Blogmas Day 3- Christmas Candle

Hey Guys
Today I am going to share with you two christmas candles which I have been burning this festive season.  As you can probably guess they are made by the same company just by looking at the beautiful glass jars they come in something which I will be keeping so I can burn some other candles in them.
The red one is Glade Apple and Cinnamon now could this sound any more festive.  This scent reminds me of when you are walking around the Christmas shops and they all have this definitive smell which you never can put your finger on apart from it smelling like Christmas but this really smells like it to me which is good because as this post goes up it is  9 days till Christmas and I am still at uni. 
The golden one is Glade Warm Spice which reminds me of just winter time is smell so warm and amazing which is something which I need in my room because my room is one of the coldest place in the world which is never good. This candle has been making my room feel warmer and has also made me feel a little less stressed which is always good when I have written  4500 words in two assignment over this month which is why we are on blogmas day 3 when it is actually the 16th.
What candles have you been burning this festive season
Charlotte x

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2 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 3- Christmas Candle

  1. I love candles, but I normally stick to Yankee Candles, but these sound too good to miss out on, I love anything Cinnamon, so will be looking out for these on my next candle haul.

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