; a distraught mum watches, in mute shock, as her daughter suffers a terrifying fatal asthma attack; a young girl is gang-raped and her stricken boyfriend takes an overdose; a disturbed young man flings himself in front of a speeding train at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve.

Few people can imagine living in a world where such situations are part of everyday life. Yet for veteran paramedic Lysa Walder, these and thousands of other emergency call outs are part of a day’s work: scenes of tragedy, heroism loss, and horror – but also stories of triumph and humor. Lysa has been a paramedic for over twenty years, working for the London Ambulance service – the world’s biggest and busiest free service – for much of that time. Here, she reveals what it’s really like to work in a job that brings paramedic teams face-to-face with death – and destiny – every day.

My Thoughts– This is a book that I did manage to read in a couple of days.  I love this style of the book however, for some reason, this is one which I could not warm to. This could have been to do with the fact that I felt like we did on go on a journey with the author like you usually do in these kinds of books which for me was a bit disappointing. As that is the element which I like about this style of books. Instead, this book has about 3-5 pages on each case and they do not follow on from each other they are grouped for example there is a section on death., then one on accidents. Maybe this is the reason why I could not get into this book as much. I think the author was trying to shock us with some of the stories of the calls paramedics get. However, for some reason, it didn’t shock me maybe because I have friends in that line of work.



What books have you been reading currently?


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