Gift Ideas For Secret Santa

Hi Guys

If you are anything like me you will love taking part in secret Santa’s this is a concept which has grown in the last few years people now do these at work and I have heard large friendship groups doing this even the blogger community have done this as well which includes posting the items. It can be really hard to know what to send due to the fact that some have very small budgets of between £10-15.

I have decided that I am going to share a list of items which would be good to be included I have only done these for women however, you could use these for males as well should you require. These include some items which I have received in the past and ones which I have sent.

  • Make Up Bags- Primark do some amazing ones they are so useful as well
  • Bath Bombs- They do not have to be from lush other brands such as bomb cosmetics do some beautiful ones
  • Candles- Again these do not have to be yankee as you know some of my favourite ones are so cheap 
  • Fluffy Socks- if you are anything like me they are your best friend over the colder months
  • Lipsticks- if you know that they are always wearing a colour why not by them a simular one 
  • Nail Varnish-  if they are someone who likes to pain there nails again this would be perfect
  • Face Masks – sheet masks have become such a huge thing this year so why not let you secret santa try some
  • Stationary- this is something which people are becoming more and more passionate about and this is something which I am adoring at the moment keeping organise and making lists. 
I will be sharing after the Christmas period with you what I have received in my secret santas don’t worry about it at all. 
What would you like to recieve or give to your secret santa if you are doing one at all?
Charlotte x
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