Favourite Winter Candles

Hi Guys

I have decided to share today my favourite candles for the Winter they are not all just Christmassy ones due to the go the fact that I know that I will be burning these way into January and I feel like this is not something you can do if they are all Christmas scents.

The first one which I am sharing with you is the B&M Winter Mist which cost only £2.99. This is one of the dupes for bath and body works, however, I have never tried them. The reason that it is one of my favourite is due to the fact that it smells so clean it reminds me of them crisp winter mornings without it been so cold which is always a bonus. I feel like this is one which you could burn at any time of the year because it is so clean and fresh. I may have to have another trip to B&M to see if I can get any more of these because they are super cheap as well.

The second one is also from B&M and another dupe which cost £2.99 this is frosted cranberry which reminds me of a berry smoothie for some reason, however, you rarely see cranberries in one of these. Cranberries are meant to be festive so this is the reason I have included it in this again this is one which could be burnt at any time of the year it smells clean and fruity for me. This is one again which I may go on the hunt for to stock up on as they are so cheap  and I know that I may not be able to get my hands on them for very long knowing B&M.

The next candle which I am loving is the Yankee Candle Snow In Love which reminds me of a man and women getting ready for a night out like you do in the festive period and the perfume and aftershave which they are spraying. This is one which I am so glad has come back this year because I adore it. The reason I feel like is because it reminds me of when I used to go on nights out I do not go out as much anymore due to having Jess.

The final Yankee candle which I have love is Christmas Eve which to me just smells just like Christmas if I had to just describe one note I can smell Orange but like a heated warm orange scent if this makes any sense at all. I know this is not the greatest scent description so if you are lucky to live close to a Yankee store or somewhere which stocks Yankee go and have a sniff of this one.  The large Yankee candles are £21.99, however, they can actually be found sometimes cheaper in the outlet stores.

The final candle which I have is Secret Santa from Bomb Cosmetics this is one which Joe decided that he liked the smell of so I purchase it, yes I am that shallow when it comes to candles. This reminds me of the warm smell of Christmas and being all cosy for some reason it must be the hint of ginger.  I managed to pick this up at a local store however you can purchase this one online. It would actually make an amazing secret Santa present and is around £8 for this size tin picture, unfortunately, they only do one size.

What are you favourite Christmas candle?

Charlotte x

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