Bakerdays Valentine’s Letterbox Cake Review

Recently I was contacted by the lovely people at Bakerdays asking if I wanted to review their Valentines day Review. If you know me I am not one to say no to trying food let alone cake this is just a dream. If you have not heard of the baker days company they sell cake which comes in the post 

I really love the idea of getting cake or been able to send it in the post. The boxes are small enough to be pushed through your letter box. This is a bonus because it can be a pain if the person is not in. This means they can get the red card of doom. I can actually vouch that they do come through the letterbox because this is something which I came home to last week. 

Once the cake came I opened the box which contented a beautiful card as well as a plain but cute tin. Which is housing the cake and then a tiny pack of lovehearts. I think they tin would be great to store bits and bobs in. Something which I think I will end up doing even if it is only like bobbles. I am always losing them which is never fun. I love the additional touches which the company have done

If I did not have to take pictures of this cake for this review. I am sure that Joe would have managed to eat most of the cake as soon as I received it. I was asked to review a 5″ cake which serves between three to four. This would be perfect to share with each other look you always have to see the benefits of sharing.

I choose the gaming cake because if any of you know my other half you will know that he is obsessed with gaming.  We joke he couldn’t ever cheat on me because he wouldn’t have time it is all he does when he is not with me. I knew that this cake would go down a treat and get me in the good books.


Bakerdays have a huge selection of valentines day cakes Most which can be personalised to have your name or your other halves. They also do a range of flavours, however, I choose just Vanilla. When I opened the box I couldn’t believe how vibrant the icing is this shocked me. The cake is housed in a plastic bag which comes with instructions. That tells you how to remove the cake without it becoming broken.

One criticism for the company would be that I thought the cake was slightly dry this may just be me and my tastes.  I would like it to have been a bit more moist maybe it would be if there was jam. This may not be possible to do and have the cakes last up to 3 weeks. These cakes do have a number of E numbers in which could be something to be aware of. 

Overall £14.99 for this size the cake is a little on the pricey side when compared to a cake in a shop. More so when this can only be divided into four slices. On the plus side though it is a lot cheaper than purchasing other valentine’s  gifts such as flowers. You could send this for either genders. The cake to me was not the best I have ever consumed but for me this is more of a novelty product. I cannot fault the concept at all rather than something I would consume all the time. 

I really like the idea of cake by post and I think most people would too.  Not just for Valentine’s Day, but also for other occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, engagements, new babies, Easter etc. I think it is fantastic that you can choose a variety of cakes, personalise them. Then them be delivered within a day or so. These cakes therefore make a great gift and I seriously doubt that anyone would complain about receiving cake.
I know I would send them to family when I know I am not going to be able to make an occasion. They would also make a great gift for someone who you really did not know what to purchase as a gift.
Charlotte x
This post contains a PR sample however, all views are still my own. 
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12 thoughts on “Bakerdays Valentine’s Letterbox Cake Review

  1. I love the things you can get by post, and cake is a good one. I reviewed a number of subscription boxes and I think Brownies and Sweets were my favourite. Sending a one off cake like this sounds more fun than just a card for a special day.

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