Asda Little Angel Christmas Nappies Review

Hi Guys

Today I am sharing a product with you which Jess could not live without the Asda Little Angel Nappies, They have had a slight revamp for Christmas so your little one could have a festive nappy and pretend to be Santa meaning you can already get in the festive spirit.

Every year Asda do a festive themed nappy and this year it is Santa’s little helper they are decorated front and back they have some simple but beautiful strips on the back. Jess seems to love that her nappies have changed maybe she is going to really be into Christmas.

This Christmas range is only available in the Little Angel Supreme protection nappies in sizes 4+, 5+ and 6+ however, the range does not comprise the quality which we are used to from this brand. Jess loves these so much she would not let me photograph them on her she wanted to play with the nappies and run away when I tried to take a picture of her cute festive bum.

Recently we tried another brand and we found that they looked saggy even when they were not very wet at all. With these little angel nappies we which we constantly use we have never come across a problem and we will continue to purchase them for the rest of the time which she is in nappies.

They are so absorbent which means your little one will not wake up with a huge horrid and with no leaks well this is our experience they are also super stretchy which means they can adapt to the body hopefully meaning less poo explosions up their back and protecting their nice vests.

These nappies are priced at £3.50 and can be picked up online or in your local store now

Have you tried these nappies before also what do you think of the beautiful festive design

Charlotte x

These nappies were sent to us for review however these are our own opinions

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