Baking- Remembrance Poppys Cookies

Today I am sharing with you something which Jess and I made last year for Remembrance Day. Of course, been a military family Remembrance Day is something which is super important to us. I think it is important to explain this as simply and openly as possible to children. If like us you would like to do some baking with your children in order never forget those who have lost their lives for our safety. Of course, poppys  are something which we all think of when it comes to Remembrance.  I know this is something which hopefully Jess and I will be able to do again this year. These would be great for a fundraiser as well.


300g Plain Flour

200g Butter

100g Sugar

Icing Sugar

Red Food Colouring

Chocolate Buttons

  1. Mix the flour, butter and sugar together. To make the biscuits you can add a dash of milk if you think that this is too dry.
  2. Roll out the mixture do not make it too thin.
  3. Get a small glass to use as your cookie cutter. You can make some indents in order to make them look more like poppies.
  4. Cook in pre-heated oven (180C) for 10-15 minutes until they start turning golden or brown around the edges.
  5. Make sure the biscuits are fully cooled.
  6. Mix red food colouring with your icing sugar and a little water. Thicker is better but you can do thin if you really want. I think I used 100g icing sugar and 2 tbsp water. I am unsure on this now though.
  7. Decorate the Poppys place the chocolate button in the middle then do the icing. This is the way which we found to be a lot easier. Rather then the icing then the button.

Have you ever made anything for Remembrance Day? Do you do anything special?

Charlotte xx

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