Benefits of Baby Wearing Our Experience

Baby wearing is something which I stated before Troy was born I wanted to try. For the last few months since he has been born baby wearing has become the norm to use. Before Covid-19 actually hit we used our carrier at least 5 days a week several times a day. It is great for the nursery run I do not have to mess about with the pram. We have managed to even have a few days out where I have used it including Cannon Hall Farm, The Deep and the Baby and Toddler show.

When we are out and about and wanting to baby wear we have the Cybex Bella Twist carrier. This is something which we purchased when Mothercare was closing down and for sure has been an essential. Since Troy has been born and we found out that he loves to be worn. We actually also purchased the Close Caboo Lite. This means that I was going to be able to do household jobs and also been able to continue to work. Without having to wear the big carrier.

Today I am going to be sharing with you some of the benefits which we have found of baby wearing. For sure it is something which I would recommend if you are thinking about. It has made our live a lot easier even more so when I am home alone with both Jess and Troy.


When I had to take Troy and Jess on the train on my own it was a god send. I did not have to worry about having to make sure that there was going to be space for the pram. I did not have to worry about having to lift it up and struggle on my own. Due to having Troy was attached to me it means that it was no different Jess. Of course, I had his changing bag with me but that was the only difference. It was so easy. Days out we have not had to avoid people. I have not missed out on an experience because we have a newborn. For example at Cannon Hall Farm I did not have to leave the pram in order to go on the tractor ride.

Strangers Don’t Come Up To You As Much

There is nothing worse than strangers coming up to you and touching your baby. At any time let alone at the moment when we are all bothered about germs. We have had people when Troy has been in his car seat come up in the supermarkets and touch him. We have found when we are baby wearing him people can not touch him.Which is great for me. I hate people I don’t know touching him. People seem to not realise that you have a baby which is a huge bonus because they do not feel the urge to stop you when your trying to do daily life. I like to get things done and get back home.


I have found that been worn seems to soothe Troy and he is likely to fall asleep. Sometimes when he is tired however, we know he fighting sleep put him in a sling and he will be asleep. It seems to make him settle a lot easier which is a huge bonus when I am trying to juggle both of them. Troy does not seem to be bothered about been in the carriers for a long period of time. He has had days where he has spent the majority of the time in them. He does not seem to be as fussy as Jess was as a baby this could be as a result of baby wearing. Or it could be because they are two complete different babies. I know we should not compare them.

Learning about your baby

I feel like I know Troy and what he wants a lot more this could be as a result of having him close to me a lot more. I can tell when he is hungry without him having to cry to inform me. The same goes for when he has filled his nappy . I feel like I am a lot more in tune with Troy and it means he does not have to cry half as much. It is really nice to have a child who is so chilled I almost put this down to baby wearing.

Strengthening the muscles

I have noticed that Troy is a strong and it has been commented on that he is very strong for his age. There is nothing more he likes than to be stood on his feet. He is very strong and can support his head head and also he has good balance when we do allow him on his feet. This is something which I do not remember with Jess and has also shocked people who have babies similar age. Again this is something which I put down to baby wearing.

Easier to do things around the house

I find it so much easier get things done around the house if I am wearing Troy. I can easily do things such as the washing up hang the washing out. Usually I would have to wait till he is asleep in order to be able to undertake these jobs. Sometimes this could be hours it also helps me get some work done and I do not have to worry about not been able to get content up because I do actually have both hands available. For me this is a huge benefit more so when Joe is away and it is just me and the kids.

How did you find baby wearing did you find huge benefits?

Charlotte xxx


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