Use 6 by Christmas – Update 2

Hi Guys

It has been about a month since I last posted about this challenge were I am trying to use 6 products up before Christmas now we are in the final month and I am becoming scared that I am not going to get everything finished. This is ok with me as I have made progress on them and can always roll them over into the next seasonal challenge I do.

Before we start as you might imagine I actually finished four of these products which I am so happy about however. I am unsure if I will actually finish the other items off if this makes sense.

The first product which I used up was the Body shop Love etc perfume which I can not repurchase due to the fact that it has been discontinued I think it was like 3 years ago which shows how long I have had this product. I have decided that I am going to use up another perfume which I have had for a while which is the Fergie Outspoken Intense perfume this is going to be my everyday perfume for now until it has been used up and it is nearly full.

The next is The Body Shop Lip Balm in Cranberry I have hardly used this product again this month I feel like I have used it a couple of times because it really is too sticky for me. I have put this next to my bed in order to see if it makes me use any more of it up. Hopefully it will because it is a product which I really want to use up very soon as I have had it so long but I don’t see myself using it all before Christmas so this may be in my next seasonal challenge.

John Freida bleach blonde shampoo is another one which I have used up this month. I only have to use this once a week it means I don’t get through a lot of this. I actually am going to miss this product and this started out as once which I didn’t like and wanted to completely use it up but now I like it that much that I may purchase it after I have used all the shampoos which I have in the house.  I have now decided that I am going to try the Lush Big shampoo I will let you know how I get on with this 

The Lush Salted Coconut scrub is the third item and this is one which I am glad out of my bathroom because I really am not a fan of the the scent this reminds me of playdough so this will not be repurchased and the fact I know I have a ton of other scrubs to use which was not helping me want to use it up. I have decided to use a Ted Baker scrub up next again this is not my favouite however I got in for Christmas a few years ago so I want use it before it goes bad if that is possible. 

The next item I have is the Lush Mask of Magnanimity I think I have only used this product once in the whole of this month this may be due to not having time to take baths and this is when I use this product. I am not going to finish this time unless I use is a hell of lot this month. Because I love it would rather enjoy it rather than just use it up because of this challenge but I may actually make a dent in this because I am going to be off uni which means that I can treat my skin more as i will have only more time

The final item which I used up was  the Lush let the good time roll cleanser which I feel like only lasted a couple of days after the last update, I have repurchased however, I decided to try the limited edition Buche de Noel which Joe helped me pick out and to be honest I am loving so that’s some boyfriend points for him.  

Are you doing a challenge like this, if so how are you getting on?

Charlotte x

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