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Today I thouight I would share with you some of the beauty products which I have been loving over the past few months I could not tell you how long some of them I have been using however, these are the ones which I have been reaching for every single time I have been wearing make up. As you can see from the picture some of these are actually tools which I have been using rather than an actual product.

The first product which I have been using to apply my foundation is actually a beauty sponge I think this one was part of a pack which I purchased from Primark a few months back. I know this one is in deprate need of a clean this is a job which I really need to get done at some stage soon. I think the pack which I got had around 5 different make up sponges and I have been using the pink one which you can see in the picture as well as a smaller orange one which I use under the eyes.This pack was around the £2 mark and for sure is somethng which I can see myself purchasing again in the future. I love the way it makes your foundation look it does not make it seem like it is cakey at all instead it is more of a natural finish and this is something which I am always looking for. Recently I have acutally got the beauty blender that this is a dupe for so I will be intrested to see how the this compares to the orgainal.

Real techniques brushes are something which I have used for a long time now it must be at least 4/5 years and it is not until you try another brand of brushes that you realise how amazing these ones are. They are not too weighty which I find amazing because frequently will I have to travel with them they also I have found do not allow you to apply too much make up. The eye brushes allow you to blend out eyeshadow making it look like you have made such an effort and spent a long time blending when this is not the case at all. I think my favourites out of the ones which I own is the blusher brush is very soft and easy to clean which is great for busy people like me however, the element which I like the most is the fact that you can blend which does save you looking like a clown for sure a look that nobody wants at all.

All these early mornings and late nights end up taking their toll which means that I need a concealer which is going to make me look like I am wake and full of energy even when this may not be the case. My trusty Rimmel Wake Me Up Concelear for sure make me look like I have had hours of sleep of course I have to blend this out with the beauty sponges which I mentioned. This for sure hides the those tired eyes by lightening them up this is a concealer which I would only recommend using under your eyes. The reason behind this is because of the fact that it is a highlighting concelear which means that it would make spots even more obvious something which nobody wants at all. This is a product which I will continue to repurchase because we all know more sleep is something us mum’s and students always need this product will not break the bank because I think it is only around the £5-6 mark and I find that a tube of this last me around 3/4 months depending on how tired and how much I reach for it.

Boujous healthy mix foundation is another product which makes me look like I have had a bit more sleep than I have an that my skin is more healthy and radient than it actually is. It is like putting on some magic cream which makes you look a lot more awake a look which I think most of us need in January when it is a bit grim outside. I find this foundation is medium/high coverage which means that it covers all of the blemishes and the majority of spots which I get however, if I get a bad spot I sometimes do need to still use concelear to hid it. This does have a natural dwey finish which I know may not be to everyone’s taste but for me I think it looks like my skin but better and this is the look which I would rather be achieving. This is a foundation which is actually under £10 and will not make you look orange at all which is a bonus for me because this for sure is not a look at would want at all.

Who doesn’t want better eyelashes for me I always want them to look like they have more volume and a little bit more length than they actually do. For the past couple of years I have been using the Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara which I have found has always been doing the trick some how it manages to make your lashes longer and give them volume without making them look like spider legs. I have found that on day which I have not been wearing mascara I look like I am very tired because my eyes look less open therefore looking less wake than I actually am. Again this product is not one which is going to damage the old bank balance too much as it is around £5-6 but this does start to dry out after a few months however, I do actually prefer it when it is drying out. I know you are meant to replace your mascara every 3 months however, I have to admit this is not something which I do currently.

Rimmel 107 is a shade which people were raving about a few years ago for me it is one of the most perfect winter shade it is a kind of dark red colour which I always seem to reach for at this time of year maybe because I think that it suits been with a paler skin tone something which I have to rock at this time of year. |For me it does look like a berry tone red shade this is a lipstick which I have found to wear evenly which means that you do not end up having lines where it has worn away again thsi si a lipstick whcih I can wear for 3-4 hours without having to reapply this includes me eating and drinking throughout this time. I can not remember how much this lipstick is however, one thing which I am aware of is that it is actually under £5.

Seen as most of these products have been around the £5 mark I thought I would share with you a couple which I have been loving which have not fallen into this bracket. The first been the Benefit Goof Proof eyebrow pencil for sure this is something which I love it allows me to make my brows look a little bit neater in between getting them wax or threaded I love to have neat but natural brows. I did get colour matched by a lovely lady called Sian who matched me to shade 4 I feel like I never have found a pencil which is so soft and you can actually work with. The spoolie on the other end means that you do not have to carry one around with you which is always a bonus when you want your brows too look neat.

The final product which I have been loving is the Diesel Loverdose perfume this is the scent which I can be found wearing on the weekend more than when I am just at uni. This is actually like no other scent which I have found previously to me it is a little bit dark this could be due to one of the key notes actually been liquorice and rich vanilla. This is something which I can smell for a long time after applying it usually I can smell it when I go to bed which is at least 10 hours after applying it. I adore the bottle of this as well I think this is one of the first reasons I picked up this perfume for sure you could attract all of the men wearing this.

What products have you been loving recently?

Charlotte x

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