5 Christmas Traditions

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I thought today as part of blogmas I would share with you some of the traditions which we have a family some which I can see my little family adapting in the future when we get our own house. However, these are the traditions which I remember doing and some we still do.

A tradition which we still do is after Christmas so that we are not consuming turkey for the rest of the year we have a really nice turkey soups as you can image there is loads of it so we are eating it for a while.. My dad makes it and it seems to have so much in it from a large range of vegetables, pearl barley as well as turkey I am sure that there is more than that however, I can not recall this at the moment. Unfortunately due to me and Jess going away not long after Christmas we do not manage to have as much of this maybe we will have one day were we get to have some this year fingers crossed for me.

Opening our stockings on our parents bed on Christmas morning even at 21 years old I am not ashamed to stay that I have this tradition. We get to open the small presents which means that they are not forgotten about as your opening the big ones straight away. Me and my brother hang our stockings on our bedroom doors and the we grab them when we leave however. this year I am going to have to share my door with Jess as for the first time she has a little stocking. We will still be doing this and is a tradition which I can see continuing when we get our own house.

Leaving a treat out for Santa due having a brother who is 5 years younger than me this is one which I have done for a long time. With having Jess this is going to continue as a young child I remember always having a mug for Santa’s milk I found it again not so long ago leaving a carrot for Rudolph and a Mince Pie as long as we had some. I have seen the beautiful plates which you can get with your children’s names on however, this is not something I would really want to do till my family is complete who knows in the future there may be more than Jess.

We as kids were told that Santa saw us it meant that that he would take all of the presents back which has meant that we always lay in till between 8-9am which is late as I know some people who will be up at 4am. This is one which I am demanding that we teach Jess in the future because this Mamma likes her sleep. Even this year I don’t feel like we will have too much trouble sleeping I remember last year we actually had to wake Jess up and she was only 3 months old.

The final tradition which again kind of relates to Christmas day is that you must eat some food before you are allowed to open any of the presents which are downstairs. I have no clue why this is maybe it is as simple as so that we can have some food in our systems pretty early on in the day. Usually I will have something small like toast this year I know this is something which we will have to do as Jess loves her food and will not have a breakfast long after she has woken up. We also take it in turns to open presents I feel like this is so we know what each other got at as well as all gifts then feel special.

I would love to know what your Christmas traditions are leave me a comment and let me know

Charlotte x

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