Baking- No Bake Halloween Spider Biscuits

So Halloween is approaching once the weather starts changing I also want to bake more. I think this is because I crave more sweet things when the weather is pants. Today I am going to be sharing with you with a no bake Halloween Spider Biscuits. These would be great to make on a rainy days when you need something to do. Even more so with half term coming up in the UK. .


Packet of Oreos

Icing Pens

Chocolate Chips

Packet of Strawberry Laces

  1. Carefully split the oreo so you have the milk and one of the lids. This is something which you may want to do rather than your child.
  2. Cut the strawberry laces it does not matter how long you want to make them.
  3. Place 4 strawberry laces on each side of the oreo to make them look like spider legs
  4. Use a small amount of icing from the icing pen. Place this on the white milk part of the oero and stick the lid back on.
  5. Now your spider has legs and a body.
  6. Time to decorate their face use a small amount of icing and make two dot close to the top. Stick two chocolate chip on these dots this is going to be the eyes for your spider.
  7. Now you can decorate your spiders as you can see we did a wide range. We used the icing pens to decorate the rest of the spider.

As you can see these are super simple to make and something you can do with your children. For sure this is going to be something which we are going to do this October. Jess managed to do this when she was 3 however, I am sure she is going to have more fun this year.

Have you ever made any no baked spider biscuits?

Charlotte xx




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